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I've just discovered the instant stress buster: watching — via a Webcam feed to my desktop — a nest of three helpless, fuzzy baby birds snuggle together and wait eagerly for their mom to bring them a morsel.
The folks over at the Duke University Office of News and Communications actually set the Web stream up after discovering the nest on the ledge of a window of their Chapel Drive office.
They've linked the feed to Duke Today, one of the university's internal news sites.
At approximately 11:33 a.m., my colleagues heard me squeal with delight as the momma bird arrived with an earthworm, and the babies stretched up to meet her, beaks gaping.
Check it out soon - it appears the birds will be ready to leave the nest in just a couple of days.


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Much to my delight, the momma bird has been back several times to feed the babies. And at least two of the babies have ventured to the edge of the nest and flapped its wings, but were very wobbily.

I gasped, as I thought one would topple out. This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller, folks! 

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