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Speaking The Love Language

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One of this year's most striking local releases is "The Love Language" (Bladen County Records), the self-titled debut by the Raleigh band of the same name and an amazing set of torchy love songs sung to an unattainable woman. And you might think the woman in question is the one on the album cover. Not so, says Love Language frontman Stu McLamb.

"The front picture is actually my aunt, who I never met," McLamb says. "My mom's sister, she died in a car wreck before I was born. That picture was in my parents' photo album, this modeling thing in Clinton from the '60s, and it's a gorgeous photo. And the back picture is my grandma, my dad's mom. The family thing seemed kind of appropriate. Taking things full circle -- and also another way for me to be on the cover, kinda."

For more, see the interview in Friday's paper (or this Spin feature); and check out a bit of live performance here. The band plays an album-release show Saturday at Local 506 in Chapel Hill.

ADDENDUM (4/10/09): Pitchfork review.

SECOND ADDENDUM (10/2/09): Merge deal!


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I saw your write-up on The Love Language in Spin ... very cool.

I'm so stoked the band's getting such a positive buzz behind it.

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