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Rosanne Cash burns a little brighter with Bruce (Springsteen)

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Rosanne Cash will be in Raleigh Friday night to do a reading from her book, and it probably won't involve any singing -- see the interview from Friday's paper for more about that. And even if Cash does sing, it probably won't be as momentous an occasion as her last time in the Triangle. That was back in April when she played at Duke University, and Bruce Springsteen showed up onstage for a song. Springsteen was in town to check out the campus with his daughter; he sang with Cash on "Sea of Heartbreak," reprising his duet role on her last album.

"Someone called my manager and said that Bruce is coming to the show," Cash recalled. "He told me this and I laughed. 'No, he's not.' But he did come and he sat in the wings with his little boy for the whole show, which was so sweet and surprising. When he got there before the show, we were talking and John [Leventhall, Cash's husband/producer] finally said, 'I hate to bring up the obvious, but would you like to come out and sing on "Sea of Heartbreak"?' 'Gee,' he said, 'let me see if I can remember that.' So we went over it a couple of times in the dressing room and he still had it down. It was beautiful, such a great moment."


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She was pretty wonderful.

She was pretty wonderful. And she actually sang two lines from her song "Sleeping in Paris", expressly because the paper said she was definitely not going to sing. Hahah, love it!


I would like the record to state that *she* is the one who said no singing would be involved -- but I'm glad you got to hear a little anyway.  ;>

-- David Menconi, media slave

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