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It will take more than a meteor to stop Drive-By Truckers

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One of the hardest-working bands around is Drive-By Truckers, and they've spent enough years on the road to have had some pretty crazy things happen. Like the time a few years back when they had a near-miss from a meteor.

"It happened when we were all asleep," Patterson Hood said in a recent phone chat. "Our driver back then was a retired Marine Vietnam veteran, really cool and unshakeable. But we woke up in Idaho one morning and he was all shaken up: 'Hope I didn't jolt anybody too bad. We almost got hit by a meteor!' 'What?!' There'd been a meteor shower and a piece of space rock landed in the median right next to the bus. And it was even on the news that day, that there'd been a shower of debris -- and we were in the middle of it. 'God,' I thought, 'after all we've been through, wouldn't that be the craziest way to get taken out?' We're so fatalistic, we were going, 'Great -- they couldn't stop us any other way, so now they're throwing space dust at us.' I'm glad nothing happened, but what a crazy way to go if something had happened. 'Oh yeah? I'll see your plane crash and raise you a meteor!'"

For lots more, including details on the Truckers' shows in Raleigh this weekend, see the story in Friday's paper.

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