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From the Ryan Adams watch

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If you've got a few hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket, you can put in a bid on a piece of Raleigh rock history. One of former local Ryan Adams' old Whiskeytown-vintage guitar cases is for sale via ebay auction, with bidding starting at $200. The case dates from Whiskeytown's final tour in 1999 and was rendered superfluous after Adams smashed the guitar it held -- reportedly in the midst of some onstage trash talk about rival band the Old 97s. Below is the seller's description from the ebay listing.

Bidding ends Monday. As of yet, there's been no comment about this from Adams (who is working on a new album and book of poetry, according to his Web site). I've sent word and if he responds, I'll post it.

(Thanks, Dean.)

ADDENDUM (8/13/08): Speaking of history, one of Adams' guitars is on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Being offered is an acoustic guitar case that belonged to Ryan Adams during the last tour ever of Whiskeytown which took place in 1999. I was their guitar tech during that time. I kept every guitar for he and the other lead guitarist and bassist ready every day, every show, every place. The guitar that belonged inside was smashed to bits by Ryan on
stage in Houston, Texas so he had no further use for the case. The case is silver faux fur lined and remains in great shape. Everything you see was handwritten by Ryan personally. No, he no longer lives at the address noted on the case. I will throw in one of Ryan's Whiskeytown stage used guitar picks. Ryan and I left on terms that were absolutely fine. I revere his talent as one of the greatest songwriters alive. It is just that I would rather this go to someone who will appreciate it, take care of it and, perhaps, display it as a piece of Ryan
Adams/Whiskeytown history rather than it sitting in storage. Winner to pay actual UPS ground shipping plus supplies(meaning a sturdy box big enough to accommodate the case). I am only shipping this domestically inside the confines of the United States. If you wish to pay via Paypal the needed information will be supplied once the auction has ended. I would appreciate being paid within 10 days of your having received the needed payment information. I do not accept personal checks under any circumstances. Should you have any further questions feel free to ask. Thanks for your consideration.


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Ryan Adam's is writing a

Ryan Adam's is writing a book of poems.

I got a real bad feelin that a book of poems ain't enough

Well he *is* supposedly

Well he *is* supposedly writing a book of poems

Re: From the Ryan Adams watch

Maybe it's a different guitar, but I remember back (in January 1998 IIRC) when Ryan smashed a guitar at a *Dallas* Whiskeytown show, after a prolonged rant about the Old 97's led to a shower of ice, beer, spit, and catcalls flying back at him from the audience.

Even worse was that he then closed the show with what seemed like a twenty minute long, ear-splitting and overtly obnoxious cover of Sonic Youth's "Expressway To Your Skull."

Not that it mattered much, as there wasn't much of an audience left by that point.

Good thing that boy's calmed down these days.

He *has* calmed down, right?

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