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Wolfpack promotes Tenuta

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Jon Tenuta will have a new title and a bigger contract when N.C. State returns to the football field in 2012.

N.C. State named Tenuta the associate head coach for defense on Wednesday and gave him a new two-year contract, worth $400,000 a year. Tenuta has been the team's linebackers coach for the past two seasons and has helped the defense improve dramatically in winning back-to-back bowl games.

Last week, Tenuta had been in discussions with Illinois to joint first-year coach Tim Beckman's staff. On Jan. 3, Illinois announced Tenuta was hired but the next day sent out a release saying he had changed his mind.

Tenuta's new contract with State represents a $135,000 raise per year. He made $265,000 in his first two seasons. His base salary was bumped to $279,000 in the new deal and he will make $121,000 in supplemental income.

“Jon has played a key role in our team’s success for the past two years, including our back-to-back bowl victories,” N.C. State head coach Tom O’Brien said in a statement released by the school.  “He adds an enormous amount of experience and expertise to our staff and we are happy that he has accepted these new responsibilities as we work toward our goal of winning an ACC Championship.”

Coincidentally, Tenuta's contract and title are a similar deal North Carolina gave assistant Vic Koenning, who left Illinois to join Larry Fedora's first staff with the Tar Heels.

Tenuta, a former defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, North Carolina and four other schools, has helped the Wolfpack defense cause more turnovers, register more sacks and win more games in his two seasons.

The Wolfpack ranked in the top 10 nationally in both categories this season – eighth in sacks (40) and second in takeaways (39) – and finished 8-5 with its second straight bowl win. In 2010, State’s defense was fourth in the country in sacks (with 41) and 18th in takeaways (29), and the team’s record improved from 5-7 in 2009 to 9-4.

Tenuta's son, Matt, a senior at Apex High, is committed to play baseball for N.C. State next year. Tenuta, who was unavailable for comment on Wednesday, has cited that as one of the main reasons for staying with the Wolfpack.


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Coach in waiting?

I could get behind Tenuta for HC when TOB retires in a couple years.

Big Raise - Get OVER IT


You are absolutely correct.  John T. makes a lot of money.  And so do all the coaches at all the local universities.  Mikey K. is off scale and Coach Huckleberry is trying to catch him.

If you take into account all the money that flows in from the Athletic Departments, at any school, it is an Astronomical amount.  Almost as much as the Local ABC Stores or Commissions.  The ticket and logo and whatever other money comes in from these events pay for the NON-Revenue sports.  If you look at the number of athletes in the NON-Rev sports compared to the number in the Revenue (FB, BB, Baseball), then you see that these folks are paying the tow.

Sort of like all the millionaires or other folks with resources who pay the taxes that provides the support and safety net for the homeless, the poor, the indigent, the Occupay Whatever Protestors, etc.

It ALSO boosts the local economy.  Try to get a dinner reservation locally after a big game.  Try to book a Hotel.  Try to get a chicken biscuit at Bo's prior to tailgating on a Saturday morning.  Ask the convenience clerks and the local supermarket checkout folks about the food and beverages and deli products that are sold every morning.

Tonight, I am going to the RBC.  I pay a hefty price for my tickets as I am in the Champions Club and my 5 YO GD does NOT eat a full adult's share of food, but that is my choice.

I spend several hundred dollars on Logo merchandise annually.  The royalties or license fees go back to the Athletics Department.  The merchants make money.

If you take the money that John T. makes and give it to a family, then tell me how much WEALTH they will create in the economy?

Hope this makes does to me and it will be even more self evident when I pay my State and Federal taxes this year.




Mike Archer?

What does this mean for Mike Archer?

New title, big raise...

at a university that is struggling mightily on funding their core mission.

"Tenuta's new contract with State represents a $135,000 raise per year. He made $265,000 in his first two seasons. His base salary was bumped to $279,000 in the new deal and he will make $121,000 in supplemental income."

His raise alone would be good living for a couple of families with children.

Read more here:

No surprise

As soon as Tenuta's return was announced, I figured this was next. Good move. The Pack needs to keep this guy in the fold.

Absolutely: The defense was

Absolutely: The defense was perilously close to being dysfunctional. Granted there were a bunch of young players, but things really started to turn around when Tenuta arrived. Many of my UNC brethren knew this was going to be a great hire for State. He did a great job at UNC. I am surprised that he hasn't latched onto a bigger program however. Good move on the part of the FB program to retain this very smart defensive coach.

Linebackers Next Year

Good decision!  I am sure Jon T. will coach up Terrell Manning's replacement and keep the linebackers a strong part of the D.  I for one am looking for both an improved offense and an even better defense next year.  This past year could have been 10-3 or better with just a few positive breaks (or better intensity/focus) for critical games.  Hope we get them next year.  Just remember, luck comes to those who work hard.


I believe a lack of breaks would've better served the Wolfpack this year. :-D Another year marred with injuries. Got to get that curse or whatever out of the weight room. The outcome of those games against Wake and Cincy and GT may have been different with a full lineup.

Good to keep Tenuta in the fold. He means a great deal to the D.

Go Wolfpack.

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