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Wilson 'torn up' about leaving N.C. State

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A day after N.C. State announced it has released him from his scholarship, former Wolfpack quarterback Russell Wilson said he didn’t want to leave the school.

“I really want the fans, N.C. State alumni and most of all my teammates to know if I had been given an equal opportunity to compete for the starting job, I would not have asked for my release,” Wilson said Saturday in a telephone interview. “I am a competitor.”

Wilson, a three-year starter, is playing minor league baseball for the Asheville Tourists in the Colorado Rockies organization this summer. He said he wanted to come back to N.C. State this fall and attempt to lead the Wolfpack to an ACC championship.

He said he didn’t want to have the starting job handed to him on a silver platter, but wanted an equal chance to compete for it. Wilson said it didn’t appear that he would be given that chance.

Coach Tom O’Brien responded Saturday with a statement read over the phone to a reporter.

“As I conveyed yesterday, I have had several conversations with Russell,” O’Brien said. “He knew the importance of his time commitment to our football team heading into this offseason, and how things might change if he was not able to make that commitment.

“As I also communicated, I respect his competitiveness and his contributions to our program and only wish him the best.”

Wilson said he respects what O’Brien wanted to do with the football team in terms of going forward, but just wanted a chance to compete for the job.

Mike Glennon, a talented but untested junior who led the team through spring practice, will be the starter. Wilson’s goal is to play major league baseball and NFL football, and he said he needs an opportunity to play in 2011 to impress NFL scouts.

“I respect Coach O’Brien and I’ve learned a lot from him and his staff,” Wilson said, “and I’m a better football player for that. I just wanted to have an opportunity to fully compete for the job.”

He said he is concentrating now on baseball, but imagines he will be getting lots of calls from college teams interested in his services this fall for his final year of eligibility.

Wilson is a graduate student who obtained his bachelor’s degree in communications in three years and therefore can transfer to a Football Bowl Subdivision school and play immediately. The terms of his release prevent him from transferring to a school that’s in the ACC or is on N.C. State’s schedule.

After leading the Wolfpack to a 9-4 record and a win over West Virginia in the Champs Sports Bowl last season, Wilson ranks second in ACC history in touchdown responsibility with 93 scores. He is No. 8 in ACC history in total offense with 9,628 yards.

In the ten-minute phone call Saturday, he was candid about his emotions after the announcement. He said he is proud to be an N.C. State graduate and enjoyed going to graduate school there.

He said he is “really torn up” about leaving, and is grateful to the N.C. State fans and his teammates.

“N.C. State means the world to me,” Wilson said. “It’s heartbreaking to me that I had to go.”


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I'm on TOB's side

While I would love to have RW back,  I think RW has put TOB in a horrible position. If TOB allowed RW to come back in August this year, what kind of example does this set?  It is different than last year, because RW still played some spring football and spring game.  He was on campus, could watch film, train, meet teammates, etc.  Now he is in Ashville playing baseball.  I don't understand how a player can miss all spring football, miss most of summer practice ... and then just jump back in a few weeks before the season.  Takes time to maintain chemistry with the team, be a leader, and work on timing with his receivers, met with offensive coordinator, etc.

To those on this board saying TOB and NCSU are being unfair?  RW got his fair chance at NC State.  He came to NCSU because it was one of few schools that would allow him to be a dual sport athletic (pretty rare for a QB). As far as transfering, it is NOT uncommon to prevent within conference transfers ... happens all the time.

Again, I would love to have RW back, but he is trying to work too many things his way.  I think he should have waited on MLB another year if he still has hopes for NFL.  If he had played Pack baseball another year, then he could have kept his starting QB job.  He would get good national TV coverage at State.

Sucks for both sides, but I side with TOB.

RW was not in the spring game in '10

RW did not participate in spring football last year, nor did he participate in the spring game. He focused on baseball.

I think that TOB was willing to put up with one year, but he did point out that Russell started out rusty last year. Russell is employed by the Rockies now and his first obligation has to be to them. TOB is employed by NCSU and his first obligation has to be to his team. TOB told Russell that if he wanted to play as a starter this year then he had to practice with the team in the spring. If he did not he would be the backup. The Rockies told Russell that he needed to be playing ball this spring and summer. He had a decision and made it thus TOB made his decision. Doesn't take anything away from RW or TOB and I don't think there are hard feelings there. Mike Glennon has waited patiently as a backup for two long seasons and it would not be fair to practice him as the starter the entire practice season and then bring Russell back in and put Mike on the bench again. The guy was an elite 11 high school QB and he has worked hard and been patient. My point here is that business decisions were made and we as fans need to stay united behind our team and not let this cause problems next season. That said, I can already here the chants in The Carter for RUSSELL WILSON and see the pitch forks coming out after Glennons first incomplete pass, much less interception.

Well said.  I completely

Well said.  I completely agree.  Hopefully more fans see it this way, despite what the message boards look like.

FSC article


I think the writer would rather have just had a session about how much he hates NCSU, but he does make some good points here.

TOB made a decision and he will stand behind it. Russell is one of the greatest QB's to play at NCSU and will be missed for sure, but that's why TOB is the coach and makes the big money and we are all mindless drones tapping away like our opinions matter and we know everything (esp the CH crowd). This decision will define the TOB era at NCSU in many ways, good or bad. I will pull for RW anywhere he goes and whatever he does. He is in a slump right now, but if any of you had played sports instead of sitting your fat @$$es behind a computer all day you would know that it happens. He is a great baseball player. All we can do now is wait and see what happens from here. TOB will have hell to pay if Glennon flops, but I doubt that will happen. He tends to have an eye for talent at QB's. Ever hear of Matt Ryan?

State what you like (no pun intended)

But RW has been in a beisbol slump since he became good in football at ncsu. Not just recently.

Just wondering...

What would State fans say if O'Brien allowed Wilson to return and named him the starter?  Would you be saying that's the wrong decision?

Good question

Answer-yes, it would be a bad decision.

We have a saying in the tax community that goes something like this: "The only thing worse than bad tax law is uncertain tax law." It is the uncertainty in RW's case that is the problem.

Here is the best example that I can come up with. I have a talented leader in my organization who leaves to try something different. I also have a talented, but unproven replacement. Note that we are talking about a leadership position here. According to many of the posters on this site, I should tell the replacement that the job is his, but if the guy who just left us decides to come back in 7-8 months, the replacement has to go back to his old job. Or, even worse, the job is still his, but the other guy will be there to take over in case he slips up. I have seen this tried. It doesn't work.

Russell made a personal decision to sign with the Rockies and pursue a professional baseball career. Last year, everyone knew he was coming back, so all interested parties could plan for the moves. No problem. This year, we don't know what RW plans to do or what the Rockies will allow him to do. Meanwhile, Glennon is there, with the rest of the team, preparing together for next season. If a guy isn't fully participating because he is hurt, that's one thing. To abandon your team to pursue personal goals is something entirely different.

Russell has every right to pursue his dreams. He does not have the right to expect the door at State to be left open for him if he chooses to return. I don't care how talented someone is or what they have done in the past. Making an exception like this puts the player above team. You may get some short term benefit, but it will hurt you in the long run. 

If Russell wanted to come back, he should have made that commitment in January. TOB may or may not have accepted Russell's decision to return, but at least there would be certainty on the issue and all affected parties (including the Rockies and Mike Glennon) could react and plan for the future. For that reason, I think the criticism TOB is getting is unfair. O'Brien has been consistent in his approach toward Russell. Agree or disagree with the decision, it has been clear the TOB was not expecting RW to return and was moving forward with Glennon. What other choice did he have?


All good points

But everyone did not know until this past summer whether or not Wilson would be back.  It sounds like his decision to return has pretty much been made at this point.  It seemed to work out last year, so why not let him come back again this year when he'll be on the most talented team he's played with yet?

I don't know exactly what was said behind closed doors with O'Brien and Wilson.  If O'Brien specifically stated in January "you either come back now, or come back never," then the fact that he's sticking with the decision makes sense.  However, if that was not made clear, then why wait until now to tell Wilson that he won't be welcome back?  That part just doesn't make sense to me.

If only we knew what was going on behind closed doors, such as what was said, or how the team feels about it.  Honestly, Russell gives NC State its best opportunity to win in 2011.  With everyone knowing that, does that still leave a divide within the team?

I'll bite

Per what me and my fellow Lunatic Fringers are saying: the answer to your question is a resounding NO.

I understand RW needed to make his decision a while ago. I understand Glennon has been patient. I understand had RW come back it probably would've sent Glennon packing. I understand had Russell came back and Glennon left, the QB cupboard would've been bare for next year. But I fail to understand why everyone is so sure Glennon will be an above average QB (no one needs to think anything below a great petformance will be enough to satiate the Wolfpack Nation's appetite) when he has no proven track record, while Russell does.

TOB would most likely be unemployed sans RW's time in Raleigh. Also, TOB better understand the heat will be on his rear this season. And he's the one who sparked such a possible confligration.

Go Wolfpack

Yes sir

Couldnt agree more.

Summed it up pretty well

I think we can all agree that TOB is confident in Glennon's abilities.


And there you have it, fellow posters. Point and counterpoint on the RW situation.

For you old SNL followers like me, the only thing missing is "Jane, you miserable slut!" 

Can't resist the snl twist

I do "get" and see your point. I'm just still torn on what to think about the whole thing with Russell's assisted departure. I get it but in the same breath I don't. Maybe I've got a RW hangover.

I guess all I have to say is--JPD, "you pompous ass." :-D No offense. Couldn't refrain from the perfect SNL setup.

I wish the current version of SNL was funny like the old show used to be.


I guess I did set myself up for that one.

One thing we can all agree on. Things have certainly been interesting around the NC State campus the last couple of months.


This is all well and good, but bottom line it seems like this event is pretty much RW's decision. He doesn't want to be a back up. He wants one more year of FB to showcase his talents, so he decides to go wherever he can get guaranteed playing time. He seems to be a great person and student athlete. He seems to be one of the better NCSU QBs, based on his personal stats (although he but only lead the team to 1 out of 3 winning seasons). Overall he seems to be an average to slightly better than average college QB, probably due to his ability to extend plays, but admittedly made some questionable decisions at times. I guess he is a better than average BB player (since he was drafted). So it seems like his decision now is to focus on one or the other if he really wants a chance to succeed in either. 

I wish him the best in whatever he decides to do, but bottom line I guess that I feel about the same as a good number of Pack fans feel about hiring Gottfried at this point in time. 

Wow, What a great story.....

Wow, What a great story..... If TOB flops next season imagine how this board will light up with the second guessers. Personally I think TOB has made a gutsy call here. Russell had a great year last year but it was obvious that he had lost some of his zip. There were to many interceptions and questionable decisions on the field last year and his play was somewhat erratic at times. Did the focus on baseball affect him? Possibly. I suspect that if he showed up for fall practice it would be a major distraction to the team which has been preparing for life with Glennon. Glennon would probably transfer which would throw the program into chaos. Short term gain for long term misery. I suspect the Pack would not be any more successful with Wilson than Glennon this coming fall.

Wilson will be successful when he decides to focus on one sport or the other.

NC State football

TOB handled this situation all wrong.  Given some of his decisions on the field this should come as no suprise.  It would have been easy to name Glennon the starter going into the spring and fall but still allow Wilson a fair shot at earning his spot back when he returned.  Instead, he opted for the thanks but no thanks approach running Wilson out of the program completely.  Instead he has decided to hitch his wagon to Mike Glennon.  Who, by the way, could not beat out Wilson after he missed the spring to play baseball last year.  The program certainly had to move forward as if RW was not going to return but to completely shut the door comes off as idiotic.  Wilson has been a outstanding representative of NC State and has played a major role in TOB still having a job at State.  At a minimum, if he were to decide to return he should have been welcomed back with open arms and given a fair shot at the starting role with the best man winning the job.  For TOB's sake, Mike Glennon better be the next Philips Rivers because if he faulters things could get ugly quick. 

that seals it

It's a shame that it has gotten to this point. Russell doesn't want to give up either sport and expected both the Rockies and NC State to just wait and see what he decided.

Sorry, Russell it doesn't work that way. The time to choose is now. You can't do both and you need to play baseball all the time to make it to the majors, as your strike out to plate appearance ratio (around 35%) indicates. Not to mention your .220 average (which, by the way, is trending up as you get more game experience, which you obviously need to have spelled out for you).

And you don't need another year at State or anywhere else to prove yourself to NFL scouts. You are one of the greatest QBs ever to play at NC State and another year isn't going to improve your stock. Scouts know what you can do and you should have entered this year's draft if you want the NFL. Another year of college football does nothing but run the risk of injury.

What's really going on here is that Russell wants to have it both ways and string along the Rockies and State until he sees how the summer plays out. I don't understand how the Rockies can be ok with this. TOB has done Russell a favor by taking the NC State option away from him.

Russell put the school and

Russell put the school and O'Brien in a bad situation.  He basically wanted a do-over because he realizes he can't hit Class A pitching well enough and at 23 he is starting to run out of time. O'Brien has been extraordinarily patient and supportive of baseball and now he gets thrown under the bus because Wilson can't make up his mind what he wants to be when he grows up.  If anyone besides Wilson has made a mistake here it was O'Brien for giving him so much leeway in the past. I thought Tom did the right thing the previous two years but Russell took advantage of him this time because there was no certainty that he'd be available to come back. What if he got hurt or was crazy good and went to AAA and we were left holding the bag because Glennon had transferred.  For those that think Russell has been wronged here you really need to do an analysis of all the facts.  Russell made his decision and now he needs to live with the consequences.  He could have returned as a likely starter if he'd commited to play football full time. He did not.  He had a 2nd chance to return as a backup knowing he might be one play away from starting the balance of the season if something happened to Glennon but he refused to look at it that way.

I've been a huge Wilson fan since the beginning but he has misplayed this situation and now him speaking out just makes it worse and it diminishes him in the eyes of many alumni I've talked to. I don't feel bad for him for the release because he made the choices that led to this inevitable conclusion. I feel bad that he went down swinging for a situation that he caused and one that was not team first. When he finally grows up he'll realize that his choices that led to this were not steller and that includes doing this interview because it was not helpful to anyone involved. Since Russell couldn't make a commitment or make up his mind and wanted to continue to play both sports against the middle it took someone with more maturity to help him limit his choices.  This isn't how O'Brien wanted this to go down but Wilson's choices put the team second to his personal goals so O'Brien needed to take action.

I support O'Brien 100% and if Russell decides to go to another school I'll wish him luck  even though the way he handled this is leaving a sour taste.  If he wanted to play in the NFL he should have either committed to come back 100% including spring practice and summer workouts or he should have given the draft a try this past year. He did not because he was holding out hope that he could play  MLB so he couldn't afford the time to get ready for the draft or to play spring football.    He isn't going to grow taller or get a rocket arm at this point so I'm not sure what else he has to prove. The NFL is aware or would have been aware of all of his strong points with extending plays, leadership and intangibles although his handling of this situation didn't help him on the intangibles front. 

If Russell doesn't choose wisely he'll likely hurt his chances of making it in either sport and that would be a shame. So far, not so good.

Back Story

Come on N&O. Put the whole story together. Here is what I found.

Coach O told wilson (Feb 2011) he would not be an automatic starter next year if he returned. He would have to compete for the starting position.

I looked up wilson's #'s in the minors. He is only in Single A => "Asheville Tourists - Class A South Atlantic League". Far from Triple A minors and MLB. He is only batting .220 with 1 HR in 20 games. He does have a good "On Base Percentage" => .370

Wilson would not commit to NCSU football next year and he was cut.

Looking at his MLB prospects. He should have committed to NCSU football next year and quit baseball. He is not going to make it to the bigs in baseball. Maybe if he was committed to football. He might have been a prospect for the NFL.

Remember Charlie Ward? Heissmand QB for Fl State. He knew he would not make it in the NFL. He knew he could make it in the NBA and did.

Russell. Give up the baseball and return to NCSU and try to make it in the NFL. Maybe at another position.

Yes sir

Looks like I nailed how this went down. No shock to me.

TOB is a dumbass.

LMAO, once again, gatr is

LMAO, once again, gatr is enjoying the smell of his own farts.

TOB is a dumbass?  Then what does that make ol' Butchie boy, who has been out-coached by TOB four years in a row?

What would the all-knowing gatr have done in this situation?  Have RW come back and start after missing all spring?  Which of course causes MG to transfer, leaving the cupboard bare next year...sounds like a great plan.

We all know that they like to roll the dice when it comes to football up in Cheater Hill, but down here, ol' Toby is always thinking about what's best for the program in the long run.

Two things

Butch was not out coached the last two years.

As far as "leaving the cupboard" you'd still be where you are at today: working with a QB who has never started a college football game.

I'd take my chances with RW. You know I'm right.

i know your wrong.

This time.

Tale of two players. Alex White, age 22- quality start against major league competition. On the road to stardom. Russell Wilson, age 22- strikes out 35% of his plate appearances at the lowest level of the minor leagues. To get better, he needs to play, a lot, and there are no guarantees. I'm still amazed he was taken in the 4th (or 5th) round.

Regardless of talent or reputation, an organization cannot tolerate a less than total commitment from anyone. I've seen it happen in business and it applies equally to sports. If Russell wanted to come back, he should have quit baseball and focused on football. "I haven't made up my mind yet" doesn't cut it. TOB was right to do what he did.

I'll remind everyone that TOB raised eyebrows when he jettisoned two returning QB's to open the competition to Russell and Mike. I'm not comparing Russell to those two clowns, but the point is that O'Brien can spot talent. If he is comfortable with Glennon, I'll accept that. Plus, from an organizational standpoint, he had to pull the plug on Russell.

Um, This Is College Athletics....

Regardless of talent or reputation, an organization cannot tolerate a less than total commitment from anyone. definition college athletic teams are SUPPOSED TO DEMAND less than total commitment.   These kids are supposed to be putting academics and preparing for their future ahead of commitment to the team on a day-to-day basis.  Wilson is admittedly doing that in an unconventional way....but it is basically what he's doing. 
O'Brien has no obligation to hold the starting job for him -  but yanking the scholarship and not letting him play for it is an incredibly  bush league act. And if I were a potential recruit I'd be seriously asking myself "If they're that quick to screw over Russell Wilson after all he's done for them, why would I want to play for them?".
But what really sticks in my craw is the additional conditions NCSU put on his ability to transfer.  THEY cut HIM loose....and they still have the power to veto where he can go?!?  That is fundamentally wrong and corrupt on so many levels it's hard to count them.  Particularly given the circumstances around how O'Brien himself came to NCSU.


Obviously, I didn't mean total commitment to football to the exclusion of all else. That's ridiculous. However, if you have a scholarship to play football, your athletic commitment should be to football. How does playing professional baseball, not taking classes and not preparing for the fall season with his teammates meet any definition of any commitment to NC State?

O'Brien has been very flexible with Russell the last two years, to Russell's benefit. Could Russell have been even better if he focused on football? Who knows? But he was excellent and earned the recognition that has been bestowed on him. And O'Brien deserves credit for allowing Russell to pursue his baseball career, even though it was potentially detrimental to the football program.

Regarding the conditions of the release, I don't think that is unusual. Ryan Harrow's release reportedly does not allow him to transfer to another ACC school. A scholarship is a contract and a release from a contract oftentimes has conditions associated with it that protect the releasing party. Also, Russell may actually have more options now that he has been released, because I think he could have signed with another school before his release if they offered a graduate program not offered at State. So, with this release, there may be more options as he looks for another school to finish out his college football career.  

Whether It's Unusual Isn't The Issue....'s WRONG regardless.  There is no rational justification for NCSU to be able to place conditions around the end of the "contract". Ask yourself this - if *Wilson* were the "releasing party" could he IMPOSE condition on NCSU - say, barring NCSU from signing another quarterback?   That would be nonsense - and so is the fact that NCSU can tell Wilson where he can't play.   Particularly given that not only O'Brien but also the coach before him at NCSU moved directly from one ACC school to another....if coaches can then why can't players?  Particularly players being dumped by their current school.

Of course I have no idea where Wilson *wants* to play.  I'd suggest a year in Greenville - he's already demonstrated an ability to throw to purple shirts in Dowdy-Ficklen!  ;)

agree to disagree

Except on two points:

  1. Russell at ECU. Never happen, but a neat concept. I was thinking Appy State.
  2. NCAA rules suck.

I do agree that the rules don't make sense in many cases and should be changed. I don't think Russell has any legit complaint, but there obviously are many different opinions on the subject. Nothing wrong with that.

Have a good one.

Wild thing in with the ninth inning close

Strong. No, I mean, very strong last paragraph (finish). I hear crickets ...

I was saying without saying

RW ought to dump beisbol and focus on football and he should have been able to do that ncsu for his senior year. I think, at this moment in time, he's realized he's not gonna make it in beisbol. That's why he was wanting a 4th year in Rawleigh and should have gotten it bc HE HAS EARNED THAT RIGHT.

Don't get me wrong, I do not want to see him again. And thanks to TOB and his "out of this world" ego, I will not.

But, whoever he bellies up to the bar with, book UNC or ncsu a date in December with him in a bowl game. Count on it.

simpler than that

I don't think Russell has concluded that he won't make it in baseball. I think he likes playing football at NC State and he doesn't want to give up baseball. So he is delaying making the decision he needs to make now, because he wants to do both as long as possible.

Russell has not earned the right to wait to the last minute to decide what to do. If he wanted a 4th year at State, he should have made that decision in January. He needs to get his act together soon. Otherwise, he could ruin both opportunities by trying to do both and failing to achieve his true potential in either one.

BTW, Ohio State needs a QB for its first 5 games this fall. And they have plenty of graduate programs to choose from. Just saying.

Glad I'm not alone on this

Glad I'm not alone on this one.  TOB is doing what is best for the program in the long run.

STUPID move by TOB

SO let's lay it all out. Russel Wilson has already received his business degree with a 4.0 GPA or close to it. He's respectful and is a model citizen. He's got 1 year of eligibility left and he's hands down the best QB in the conference. The article clearly states that he's playing football in the fall. He has EARNED the right to play baseball and skip spring practice. He's no prima dona. He's a great kid who is extremely talented and pursuing his dreams. What good does it do to tell him he'll be a backup if he comes back? Why would you not want him back and on the field? Having someone of his ability and high character is a LUXURY in college football! Think of the positive attention that NC State would've had this season with Russel Wilson. What better advertisement for NC State and it's football program than Russel Wilson! And are we going to win more games with Mike Glennon at QB in his 1st season as starter? Not likely!

I wonder what Tom O'Brien would've done had he coached Myron Rolle. Would he have made him a backup b/c he missed time with the team to interview for the Rhodes Scholarship? NO! You do what FSU did: you help the kid follow his dream and then charter a plane to get him to the football game.

You allow special circumstances for special kids who are extremely talented and are model citizens. What a stupid move this was by Tom O'Brien!

Stupid AND Hypocritical

Where in the world does Tom "From Boston College To NCSU" O'Brien get off restricting Wilson's transfer choices to schools outside the ACC and not on their schedule?  Seriously.

Russell, You will forever be


You will forever be remembered by the Wolfpack faithful as one of the greatest QBs in school history.  Thank you for all of your hard work on and off the field, and for representing our university in such a fine manner.  Good luck to you with whatever you decide to do with your life.  Remember that you will always have over a million folks around here that will always be rooting for you.  GO PACK!

PS:  Your game against UNC in 2009...freaking sweet dude!  Many of us will never forget that day, 28-27 Wolfpack!

CongRats !!

This is the dumbest post of the year !! Don't even bring this sentimental BS to the ring when you've been against him coming back from the word "go."

What a load of crap.

Wtf are you talking about? 

Wtf are you talking about?  I have ALWAYS supported Russell Wilson.  Just because I support TOB in his decision does not mean that I am somehow against RW.  Get a grip dude.  Even RW says he respects TOB and understands his decision.

Funny how you always try to say State fans are obsessed with Carolina, yet you just won't give up on this nonsense about Russell and TOB.  Talk about being a hypocrite!  You are the ultimate example!

..."having your cake and eating it,too...

...Russell Wilson has represented NC State in the way that life-long fans appreciate; this case, "...wanting to have a fair chance at competing for the starting job" equates to doing it on his terms...and, this is one fan who, win or lose next season, appreciates Tom O'Brien plainly stating that the 'validity' of the Wolfpack football program is bigger than just one player.

...yeah, even Russell Wilson.

Agree On This

As I posted on two other articles, I think this could have been a win-win situation if RW had agreed to come back in a backup role.  First, TOB could make definite game plans for the season with a GREAT backup to MG. Second, RW is there to step in if MG isn't able to lead and perform (just saying; don't expect that to happen).  Third, if MG does a great job, RW will still get in and be able to perform - trust me, TOB would use all his weapons.  Fourth, even if, in the worst case, RW comes back as a backup and doesn't even play a snap, he will be given a look in the NFL draft run-up.  Look at what the UNC players got who didn't play either at all or just for a few games.  Also, injured players who missed their last season but had great careers prior to that, get a look.  So - I don't think this is just about money on RW's part - he already has his BB contract - so why wouldn't he make the best of his NCSU history to date and trust TOB to do the right thing to help him (RW) embellish his already great football statistics?  I hate to think it's just ego on RW's part; and I hate even more to think he is getting bad advice from advisors.  Compete for the starting job?  He wouldn't have to compete if he had put football first; come to Spring Training; come to pre-season workouts.  But no problem if he puts BB first; he just has to come back on TOB's terms.  As I said before, I have to go with the coach on this decision.  But - now we will see - both how NCSU does without RW and how he does without NCSU.  My bottom line is - NCSU agreed to let him play both football and baseball, and TOB supported his pro BB efforts, so RW should have supported TOB and NCSU football in his final year of eligibility.  Now, just to be fair and honest, there are always "personality" factors - how coaches and players get along - but it seems that TOB is on the way-high side of doing the right thing.  So I won't pursue that argument.  Best wishes to RW and Pack football this Fall.


made the only decision he could

I am not picking on wilson

I am defendeing ncsu athletics. Why waste a scholarship on some one who is not returning?

If he had committed to coming back; he would still have his scholarship.

If he commits to spring training and coming back. He will get his scholarship back.

He was not drafted. The NFL has stated that he is not NFL quality.


You have no credibility. Don't post unless you at least have a clue of what you're talking about.

Look in the mirror, mr. know-it-all

Tom O'Brien probably knows more in his little pinky than is found in your whole family tree.  Judging by your comment, I don't think you display much authority, either.  What credibility do you have, to tell others what to do?

If you have something to say, let's hear it.  Skip the attacks and contribute something useful here. 

Tom O'Brien was put in a tough situation and made a tough choice - probably the right one.  You apparently don't appreciate discipline the way O'Brien does.  Russell Wilson was good last year, but not as good as the year before, probably BECAUSE he missed spring practice.  Wilson could have played baseball and kept his starting quarterback job if he would have put football first.

It's nice to have a coach who lays down the law - and EVERYONE has to follow it.

Good luck Russell Wilson.  You have a very bright future.  You will be able to do anything you want in life.  Thanks for coming to Raleigh.  But I think you made your choices.  I hate it for you, but that's the way it goes.

Wilson was not booted from NCSU

He just lost his scholarship. He can attend classes on his own dime. What are the chances he gets his degree on his dime? Zero.

He already has his degree...

He already has his degree...So I would put those chances a little higher than zero.

Student Loans

If Wilson has been on scholarship, all this time, it is highly likely he hasn't even begun to tap into his student loan eligibility. He's a great guy, leave him alone!

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