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Williams: Vasquez was heckled at RBC

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N.C. State's first-round ACC Tournament meeting with Maryland is stirring up some unpleasant memories of Terrapin guard Greivis Vasquez and the end of a 71-60 Wolfpack loss on March 1 at the RBC Center.

Vasquez upset N.C. State fans by taking — and making — a 3-point shot at the buzzer with Maryland leading by eight points. Vasquez apologized later.

The teams meet again at 7 p.m. Thursday.
During the ACC coaches' teleconference Monday, Maryland coach Gary Williams said he told Vasquez that he shouldn't have taken the shot. But Williams indicated that Vasquez was reacting to some harsh words from the fans at the RBC Center.

"I just want to leave it at this," Williams said. "There were some things said to Greivis that weren't very nice during the game, which anybody that was at the game heard them, I believe, if you were sitting on press row or whatever.

"So Greivis shouldn’t have taken the shot, but at the same time I understand his feelings at the end of that game."

N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe said he didn't like seeing Vasquez shoot at the buzzer. But Lowe was disappointed with his players for relaxing before the game ended and was more upset about losing in general.

"If I'm out there on the floor, I'm not going to let a guy just shoot it. I'm going to stay there," said Lowe, a former Wolfpack point guard. "And that’s what I told my team. You stay there until the horn blows, and you won't be [faced] with that situation.

"But you've got to play. I'm not blaming him for doing it. He did it. He wanted to score. That's the way he is. He's very aggressive, very confident, very cocky in all the positive ways for him to help them play as well as he does. You've got to have that same edge and that same attitude, and when you know you're playing against someone like that, then you've got to be prepared for that."


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Big Deal

So State lost by 3 more points than they would have. Big deal. Asking Maryland to show some class is like asking for two weeks of sunshine in Seattle: it's just not going to happen. State should focus on winning their games and stop worrying about the pointless antics of punks like Vasquez.

Whinning about another team

Whinning about another team running up the score really tells you something about state fans and their "program".

Hold on a second.

I'll look again, but I haven't seen any whining about Vasquez on this site, before or now.

This is the third time it has been posted as a discussion topic and, for the most part, Pack fans have been silent. The comments that have been made are nowhere near whining. See the threads about the referees all year for a classic whine-fest.

I'm guessing that Gary was asked a question about the incident and chose to offer an excuse. He should have just said that's in the past, the player apologized, it's over. Next question. 

Hopefully, the news media will let this die a natural death.

Lemme see... Don't Duke fans heckle EVERY GAME?

Of course, when they do it, it's just 'fun' and part of their 'tradition'(Which in the grand scheme of the ACC amounts to about 15 or 16 years out of 60... that's a tradition?) So, basically, like in all discussions about NCSU, State somehow looks bad while, when the shoe is on the feet of the other 2 triangle teams, it is considered 'good fun'... LMAO!


if this blog doesnt reach THREE PAGES I will be very surprised!

Now we know.

Gary Williams has officially lost his mind.

He presides over one of the most vulgar fan bases anywhere and complains about fans heckling a player whose attitude just begs for it? It is laughable.

Gary, I would suggest that you worry about getting your team ready for the ACC tournament or you will find yourself playing another game in front of your outstanding fans in the NIT tournament.

You might want to work on that courtside manner too. It leaves a lot to be desired.

While you are right

NC State fans need to stop bitching about teams running up the score on them late in games. Sack up State fans. At the end of the day Maryland fans are the worst sportsmen in the ACC and i'm starting to think NC State fans are the whiniest.


Just to be clear...

I am not and never have whined about anything that has happened to State. I think Sid handled the situation the right way-by chastising his own players for leaving the court. Gary Willliams would do his own player a favor by not making excuses for him.


Your not a whiner, it's your job to create these fun blogs we argue in.

I wish it was my job!

OK, now I'm whining.

Ken's running the ship on this one

 Not me.

Serious case of the pot calling the kettle black by Gary, tho.


state fans are the

state fans are the "whiniest"? okay, that's why it's unc that has full articles in the paper and on the blogs about how the refs are screwing them. and do you remember the football game last year? even the unc-biased announcer was getting in on the action, insisting that nc state take 2 knees on 3rd AND 4th down to just give the ball away with 5 minutes to go. give me a break. everyone knows unc fans are the whiniest, most self-righteous bunch out there.

At it again

mad-max, is at it once again.  State used to not be the whiniest but they are very close.  They have always been the nastiest.  Maryland is 1b and State is 1a in the nasty fan department.  Maryland does not have any section of their football or basketball field or court called F-bomb alley.  State fans love the fact that they have this country nasty hick thing going on and then get mad when people call them out.  Maryland fans just got nasty over the past 12 years State fans have been nasty since they played their first athletic game.  mad_max, have a team that canmake the tourney before you talk about ours.

The perfect example of the

The perfect example of the wufpup whine by mad max:

Whine, whine while your team rides the pine.  

Watching the big dance where they'll never shine. 

Look at Sids coat, red as a 'mater.              

Life must suck, being such a hater.

Carolina refs, carolina press, can't get a break.

We think even Swofford and Fowler are on the take.

Conspiracy, conspiracy, ...what gives?

Wolfpack tradition still lives.

With empty arenas, and emptier futures.

This program's bleeding so bad, bring me some sutures. 

We've won before, we can do it again.

But that was back when bellbottoms were in.

But we're still the best it's clear to me...

Now if only we could beat UNC!





I would like to say

This isn't reality, but it is.


Mike that was excellent!!!!

as usual

Mad max turns this blog in another direction with his spew.

Just the other day you wrote a disertation on how ncsu got screwed by the refs so don't pass the buck w/out giving full disclosure.

everyone bitches about the refs from time-to-time.  get over it.  take the good with the bad. 


You know the routine

When getting your butt kicked, change the game.

Get your own House in Order

Gary Williams needs to clean up the Maryland Fans before he criticizes the way his players are treated by other people's fans.

Gary Williams

Nobody *EVER* gets heckled at Maryland games.

Williams, Freidgen, and Maryland - low class all the way around.

Vasquez may have his own unique personality, but he is a reflection of you on the floor, Coach. And you've never taken your own fans to task for some of their actions, Coach - not once.

Freidgen's players pushed band members around when not leaving the field for senior day activities in '03. After that, they stomped on the logo after McClendon gave the game away and flipped the fans off while running off the field.

Don't even go there about fan interaction when you coach at Maryland. Just keep your mouth shut and keep being low class.


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