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UNC's Davis comments on Yahoo! Report, Blake

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North Carolina coach Butch Davis said he did not know the financial details of former associate head coach John Blake's relationship with NFL agent Gary Wichard.

Blake received multiple payments, a personal loan of $45,000 and a credit card issued by Wichard's company, according to a Yahoo! Sports report. Davis was interviewed by Raleigh radio host Taylor Zarzour on Thursday morning and denied having any knowledge of the situation.

"My first observation is, that, you know, in reference to some of the points in the article, is that people have private lives," Davis said. "No one knows what credit cards that anybody — I don't know what credit cards you carry, you don't know what credit cards that I carry — I mean people have private lives. That was a total, absolutely revelation to me. I had no idea, and don't even know that that's actually true."

Blake resigned from his position as UNC's associate head coach and recruiting coordinator on Sept. 5.

The Yahoo! report cites five trips to California and Miami by defensive tackle Marvin Austin, who has been suspended by the team, and connects Austin's California trip to Wichard's agency.

Davis was asked if he keeps tabs on players and their travels.

"A lot of people have asked that question: How could a coach not know about a player?" Davis said. "But there's 27,000 students at the University of North Carolina. Clearly, obviously I'm not responsible for all of those students."

Davis continued: "… We don't monitor, in the past we haven't, monitored where they've gone. … It's very difficult to know where every kid goes all the time."

Davis was then asked if he should have known about the trips and what Blake was up to.

"There are some things, it's impossible to know," Davis said. "The private lives of people, you know what people do — it's still America, people still have private lives — what they do, you can educate them, you can tell them, you can expect them."

Davis said the issue of agents paying and courting college players is a larger NCAA issue, not contained to UNC.

"Some of the things that are out there about agents and extra benefits, and runners and the people, it's pretty clear that that's an issue throughout college football. It has been for many years," Davis said.

Davis has a regularly-scheduled press conference at 3 p.m. today in Chapel Hill.


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UNC Can Not Be Taken Seriously as a University

Legitimate conversations are happening now about giving UNC the death penalty.

Clearly UNC is so far out of control they need to step back from D 1 football for a few years until some leadership and direction can be established in both athletics and academics.

No one is taking UNC seriously as a university right now.




Shirley, you jest? Thanks for the humor.

Ah, remember the good ol'

Ah, remember the good ol' days, when this was just one wayward player acting up, and at worst case, he might, might, have to miss a game or two?  Back in the days when we, all of us who were trying to the kool-aid drinkers this was gonna be big, were just called crazy, haters, or worse?

Oh, the good old days.

unc098 -

No, sorry.  The "everybody does it" excuse doesn't work here. 

A player acting as a runner for an agent?  Never happened before.  A coach, an EMPLOYEE of a university acting as an agent/runner for an agent, never happened before... and that coach just happens to be the Associate HEAD COACH and RECRUITING Coordinator?  UNPRECEDENTED!!!  Nothing even close to that has ever happened before.

And still, it's gonna get worse.  This is far from over.

Is that "The Carolina Way"?  Cheating more and getting less since 1789?  At least when the SEC cheats, they normally get a national championship or two.  All UNC got was a couple of Tire Bowl losses.

Now, for the first time, legitimate media are discussing the possibility of the 'death penalty'.  I doubt it comes to that, but the hammer is about to come down on UNC Football.  You all just better hope your precious round ball team doesn't get caught up in this mess.

If you really think that

If you really think that this does not, has not, and will not go on at other schools then your the one drinking the kool Aid. And if you had followed the comment stream you would understand where I come from in all this. 

Riiiiiiight. Wow, how far


Wow, how far the 'mighty' have fallen.  From the mythical 'Carolina Way' to 'everybody does it'.  Hilarious.

Btw, TOB dismisses players for cheating, or simply not keeping up their grades.  Dismissed, as in expelled from team, including multiple starters. It's hurt the depth that last few year, but not enough to keep the Wolfpack from going 3-0 against UNC-CHeat.  Even Amato suspended his Sr starting tailback, Cotra Jackson, for the entire season, for ONE instance of plagerism.  How does that work in 'The Carolina Way'?

I like what this guy wrote:

The program itself has become a laughing-stock and a symbol of corruption, greed and operating far outside the lines.

Carolina may want to be a player in the annual BCS Title sweepstakes, but it hired the wrong man, a man who brought other men long known for cheating with him.  Their ambition made them blind to this reality, and it made them stone-deaf to warnings from others of what they were doing to themselves.  Instead, they stubbornly believed that their now known to be mythical “Carolina Way” of doing things “right” while flaunting an arrogant self-love not seen since Narcissus stared into a puddle would allow them to lie with the dogs and not get fleas.

It didn’t.  But that never stopped them from bush-league attempts to spin the facts that showed wrong-doing.

Let's do a quick review

From the same author:

Consider: from the outset, UNC denied any wrongdoing, and even that the NCAA was investigating their football operation.  They called it an “inquiry” as if the NCAA was taking a poll and was curious about whether UNC football home jerseys were powder blue or navy blue.

Then they claimed that all would be resolved very quickly, that a misunderstanding had occurred, and of course, they would immediately set things right.

Even after they were forced — and they were forced — to suspend 12 players for the most important football game they’ve played in two decades, they continued to claim that the inquiry over the misunderstanding was nearly over.

Davis, for his part, has steadfastly maintained that he had no knowledge several of his NFL-bound players were knee-deep with shadowy runners and NFL agents, that he had no idea whatsoever that the very tutor he hired to school his own son in his own home had done his players homework, and that his friend and fellow football coach of three decades — who once worked for agents himself — was apparently funneling his star players towards his old employer illegally.

Right. Sure.  The only reasonable conclusion one can draw from this is that either Butch Davis is a pathological liar or a blithering idiot with next to zero control over his players and employees.  Take your pick.  It has to be one or the other.

Even when it was clear that the chips are down, UNC’s “brain trust” clung to the company line. Just yesterday – seven weeks into the investigation – UNC Athletic Director Dick Baddour told the press and fans in attendance that the end of their troubles was nigh, that the “crisis is nearly past” and that “Coach Davis has got my full support. There’s no reason to wait [until the end of the year to consider his return.] I am where I’ve been.”

Little did Baddour know that had connected the financial dots from NFL agents to his Associate Head Football Coach and was about to publish that information.

In other words, the other shoe fell, the bomb dropped and it became very clear that Butch Davis’s continued presence in Chapel Hill had suddenly become a radioactive toxin that will not decay into safety anytime soon.

The verdict is in from the press, locally, regionally and nationally: Butch Davis should go.


Personally, I hope Butch stays.  This is way too much fun to want him to leave.

And do tell us who is the

And do tell us who is the author since you seem to be so high and mighty about disclosure and transparency

What started out to be a

What started out to be a reasonably well thought out and written post became completely marginalized by your last sentence....Thus the lack of respect for ABCers.

Typical.  Forget facts,

Typical.  Disregard facts, logic, and truth because someone makes a light hearted statement that upsets you.  Yep, cut off you nose to spite your face.  Good work. 

Does it bother you that "The Carolina Way" has become a national punch line?

Brilliant.  Bravo.  Take notes fellas, Thorpe, Dickie, and Butch are giving a clinic in PR and damage control.  Brilliant!

I agree typical ABCer

I agree typical ABCer  response

Davis and Trouble

Did Davis bring this coach along with him from his former jobs?Did he inherit this gentleman from the previous coaches because he was a great recruiter?

For example, Frank McGuire brought in Dean Smith because he was a fabulous recruiter for UNC.Many assistants have tied their careers to a famous coach,and then moved on to create their own identity.Dean Smith actually cleaned up the reputation of UNC for which the state was very grateful.Success of Coach K at West Point and his connection to his mentor Bobby Knight is part of his legend.You might note both Knight and Coach K are proud of their defensive genius and their graduation rates.To say they are alike in any other way is difficult at best.

In modern athletics certain individuals attract success from their previous successes.One example from DC was John Thompson who had a tremendous success at Priory before he got the job at Georgetown.His ability to train basketball players came in part from his college experience and pro-experience. He made connections.

There is little to be ashamed of in business when you tie yourself to a winner.Normally this success breeds envy and charges from bettors who like horse racing continue to believe the fix is in or the trainer has purposely lost.

IN addition,a competitive environment creates foolish charges by opponents who wish they had captured the prize recruit.Let us say this: the ACC must watch itself for it does not want to have the penalties imposed on it like those found at USC(University of Southern California).

DAvis did not know

Coach, we know there are 27,000 students there. How many are football players? 100 to 150. How many are going pro in 1 year. 10 to 15 maybe. These are the ones you or someone should make someone knows where they are going or where they are act. But know one pays attention to the details. They why we are in the shape we are in on everything.

there are 80 scholarship

there are 80 scholarship players to be watched by a dozen assistants, not to mention numerous support staff. I don't think it's expecting too much to keep a close eye on their whereabouts and associations.

Even Fewer Getting NFL $$$ and Attention

And of those scholarship players, only a handful are likely to attract NFL-level agents and money.  Those 10 or 15 players should be easy to watch.  That's the job that the compliance office is supposed to be doing.

Stop it.  Just stop it. 

Stop it.  Just stop it.  You are not being fair. 

Stop confusing the little tar babies with facts and reality.  It's not fair to take advantage of that little world they've created for themselves.

Completely Out of Control

UNC is out of control in both academics and athletics.

It is time for new coaches and a new admistration if there is to be any hope of having at least some leadership and direction. There is no leadership at UNC right now.

The current fiasco is an absolute disgrace and makes Carolina look like a joke.





You must be a sad miserable little person. Why don't you move out of your mama's house and get a job so you don't have so much time to spend on the internet?  JG

u mad?

im so hurt.  actually now i know im pissing u guys off, sooo easy.  If the shoe was on the other foot i would fully expect the same thing from long time UNC fans.  Like ive said before, you guys just need to shut up and take your medicine.  It'll all pass in a few years.

Just like Jimmy V---

did not know his players were selling their shoes and comp tickets.  Oh yeah, they were looking for spending money, Blake was looking for $$$$$ and poor Butch had no idea.  And not all schools employ agents, it is the Carolina Way.


yea, they should have just cut out all the middlemen and hired Wichard.  I bet Wichard wold have even worked pro bono (that means "for free" gville).

Rational and plausible accts

Unless anyone has anything that can refute Davis or his inside to the daily lives of us Americans, please, by all means, step up my fellow American.

Wow. The Kool-aid runs deep

Wow. The Kool-aid runs deep at UNC-CHeat.


the bravado with which you throwdown that gauntlet is so laughable.  All of the UNC'ers keep saying this only for the next week to bring the very evidence you are clamoring for rhetorically.

i suggest call up Wichard and get a loan to buy a new comeback.

BOOOOOM Shakalaka

There it happens again

The reading and comprehension of a pup fan is eluded once again.

Where did I say anything about what Whichard and Blake were doing was right?

Until Davis is found guilty of knowing anything, STFU and go swim in nc state's 4-0 start.

u mad?

Where did I say anything about Wichard and Blake??  Sounds like you need a tutor to help you out.

I am talking about this tired response of "where's the evidence" and usually the next week brings the evidence you are seeking, i.e. (that means, in other words) just keep waiting and you'll see the evidence.

Enjoying 4-0!!!! and a clean program

Mad? No

Bewildered? Yes.

You and a good number of your cronies would rather swim over here in UNC's troubles and dabble in a positive review of state.

Maybe you need to go back and peek at your OP. Does it or does it not say something about Whichard? What, exactly, were the implications of you using his name? That's what I thought.

That's just funny.  Hahahaha

That's just funny.  Hahahaha

Careful there Izzy Glass

Careful there Izzy

Glass houses and stones and all that business. This problem is not isolated to UNC. I am sure State runs a clean program but things can turn in a hurry.

no doubt

you are absolutely right and i promise you, i would be harder on NCSU than i would ever be on UNC.  I'm just miffed by some of your compatriots in sport who continue to make excuses.  Your recent comments show that you are coming around to the gravity of the situation.

What we do KNOW @gville is that this scandal will set a precedent for depravity in regards to a major college sports program.  A Coach/Agent/Recruiter/Runner.  UN.....PRECEDENTED.

That's not my opinion, that's also the opinion of resident UNC homer, David Glenn


JPG:  There's a thread on about how you should lose your press-pass to Butch Davis pressers.  Please tell me you're gonna interview this "coach" soon and get to twist the screws a bit more and that you haven't been banned from Chapel Hill.

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