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UNC's Carter, Austin and Little part of busy 2nd round for ACC

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Bruce Carter, left, and Marvin Austin in action in 2009. ROBERT WILLETT -

North Carolina linebacker Bruce Carter, defensive tackle Marvin Austin and receiver Greg Little were part of an ACC-heavy second round of the NFL draft on Friday night.

Carter was the second UNC player off the board (DE Robert Quinn went in the first round to St. Louis) at the 40th overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys. Austin went 12 picks later to another NFC East team, the New York Giants. Little was the 59th overall selection to the Cleveland Browns.

Both Carter and Austin saw their stock take a hit, Carter because of injury and Austin because of his central role in the NCAA investigation. Carter tore the ACL in his left knee at the end of the 2010 season and missed the Tar Heels' bowl win and pre-draft workouts.

Austin was projected as a first-round pick, despite not playing a snap this season, but fell to the Giants in the second round. He was suspended before the season started and then dismissed from the program by the school without an NCAA ruling in October. UNC officials estimate that Austin took between $10,000 and $12,000 in improper benefits and lied to NCAA investigators.

Little, who was ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA for taking improper benefits and lying about his role in the investigation, actually worked his way up the draft board with impressive workouts at the combine and at UNC's pro day.

The UNC players were three of 12 ACC players taken in the second round, after only three went in the first.

UNC coach Butch Davis worked for both Dallas and Cleveland before returning to the college game in 2006. The Giants took receiver Hakeem Nicks from UNC in the first round in 2009.


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Boyz, Boyz, Boyz........I am

Boyz, Boyz, Boyz........I am laughing my fanny off. Its great to see a good spitting match between you guys....Its been a while....n'est-ce pas?....Welcome back H20.. I am just going to sit back and watch the show.

I appreciate it, 098

Always love talkin' to you guys.

better late than never

I missed you too, man.

Ah, almost forgot... Welcome

Ah, almost forgot...

Welcome back Heels20.  =)


Obviously, I strongly disagree about fans having such an influence on a coaching search, but either way, it's nice arguing with you again.

I've missed it around here

Always up for a good debate.

What was Butch Davis doing

What was Butch Davis doing letting Starvin' Marvin' leave like this?  Sure he was ruled ineligible, but he could have come back and played one day, right???

First TOB throws RW out with the trash, and now this?!?  Unbelievable mistakes being made by these ego-driven coaches!


Anyways, congrats to these guys...I guess.  Personally, I only think Quinn will make a nice career for himself in the league.  We shall see though.

Also, I heard that Nate "the Great" (didn't have to cheat) Irving was drafted by the Broncos.  Hope he has a nice, long career.


Way to hold your liquor late night.

It's comments like this that scared coaches away from your basketball program.  The lunatic fringe of your fan base needs to look no further than a mirror when questioning why so many coaches weren't interested in the job.

You're obviously having a

You're obviously having a hard time interpreting the point of my first post.  I was putting things in another perspective so you could see how ridiculous it is to criticize TOB for releasing RW. 

Of course, you probably still don't get it because your too busy smelling your own farts.


Any coach who is unable to pick up on my sarcasm is too stupid to be our coach.

Quite a stretch there H20.  I would say nice try, but you don't even get that much credit!


Your idiotic comments combined with open fire in parking lots, hitting girls and the spewing of profanity at any opposing athlete, coach or fan might have a little more to do with scaring coaches away.

Forgive me, I'm just being sarcastic.


I forgot this is coming from the perfect little Tar Heel fan base.  Because we all know that nothing bad ever happens up there...

Student body presidents don't get murdered, gay students don't get assaulted, fans don't throw rocks at opposing school's marching bands, fans don't boo their own players, fans don't yell "Go back to the ghetto!", and we all know that they have one of the best compliance units in all the world up in Chapel Hill.

Haha, yeah, you're right.  If only State folks could act more like the infallible Tar Heel nation...

Stay classy, Max

SBP murdered by gang members with no affiliation to the school, a gay student filing a false report of a hate crime, rocks thrown at marching bands? pretty sure you just made that one up and a complaint by Grievis Vasquez who we all know is one of the most upstanding individuals in ACC history.

Sorry, don't shoot!

1) The shooters in the CF

1) The shooters in the CF parking lot had no affiliation to NC State, but that didn't keep you from bringing it up.

2) This false report was not the first case.  I remember several years ago a gay student was nearly beat to death...look it up.

3) Google UNC fans throwing rocks.  I was there, in the band, when the UNC fans did this, so don't tell me it didn't happen.

4) There is a video on youtube that shows the girl (decked out in Carolina blue) yelling "go back to the ghetto".  But yeah, it's not true, right?


Keep denying.  It's what the Heels do best.


One of the two suspects in the shooting was a freakin' student at State, let alone to mention the fact that they were both fans.

And read my post.  I did not in any way deny anyone telling Vasquez to go back to the ghetto.

How the hell did you graduate with a college degree?  Your reading comprehension is below that of the average 10 year old and your credibility is non existent.

1)  I had heard that he

1)  I had heard that he wasn't a student, but w/e, I'll take your word for it.  If you want to talk about fans though, then watch one episode of COPS and tell me how much UNC gear you see.

2)  Trust me, I read your poorly constructed post.  You actually aren't very clear in what you are inferring regarding the ghetto comment.  But now I guess you are saying that because we don't like Vasquez, then it's okay to yell that at the end of the game?  Wow, talk about classy.

Late round knockout coming ...

How bout ncsu students writing the word "nigger" all over the expression tunnel like it was the word "a" or "the" at least once a year !? Talk about classy !! Real classy !!


Good to have you back, Heels20.

That's your knockout

That's your knockout punch?  Weak dude.  I've brought this one up several times over the years and none of you have ever responded....What about UNC's DE in 1999 that was arrested for raping a 9 year old girl?   Brian Norwood anyone?

We can continue this pissing match back and forth all day, but it only proves my point even more.  UNC fans like you guys put yourselves on some pedestal as if UNC can do no wrong.  Only NC State has racists, only NC State fans curse, only NC State fans are bad, mean people.  And that's why NC State had trouble finding a new bball had nothing to do with State putting themselves on probation 20 years ago and losing in bball ever since.

Haha it's quite amusing actually.  Makes things that much better when the dirt in Chapel Hill gets uncovered every now and then!  Not that you and your buddies would ever acknowledge any of it though.

My point

is that the lower portion of the NC State fan base is obnoxious to the extent that it badly hurts the university.  In the last 5 years you've been through two humiliating basketball coaching searches.  Your basketball program has 2 national titles, 10 ACC tournament titles and without a doubt the third best history of any school in the conference.  So why has coach-after-coach-after-coach-after-coach either turned down or expressed a disinterest in the position?  It's not your AD.  It's the fans.  The lunatic fringe of your fan base scares coaches away.  I'm not saying that UNC doesn't have its psycho fans, but why is it that we never have trouble bringing in guys to coach basketball or football?  Because we don't have the reputation of being so out of control at games that people are afraid to bring their kids and wives.  Black coaches don't have to hear their families tell them how insane they would be to take the job.  There's no conspiracy, Max.  The national media views State that way for a reason.

Complete BS

You're delusional gatr.

Most coaches couldn't care less about the fans.  The reason State has struggled to get a big name bball coach is the simple fact that they haven't won anything in over 20 years.  Also, they aren't exactly writing the biggest checks in the business.

According to your flawless logic though, I guess teams like GT, Wake, UVA, etc. must all have horrible fans too, since they don't seem to be hiring any big name coaches.  If only we could all be like those perfect UNC fans!

At the end of the day, this all boils down to one issue...the fact that UNC fans like you think that UNC and their fans are perfect and everyone else is below you.  Again, if you guys weren't busy smelling your farts all the time, you might understand why there are more UNC-haters than any other school in the country.


Wish I could take credit for that post, but it was Heels20. He's crushing you, bra !!

Oh, you're taking H20's

Oh, you're taking H20's side?  Big surprise!  He could be arguing that gravity doesn't exist, and you would back him up against me.  So, no effect there gatr =).

Jumping off cliffs

Empire state buildings and sears tower ... Etc. A blind follower I am !! :)


Tony Bennett at UVa was National Coach of the Year in the last five years.

UNC the most hated fan base in the country?  Polls have shown that Dook's fan base is most hated.  Did you mean most hated by NC State?


How many ACC tournament championships do GT, Wake and UVa have combined?  How many national titles?  They combine for less than NC State in each category.  Behind UNC, Duke and Maryland, State has the most resources to offer any coach, so money isn't an issue either.  You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about when you try to put the NC State job on those same levels.  Some of the best facilities in the nation, one of only so many schools with multiple national titles, third most conference tournament titles and the financial resources that 2/3 of the conference doesn't have?  Dude, you are WAY off on this one.

Why do you think Shaka Smart stayed at VCU?  Because he has so much of that senior leadership/talent returning?  Oh, wait.  Because he is "the guy" for an AD who HASN'T been considered for any jobs that are much more prestigious?  Oh, wait.  Because of his relationship with Debbie Yow?  Oh, wait.

Time to wake up, Max.  Smart has coached in the ACC before and knows what it has to offer as a conference.  He also has encountered the NC State fan base.  Mike Brey is another guy who has ties to the ACC who wasn't interested despite facing a potential rebuilding year at Notre Dame next year.  Those are just to name a few guys.

And I notice you didn't address the national perspective of State's fan base, which has been called out by several analysts.  Is it a conspiracy?

This has nothing to do with UNC.  I said that every fan base has its flaws, including ours, but you're insane if you think State's fan base had nothing to do with why they couldn't find a real basketball coach.

1)  How many championships

1)  How many championships do those teams have in the past 20 years?  The same, if not more, than NC State.  And that's my point.  I don't think a lot of coaches care about what happened 30-40 years ago.  The game and the entire industry have changed since then.

2)  Ever consider that DY ended up not wanting Shaka in the end?  She did kind of allude to that in her press conference.  If you really think that Shaka Smart didn't want to come to State because of their fans, then you truly are delusional.  Coaches don't really care about fans!  Just ask your very own Roy Williams!

3)  Okay, so Seth freaking Davis said mean things about State's fan base.  Big deal!  Is it any surprise that Duke and UNC grads would take cheap shots at State's fan base?  Of course not!  Give ONE darn example of a coach saying that State fans had an influence on their interest in the head coaching job...any one example, please.  You can't find one can you?  Big surprise.

Btw, I consider Gottfried to be a "real" basketball coach.  I can see why Sidney (with no prior experience) would be labeled in such a manner, but not Gottfried.

You're so far lost, I can barely hear you

So are you saying that VCU's AD made it up that Smart was offered the State job?  Thanks for the laugh, Max.

Not just Seth Davis.  How about Gary Parrish? http://www.cbssports.comhttp:

Do you honestly think a coach would publicly call out another school's fan base?  You have NO idea how this business works.

I'm sure Gottfried was a "real" hire.  Or did Debbie Yow just turn a blind eye to the "real" reason he resigned from Bama after so many other coaches expressed no interest?

If you weren't in your mid-20s, I'd feel as though I was telling a little kid that Santa doesn't exist.  But open your eyes and recognize that the obnoxiousness of your fan base holds your school back.

Thanks, Gatr

Glad to be back.


ANOTHER Tar Heel I gotta root for now! When will it end?

Don't worry, Little

Don't worry, Little shouldn't be around too long.  His above average talent/size will be cancelled out by his documented character issues.

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