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UNC releases response to NCAA

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The University of North Carolina has released to the public its response to the NCAA's allegations of nine major allegations against the Tar Heel football program.

In the official response, UNC announced it will impose the following punishments on the Tar Heels football program:

  • Vacate the 16 wins from the 2008 and 2009 seasons.
  • Dock three football scholarships a season for the 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years.
  • Self-impose two years of probation.
  • Pay a monetary fine of $50,000.

UNC’s response indicates its agreement with the first eight NCAA charges, except for some minor discrepancies involving amounts of benefits. The school also states as a mitigating factor that some benefits were repaid in cash almost immediately, and some were the result of friendships with former UNC players that current players didn’t think were impermissible.

On the ninth allegation, failure to monitor, UNC resists some of the NCAA’s charges. Regarding failure to monitor social networking, UNC says the NCAA’s constitution and bylaws don’t mention any institutional responsibility to monitor athletes’ communications “on undefined and ever-multiplying ‘social networking’ sites.”

Disputes to some of the ninth allegation, mentioned on page 62 of the response, is one of three key excerpts to note. Read UNC's full response here (as a downloadable .PDF).

UNC also argues that its staffers were unaware of former Tar Heel player Chris Hawkins’ status as an individual triggering NCAA agent legislation when he was allowed in the football weight room with his friend, former Tar Heel running back Willie Parker.

"We have acknowledged our violations, and we've responded in the way you would expect of this University," UNC chancellor Holden Thorp said in a statement. "We think that the sanctions we have proposed accept responsibility and, at the same time, give our current and future student-athletes and coaches every opportunity for success. We go before the NCAA Committee on Infractions on October 28, and that will be another important milestone."

"I believe the report is a very thorough response to the NCAA," UNC athletics director Dick Baddour said. "The University of North Carolina takes our standing and reputation in the NCAA community seriously and with great respect and our response to the allegations reflects that. "We accept responsibility for mistakes that were made in terms that are balanced, measured and fair. I want to acknowledge the hard work that University and athletic department staff put in to prepare the report. The October 28th appearance in Indianapolis is the next major step and we will direct our efforts toward preparing for that hearing."

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Ah yes the cynicism of the tarheel faithful. Merely stating facts and stating that the NCAA should stay consistent. Are you hoping or wishing on a prayer…or both. I suggest both.


Have not read in detail, but from the high points, this is about as I expected. Will this hold up or will the NCAA drop the hammer?, as many hope or want. Nobody knows at this point, but I don't expect a TV or bowl ban or the death penalty, as some so long ago proclaimed. Personally, I have moved on and I think the University is well positioned to do the same, amazing how time works.

I was at work when this was released...

and haven't had a chance to read it in it from front to back. The high points were was was listed above. I have no problem with it, and if you do don't look at Miami, tOSU, LSU, Auburn, etc.. as they will admit nothing and give or recommend anything. This will sort out by October, and my guess is this is not too far off.


Surely you know by now that reason has no place here.

The real loons are the ones

The real loons are the ones that think this is the exception in Chapel Hill... The only exception is that UNC finally got caught...  the local media tried to look the other way, but Marvin couldn't stop the tweets, the age of the internet wouldn't cooperate, and dumb dumb McAdoo had to go and file that lawsuit, putting on public display the 'paper' that the Baddour and Thorpe themselves defended and guarenteed as his very own...  It's been going on for decades.  LT's book wasn't fully of fairy tales and fantasy.  Dean's house isn't nearly as clean as the image...  Roy's is far dirtier.

You Carolina fans just better hope this doesn't bleed over to your holy grail round ball program.  It won't be pretty if it does.

holy grail

it should have been capitalized.  :-)

But, but, but...

How can this be?  gatr told me I was just a crazy loon hater for saying there was a lot more to this UNC fiasco than just a few players w/ minor violations. 

He scoffed at me last year for telling him there was lots more to come... things like academic miscoduct, blantant cheating, agents, and  recruiting violations (still to come)...

Riiiiiight... gatr gatr, once again proved to be the pompous arrogant boob that he is.

Some people know of what they speak, some people have a good idea, and then there's folks like gatr.  All mouth, no knowledge.



u are correct--g-alligator is ill-informed as usual , tar-holes are cheaters in both fb and bb, their coach in bb got kansas put on probation for giving out money and clothes to his players, and then said he didnt think it was against the rules!!!!go duke!!!!

purely speculative and wishful thinking at the time

you had no more proof that UNC players were guilty of this as I did saying they did not.  Every once in a while a blind squirrel will find a nut ... congrats !  Your cookie is in the mail.

I ASSume you root for state.  In 2011, the UNC football program is still in better shape than state.  Fact or fiction ?

Fact or fiction

Ask again at the end of October.  Oh, and don't write off the Pack just yet.  Let's see how the two teams look a few weeks from now.

UM, I'm asking the questions here

don't give me stipulations about waiting down the road.  lol.

"All mouth, no knowledge"

Fits "TDiddyt"  to a "t"



NCAA is useless ........

The NCAA will tread lightly here because they have no real authority.

And, if the student-athletes in every sport said, "We're going on strike," the money would melt away from the NCAA and these institutions like butter under a 200-degree heat.

It is absurd the money that's made off these young men and women, some of whom are there only for sports, not for academics.


they do have authority if players and the University came clean of wrong doing which is the case here. 

The bottom line is UNC is now at the mercy of the NCAA come Oct. 28th.


And in reality, for several months beyond that, IIRC that the penalties will come down several months later. Let's just hope that it is before NSD, THEN we can put this behind us.

"University came clean of wrong doing"

Good one gatr.  I needed a nice laugh today.

why am i even responding ?

yea, came clean.  As in when the NCAA asked a question, UNC answered it truthfully.  Otherwise, we would be hearing that the school did not cooperate with the NCAA. 

Heels20, gatr, Surfer, etc.

Where's the part where UNC explains how they sat out all those "innocent" players who were later cleared?  Looks to me like the myth that innocent players were held out of games (aside from Ramsay) has been exposed as just that - a myth.  Don't you think that would be somewhere in this extremely long and arrogant response?


Where is there proof that it's a myth?

The basis of believing that guys sat out in vain is that whenever the guys were guilty of wrongdoing, it was reported.  Kendric Burney and Deunta Williams both served suspensions, and when there was a ruling on their eligibility, the reasons for sitting out were announced.  The same went for guys like Charles Brown and Brian Gupton.

Also, look at the situations with Bruce Carter and Quan Sturdivant.  48 hours before the LSU game, they were expected to sit out.  Then, they were ruled eligible, and therefore allowed to play.

So was there simply a different protocol for Draughn, Searcy, Euwell, Houston, etc.?  Where's your reasoning behind your "proof" that this was a myth?


Surely by now you realize that reason has no place here.

On a side note

I think the self-proposed penalties are right where most expected.  Any lower, and the NCAA would really be pissed; any higher, and the UNC fans/boosters would be really pissed.

Of course, the NCAA's penalties will most likely be more severe -- that's just how these things work.  I'm still kind of expecting a one year bowl ban.  We shall see though.

theres always a first time

but I do not believe the NCAA has ever sanctioned anything worse than what a school has suggested except for Southern Cal who grandstanded and refused to talk to the NCAA for three plus years.

From the outside looking in, THE SCHOOL has more than complied with the NCAA including sitting guys before they were officially ruled ineligible.  There has to be something for this regardless of whether you think it is right or not.  I think it will go a long way as "good will" goes.  Again, right or wrong, you have to accept this as fact,  A precedent was set no matter how terrible you think all of this is and it was not good.

1)  I only have to look

1)  I only have to look back a year to prove your statement wrong.  I'm pretty sure UConn's basketball penalties last season ended up being worse than their self-proposed penalties.

2)  Fact?!  It is merely your opinion that UNC has cooperated more than anyone else before.  Don't try to tell me that is a "fact"...not gonna buy it!  I'll believe that garbage if and when the NCAA acknowledges what you are saying once this is all wrapped up (they have commented on other schools' cooperation before).  The only "precedent" that has been set here is the severity of some of UNC's rule-breaking; specifically, having an agent runner employed as the associate head coach.


Why would the NCAA or anyone else care how pissed the UNC Fans/boosters are? That should have no bearing. The fact that someone thinks it does points out again how UNC thinks their feet don't stink. Substitute feet fro proper wording.


Hello! Is anybody in there? Not talking about the NCAA caring. The poster is referring to the UNC admins who came up with the repsonse. If you think they don't care what UNC fans think then you truly are not in your own head anymore.


This is about what I expected as far as the proposed self-imposed sanctions.  At least, assuming that someone would stand in the way of Thorp suggesting the death penalty to the program and the burning of Kenan Stadium.


now on to the more inportant business---when is our state general assemble going to help create more jobs and lower the employment rate like they said they were going to do?

UNC Agrees Not to Play in the Super Bowl

Or compete in the Indy 500, etc.

Well that seems rather harsh.

Campus Recruiting


Not that there should be comparisons, but then again why not? NCSU was not allowed to recruit off campus for one year and it prohibited expense paid visits from recruits during the same period. For two years it reduced its scholarships 20% from 15 to 12. No post season play for one year. These were self imposed restrictions and because of the actions NC State took to remedy the situation so as to have it unlikely to happen again with the oversight put in place and because of the severity of the self imposed sanctions and restriction the NCAA placed no more sanctions on NC State. If this is what NC State had to do to escape further wrath from the NCAA for what was discovered at NC State, then I think UNC would have to suffer at least the same fate and seeing that they are not really penalizing themselves at all in comparison for the rules that were broken I think the NCAA should drop the hammer in the face of these mild sanctions they are placing on themselves. 20% of 85 scholarship. So they lose 17 scholarships for two years. OK give them a break and make it 12. No off campus recruiting for one year. No post season for one year. If the NCAA does not come down on UNC properly then the ACC should do so as they have in the past. But wait…. the Swofford led ACC did not further GT penalties. Why do think that was? If UNC was not also going under the hammer Swofford and his smug azz would have done so. He wanted to set precedent for not doing so so his beloved tarhills could be let off the hook as well. It is so clear to see what goes on there. If Swofford sits idle on this one he should be fired.

Are you

Are you bragging or complaining?


Ah yes the cynicism of the tarheel faithful. Merely stating facts and stating that the NCAA should stay consistent. Are you hoping or wishing on a prayer…or both. I suggest both.

These were self imposed

These were self imposed restrictions and because of the actions NC State took to remedy the situation so as to have it unlikely to happen again with the oversight put in place and because of the severity of the self imposed sanctions and restriction the NCAA placed no more sanctions on NC State.

^ this

is the longest sentence ive ever read

Doubt it!


But thanks for the proof reading. I'll double check for punctuation in the future. Why the long space in-between the upward arrow and the rest of your post. It was unnecessary and takes up too much of the page. Please do not do this again.



You find that funny?


Well, simple minds are easily intertained. :)

Yes I spelled it with an "i", if you noticed, for your amusement.

is that the best

is that the best you can do -- to try to insult---lmao=====moooooooo



When dealing with the simple minded like you. To do more would be rude and... let me see if I can tell you in a way you might understand? Got it... piling on and against the rules. Now go pet your cow simple minded one

Ladies and germs

I present to you one piece of the lunatic fringe.

Again... really

Since what I proposed was the same or actually a less punishment than what was handed out to NC State how can it be Lunatic fringe. All that I wrote about Swofford is true? Except what the future holds for him and his love of UNC and how it will sway his actions.

The lunatic fringe group sit on your side. Stating and hoping that the penalties are miniscule and do not affect the football team or university for years as it should. If it does not then all NCAA schools should go out and copy what was done at UNC and suffer very little consequences for the gain they will receive.

what I propose as punishment

a loss of one scholly for three years for every player the NCAA ruled ineligble.  It appears that is what Thorp thought as well.  If i'm on the same plain as this "school educator first" guy, then I think it is OK.  Had UNC not sabotaged 2010, then a bowl ban would have been implemented by the NCAA.  Still could be, I guess, but I don't think so. 

Two problems with ABC fans like yourself :

1.) Refusal to acknowledge UNC sat guys out till they were ruled eligible to come back.  That was something NO ONE had ever done before. 

2.) Because UNC was still good enough after they sat players to go bowling (and win) you ignore it or at it best refuse to acknowledge it.

Now those examples are more of a correlation than two points, but nonetheless two problems.

WOW. The Blue Kool Aid douth run deep

"NO ONE has ever done”. You’re not serious are you? Really? Now you think UNC is leading the way in approaching and dealing with the problem they created? They should be admired now? A pillar of an example of how to clean up after such a mess? You must have a Carolina Blue Kool-Aid IV hooked up. It HAS been done often in the past oh blue one. Maybe no one had set down that many players before, but that was because of the extent of the transgressions.

So with the ill-gotten gains over years of recruiting they were able to fill the coffers with enough good recruits to win some games after sitting out some players. That is not a bonus blue one. That is an example why they need to be properly punished for the actions that they took to gain an advantage and gain one they did. I admire the wins they achieved with all the turmoil, butt they shouldn’t benefit further for that reason. Especially when it was a direct result of the activities that are against the rules that they broke. They brought in a coach (Blake) who looked at rules as something to be broken to gain an advantage. He did what he was brought to the team to do. Now the NCAA should do their job as effectively.


You must be a UNC Journalism Grad as it was difficult to follow the incoherent dribble you laid down. I’m sure you write and speak Swahili very well. LOL


Show me

Show me where a school has sat one or more guys prior to being handed a NOA ? Please show me.

Because they sat these guys prior to punishment it should be counted for something. That's what I'm saying. You do not have to agree with that. If you couldn't connect that dot, maybe you ought to go back to Wake Tech and try again.

Like they're not

Like they're not already doing it and just not getting caught. Oh, I'm sorry, we're not supposed to say "everyone is doing it" because we used to think we didn't.

Not that reason why


Quit saying that because you say it because you got caught. That is your defense and it is dumb. How do you say "everyone is doing it" in Swahili. Show us that UNC education at work. LOL

What are you ?

Five yrs old !?

probably not

Cause I think he is bluegnat's (slightly) older brother?

Who's the missing name?

On page 7, it looks like the report says:

"It understands and acknowledges it is responsible for [REDACTED] and Blake's conduct that violated bylaws with institutional implications."

Who is [REDACTED], the other person whose violations UNC is assuming responsibility for? Why does the name "Davis" not appear before page twenty-nine?

Hey dumbass

"redacted" is Marvin Austin. Come on. As far as Butch goes,his name shouldn't come up at all unless on pg. 29 Thorp says he fired him.

I don't think it matters...

I am an ECU fan, so I don't really have a dog in this fight. Vacating past wins is an empty gesture going forward since the UNC teams didn't win any bowls or championships those years. Losing scholarships for three years is a tangible loss, but I don't think there is much difference between 85 and 82 in the grand scheme of things., what does that mean anyway?

I think the real damage has already been done. The school's reputation nationally has taken a hit. The coaches that let it happen are gone as are most of the players that did it. The real issue is compliance. The compliance office at UNC needs to be at arms length from the coaching staff and other athletic officials. There is a very vocal group of folks at UNC that believe that UNC athletics has become more important than its academics. I think they have a point, but this reaches beyond Chapel Hill. If they have no interest in an education, these players need to be allowed to skip college and move on. The longer the charade of "student-athletes" goes, the more schools will be burned by them.

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