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UNC players' appeals set for this week

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North Carolina’s appeal on behalf of two football players declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA will be heard by the NCAA this week, team spokesman Kevin Best said today.

Defensive end Michael McAdoo’s appeal is scheduled for Tuesday, and fullback Devon Ramsay’s appeal is set for Thursday.

UNC announced on Nov. 15 that both players had been ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA in its investigation of academic misconduct and impermissible benefits provided by agents and others.

Dick Baddour, UNC’s athletic director, has said the facts in both cases do not support permanent ineligibility.

Ramsay’s mother, Sharon Lee, has said her son was banned solely on the basis of changes that a tutor then employed by the university provided on one three-page written assignment in 2008. In a story published Nov. 27 by The Charlotte Observer and the News & Observer, Lee said her son’s situation wasn’t considered serious enough to be forwarded to UNC’s honor court system for possible sanctions, so she was shocked when Ramsay received a harsh penalty from the NCAA.

Lee said the NCAA’s penalty was excessive and cruel. She declined to comment when contacted by telephone Monday.

Ramsay played in the first four games of the season before UNC discovered his correspondence with the tutor. He was withheld from the Tar Heels’ remaining games, and UNC has said the NCAA has ruled it won’t penalize the team for using an ineligible player in the first four games.

McAdoo missed all 12 games this season.


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Nice to see they finally got

Nice to see they finally got around to this after pushing Cam Newton's appeal through in less than 24 hours.

the best part

is that Cam won the Heisman and UNC-CHeat will be denied again

you are right

I guess preferential treatment is ok as long as you are a heisman contender and the most important player on the #1 team in the nation.  Nevermind that his father allegedly asked for more money than what UNC's players accepted COMBINED. 

UNC Fights the NCAA

UNC tried to hide everything and eventually could not and had to confess to the cheating and bribery charges. Now the university is trying to appeal yet another NCAA decision.

This is not cooperation. This is deny everything, blame someone else and then appeal. There seems to be no leader at UNC who is willing to take the blame or the punishment. Not the coach, not the AD and not the president. (Wait, quick get a rope and hang the tutor)!

The NCAA needs to find a way to make UNC believe it has committed serious NCAA infractions and has to take responsibilty. It is bizarre for the administration to teach the students to lie and cheat and then deny everything. When that fails, UNC is teaching the students to appeal.

These are the worst set of values since WaterGate.



Let's see...

Let's see, during the Corey Magette incident, who at d00k took the blame; coach K, the AD, anyone else? Nope, not a one of them knew a thing about what happened.

At NC State, who voluntarily took the blame all those years ago, Jimmy V, the AD, any other coaches? Nope, not a one of them knew a thing about what happened.

Of course d00k fans and State fans believe whole heartedly that they were all telling the truth. Now that UNC is in the same position, they are all liars and among the worst scoundrels to ever walk the face of this earth.

Perspective people. I tell you it is simply amazing how human beings decide whether or not someone is telling the truth based on their allegience to athletic programs. I don't know if K knew, I don't know if V knew, and I don't know if Butch knew. The rest of you don't know anymore than I do, yet you'll come on here and write your opinions as if you were a mouse in the room when it all went down. 


You have to understand that nc state football fans root for DUIke baskets and DUIke basket fans root for nc sate football. What does that mean? ABC. Now we are getting to the root of it all.

Reply to Let's See

UNC has confessed to the cheating and bribing. What "perspective" is needed after the confession other than acceptance of punishment?

It's seems like a deflection tactic by UNC to bring up things that happened at another school over a quarter of a century ago. The infractions and the investigations are happening right now at UNC.

UNC needs to clean up its own mess which means accpepting the responsibility and the punishment. Until then, UNC is a joke.


My only points

My only points are these; if you can heonestly say that you expected V and K to also take the blame for their situations, then it is OK for you to expect the same of Butch, and if you believe that Butch knew all about what was going on then you have to believe the same about K and V. Having your cake and eating too is not possible.


Period. Dot. The End

Technically, UNC as an

Technically, UNC as an institution hasn't confessed to anything.  Its the players who broke the rules, not the program.  Also, I must have missed the part about bribery.  Maybe that came out in a lunatic fringe-only press release.


Your comments stand alone as a tribute to the true fan of which you are. Ignorance revealed, without a doubt. "Shirley", some of your compadres are embarrassed, but for some of us, it is pure entertainment. Thanks.

Bowl game

If reinstated, MM should just red shirt and Ramsay should play, if able. Would be real nice to have both back next year.

Ramsay's 2008 incident

"Ramsay’s mother, Sharon Lee, has said her son was banned solely on the basis of changes that a tutor then employed by the university provided on one three-page written assignment in 2008."

Tutor's aren't allowed to write on your paper much less edit and she even added content. A complete and total cheat of the system but did he go to the esteemed UNC Student Honor Court? Of course not. The NEW Carolina Way: cheat, lie, get caught & deny.

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