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UNC picked to finish second in Coastal

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GREENSBORO, Ga. — UNC coach Butch Davis said he was "a little surprised" that his Tar Heels, who won only four games last season, were picked to finish second in the Coastal Division, behind Virginia Tech. Carolina even received four first-place votes from the media.

"We don't mind the high expectations,'' he said. "...There will be very few years that the media and fans will have higher expectations than the coaches. We realize it's not going to happen overnight, but we're moving in the right direction with our program. When you take a look at the votes ... I don't think it was a landslide for second, third and fourth."


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if Davis can pull UM out of

if Davis can pull UM out of the depths of a pell grant scandal (and he did). he can pull UNC out of plain ol mediocrity.

UNC is prolly the single most dangerous school when it comes to athletics in the country. everyone knows that. most just won't admit it b/c of their teams and jealousy.

all someone has to do is care about said sport at UNC and the wheels start to move and sooner rather than later, UNC achieves success at said sport. football will be no different.

UNC will be a perennial top 20 school next season as long as administration continues to care and back the football program. see Mack Brown era.

I hope NCSU can achieve this as well. good times had by all if it can happen. football (as in two programs achieving success ... not just fans in seats) would really start to mean something again in the triangle!

Is it a good team or weak division?

I think it's a little (or a lot) of both. I know this ain't Coach Davis' first rodeo at this kind of thing. He, and the team, will handle it right.

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