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UNC-McNeese State a sellout

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Thanks to the sale of several thousand Youth Day tickets, UNC's  opener against McNeese State (6 p.m., Saturday) is a sellout, UNC’s fourth of the season.

Single game tickets are still available for Connecticut, Boston College and Georgia Tech.


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Let's just play some football

Sell out or empty stadium, the game will still count. I'm glad UNC sold out on Labor Day weekend. It may rain, and I'm sure that will "dampen" a few folks' enthusiasm. I just know I'll be there. Go Heels!

How many empty seats are everywhere (Except the SEC)

Face it. The SEC rules. Let's just all agree to support our teams in whatever they're trying to acheive. I'm glad UNC sold out the game. I'm glad NCSU sells out their games. I'm sure there will be some empties at UNC Sat. I'm sure NCSU suffers from that, too. There's just one remedy....Win games...often. Throttle little teams, and beat the crap out of good ones. NCSU, Thursday night is your opportunity. Don't let us all down. I'm feeling pretty good about UNC's chances this week. I'm just angry that I paid season ticket prices when I could have gotten 5 tickets for the price of 1. Oh well, win some and lose some.


Why are you so angry? I have noticed that many of your posts are simply a bunch of rants. Everyone should be in a good mood. No one has lost yet...

Steve Prude

you're the moron. You prolly do not remember back when WFU and NCSU would play a game, every year, in the Greensboro Coliseum. It was called Young Baptist Men day or something another. Anyway, thats how they sold that game out. And trust me, it was the only way!

 Imagine why they chose NCSU's basketball team for this when they could have chosen any team really! I wonder ... maybe b/c they were looked at like McNeese St! If not, they would have chosen another school to get a sell-out.

 think before you speak AND ALWAYS KNOW THE SCORE!!

even the high school bleachers...

are they sold out too??? I guess the number of them can be fudged so, yea its probably a sell-out.

why are state fans so

why are state fans so bitter? dude let it go Steve.

LOL...what a joke. Only UNC

LOL...what a joke. Only UNC would spin it this way.

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