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UNC clears Draughn for Georgia Tech game

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UNC has cleared senior running back Shaun Draughn for Saturday's game against Georgia Tech, according to the depth chart released this morning.

Draughn, the team's leading rusher in 2008, is listed third on the depth chart for the GT game, behind Johnny White and Athony Elzy.

Draughn was one of 13 UNC players who missed the Sept. 4 loss to LSU because of the NCAA investigation into the program. He was the only player of the 13 cleared as of this morning.

UNC's running game could use the boost. The Heels rushed for 24 yards in a 30-24 loss to LSU on Sept. 4. Elzy led the team with 46 yards on 14 carries. White started the game but fumbled on the first possession of the game and finished with 29 yards on eight carries.

Last year, Draughn rushed for 567 yards in nine games before a shoulder injury cost him the final four games. He ran for a team-best 866 yards in 2008.

There is no update on the status of defensive tackle Marvin Austin, receiver Greg Little, defensive end Robert Quinn, defensive end Michael McAdoo, cornerback Kendric Burney, cornerback Charles Brown, safety Deunta Williams, running back Ryan Houston or any of the other suspended players.

UNC coach Butch Davis said Austin is still not practicing with the team but the other 11 players are.


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Shaughn Draughn..

is the son of a minister. He has never been in trouble in his life. He was taught to do the right thing. This exoneration of him proves that he has been doing the right thing. All these posts to insult his integrity are ignoring these facts.... good day.

For you goheels 1984

Grade inflation at UNC Chapel Hill


At UNC Chapel Hill, lots of students are getting great grades, and some on the faculty are quite concerned.

Sound odd? Shouldn't students get good grades? Doesn't that reflect success both on the part of the student and the professor?

Yes, and no, many would say. A recent UNC-CH faculty grade inflation report, which you can view by clicking the attachment below,  suggests that so many students are doing so well that it is becoming difficult to distinguish between the best students and many of the rest.

One compelling piece of data - 82 percent of the grades issued in fall 2007 to undergrads were As and Bs. That's up from 77 percent in 2000.

Shaun Draughn, UNC Scholar

"Is it bad that I do not even know my professor's names and my course titles?"

- Shaun Draughn, Scholar Athlete of the Week

80% grad rate

Draughn may be pathetic. He may not even know a noun from a verb.

But he has an 80% probability of graduating from a squeeky clean U.

It lends new meaning to the term "free-B".

GoHeels1984 Why do you

continuously bring up the pot charges against the State player and conveniently forget to mention the drug charges against "Bong" Sturdivant??????   You have done this at least 2 or 3 other times.  At least O'Brien had the balls to suspend three of the players for a game.  Even if it was against WC.  How many games did Butch suspend Sturdivant for relating to his drug charges?  What was that 0.  Huh?  And you want to throw out the word Hypocrit.  You need to read your last post and look in the mirror if you want to see a Hypocrit.

While we're talking academic achievement

It's "hypocrite."


It takes major balls to suspend guys for the game against perennial powerhouse WCU...


UNC-CH players and coaches have been found to actually have done wrong things (nice try tarholes asking for "evidence" but your own chancellor says violations have happened and your AD says it goes back years) and you want the NCAA to hurry up just for you guys?? Get bent

What did Coach Tim OBryan do

What did Coach Tim OBryan do about the guys caught with the drugs on the NCSU football team?   Are they attending drug awareness and rehab classes?   Are they required to submit to random drug tests?   Are they doing any type of "community service"?    What is their coach doing about his players that were knowly and officially verified in a criminal arrest recently?  

I think Obryan swept all of those criminal offenses under the rug from what I recall....

I'm surprised that of as much as Coach OBryan is of being a disciplinarian, that he did not kick these guys off the team for harboring a house of illegal criminal drugs.   At the very least, suspended them indefinitely or even any type of punishment at all.

Oh,I see, O'Bryan is tired of losing seasons and feeling the pressure from State College fans to win.   That has to be why he swept it under the rug....

State coach knew and was verified officially that his players had drugs and were part of a criminal investigation.   But no, he did nothing about it.   He swept it under the rug...

Carolina does something that may or may not have been done illegally and they think that UNC is sweeping everything under the rug.   Typical State College fan.

State College fans = the hypocrits of the world!

This is Great

The tarbaby and the woofies fighting over 2 awful football teams in the awful ACC.  UNC-Cheaters needs to supend the season because even if they win their remaining games it will be because they cheated.  Cow U is lucky to win a game when their opponent gives them the ball 5 times.  The amazing thing is to hear the great UNC-Cheaters claim this is going on at all ACC schools.  Where were they when Cow U was put on probation for selling tennis shoes?  There is one thing that is the truth talked about.  A degree at UNC doesn't mean anything.  80% of all grades are A's & B's. 

Do They Laugh?

Do students at UNC laugh if they a see football player in class?

What if they see a football player on campus, do the students help him find his way to class?

What does a UNC student think if a football player sits next to them during a multiple choice test? They know he will looking at their test paper.

Anybody with a degree from UNC who played football does not have a degree. Employers know it's a joke.

It's hard to believe the UNC alumni don't force a change just becasue of the embarrassing scandals.


On a final note, the cheating players and coaches have been whipped 3 years in a row by State!




I didn't think it was funny at all

I didn't think it was funny at all in the mid 80's taking a US History class at NC State when the freshman football player sitting next to me the first week of class didn't show up again until mid-term exam and again for the final. That's right, he didn't show up for a single lecture or test after that first week other than the exams. Guess what, he was still on the team two years later. Make of it what you will.

Happy reading....

Happy reading.... enjoy!!!

A search warrant filed by Raleigh police shows marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found in an apartment while four North Carolina State football players were inside.

Senior Offensive Lineman Jake Vermiglio, Redshirt Junior Defensive Tackle J.R. Sweezy, Redshirt Junior Defensive Tackle Markus Kuhn, and Redshirt Junior Tight End George Bryan are all named in the document.

Officer R.E. Hoffman states in the warrant that April 24, he was working off-duty at the College Inn apartments at 2717 Western Boulevard. He states he detected a strong smell of marijuana coming from apartment 360 and obtained the search warrant to search the premises.

Seized in the search were: 3 sandwich bags of marijuana (aprox 6 grams total), a "blunt" cigar containing marijuana, bongs, and a cell phone with pictures of a marijuana plant in growth on it. The College Inn is owned by the Wolfpack Club and is affiliated with NC State University.

Sweezy, Vermiglio and Kuhn are charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of using a controlled substance.

Bryan faces only one charge -- maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of using a controlled substance.

NC State Head Coach Tom O'Brien issued a statement Monday.

"I have been made aware of the situation and appropriate action will be taken," he said.

Sweezy has had trouble with the law before. He was suspended indefinitely by O'Brien after being charged with misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor larceny in March in his hometown of Mooresville.

A 22-year-old woman, Allison Elaine Davis, also was in the apartment at the time of the search. It's not clear if she faces any charges.

(Copyright ©2010 WTVD-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

FAYETTEVILLE (MCT) — Three of four N.C. State football players charged in April with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia have had those charges dismissed.

Junior defensive tackle Markus Kuhn, defensive tackle J.R. Sweezy and senior offensive lineman Jake Vermiglio faced District Judge Keith Gregory on Tuesday.

A fourth player, All-ACC tight end George Bryan of Wilmington, had his court appearance postponed to a later date.

Gregory ruled that Raleigh police officers illegally entered the players' apartment at the College Inn on Western Boulevard on April 24. He noted that police should have obtained a search warrant before entering the apartment.

Police were called by a community advisor who smelled marijuana coming from the apartment. An off-duty Raleigh police officer who was working security at the complex responded and searched the apartment, according to court documents.

When asked about the situation with the players on Monday at the ACC Football Kickoff in Greensboro, N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien seemed confident all four would be ready for preseason practice in August.

''I said when it first happened that appropriate action would be taken. It has been," O'Brien said. " We're moving on."

Vermiglio is the Wolfpack's most experience offensive lineman, while Kuhn and Sweezy are expected to play key roles on the defensive line.

State college = home of criminals and the world's best hypocrits!

those players...

were already punished.  what private punishment they received, we don't know, but publically we do know they were held out of the first game and didn't dress.

that may not sound like that big of a deal, but for any player, not playing is a big deal because playing gives you experience (plus everyone wants to play).

Quan Sturdivant faced no public punishment that we know of, so you may want to revise your hypocrite charge.

No matter what the Heels do

No matter what the Heels do will satisfy the wuufie fans.   Just ignore them.   They are ridiculous!  

sniff, sniff... you're hurting my feelings

Besides the lousy grammar, it's totally unnecessary to be so insensitive to our feelings.


I am late to this party! Too bad I had to flippin' work today.  I was talking with one of my customers the other day, and this came up. There is a wide spectrum of expectations with regard to all of this. One extreme is tinted a lighter shade of blue and the other is Bright Red. At the red extreme Davis is a snake and knew about all of this. He also paid the tutor out of his pocket to continue tutoring the football players after her connection with UNC was severed. The players that are being kept out of games are cheaters in the worst degree. Also, UNC should just shut down. There's no honesty there.. the degrees are worthless... pretty much every dept. has been cheating for tens of years or since 1796 whichever was first.

On the blue side all of this is just a bad mistake. Anything bad at UNC left with Blake, and MA is not with the team only because he's dogging in practice. The team is good, and the players will return just in time to beat GT. Every person who ever went there is a genius, and the Good Lord cries with every UNC loss.

My guess is the actual truth is obviously somewhere in the middle. I'm basically putting my lot on the idea that the bulk of the players will eventually return. I'm not super confident, but I'm not afraid of the act... I think Davis will return and stay at UNC for a while. If it turns out he doesn't... the powers at UNC are just not handling this the right way. Up to now pretty much everything but the professors have said the right thing. I'm all for the academic integrity, but the tale wagging the dog can kiss my butt.


no doubt

good assessment of the bias. I went to both and have to only disagree about Davis; mainly because I was on State's campus when Coach V left. The situation was remarkably similar, and V left because the school decided that academic integrity was important. My other alma mater is sadly saying that winning is more important. The Chancellor all but said outright on Friday that competing in "big-time football" requires cheating ("is risky business" was his euphemism) and UNC has decided to participate at all costs. Bad message; really bad.

Academic integrity is very important...

so is $30,000,000.00 that's being spent on the stadium. The way I see it is when the higher ups approved that money to be spent for that purpose they made a decision. That decision wasn't made a month or 2 weeks ago. It's too late to turn back on that now.

In the end UNC will be ok. They do have a lot to offer most anybody. High school students will still want to go there. Whether or not professors want to be there depends on something that's in the control of the state legislature. Integrity is very hard to attain, and easy to lose. It will not be regained in the course of this player investigation. It will take years of clean programs, and no rampant student problems. Maybe I'm simple minded, but after all UNC is a place for the people of North Carolina, and shouldn't aspire to be something that the people are not.

Additional Note Regarding Draughn

Just wanted to note to Draughn:

We know what you did last summer.

Eventually, Giglio or some other curious reporter is going to stumble onto it as well.


But you go ahead and suit up and play the rest of the games this year.   That will definitely work out well for UNC in the not-too-distant future.




Please enlighten us, what

Please enlighten us, what did he do?    Did he do the same thing as the State College players did last summer?   If he did, that is pretty bad!   Then again, State College did nothing to its players for being caught with criminal and illegal drugs. 

How many times does someone need to ...

remind you that NCSU suspended those players and dealt with them in an appropriate manner; AND that nothing was done to Sturdivant with the same charges.  Not to mention the State players were tried in Criminal Superior Court and found not guilty by a Judge.  What more do you want?  To revamp the Judicial System to coincide with your immature and repetative ramblings? You don't like it run for Congress and change the laws, until then do some research before you spout off and waste our time.  In the words of Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon!"

about the same amt of times ...

it takes you ABCers to quit way over reacting to the UNC situation. 

i.e. how Butch and the tutor came together.  how the cheating process is shaking out.  anytrhing that has to do with UNC.

cats and dogs my good man.

Apologies to JPD, max, YAR8

Apologies to JPD, max, YAR8 and any other rational Pack fans that I'm forgetting about.  I'd be extremely embarrassed if the people posting on this story represented my university.  Some of this is just comical.


I am way past being embarrassed by what someone else does or says. If you met some of my family members, you would know why.

I also am staying out of this conversation from now on. Whatever happens will happen. Meanwhile, I will comment on game threads, including UNC and including State's, if there happens to be one.

This is where I am at too

I'm just tired of it all. It has become exhausting. Not to mention you simply cannot reply to every stupid post.

I second the comment

I second the comment G-Ville. Lets investigate the academic acumen of State's football players. I would love to see the results of that. My suspicion is that very few of them see the innards of a textbook. That goes for every football program in the ACC and beyond....


I think everyone knows they couldn't field a team if that were to happpen.  A lot of teams COULD NOT field a team if this happened.  I had proposed this in an ealrier post last week. 

I'll move to Aghanistan before ONE SCHOOL, on their own free will, decides to investigate their football/basketballl teams academic situations.

So true.

I might have to just sit it out.

You forgot about me

I'll let it  go - this time.

What a surprise!

UNC declares itself innocent - after investigating itself.

Will wonders never cease?


It seems that the only way an athlete could possibly get into any trouble at UNC would be to continuously and brazenly out himself through public networking sites.  

Otherwise, you will play, and pass!!!   And UNC will - somehow - have an amazing 4 year graduation rate with the nuclear physicist on its football team.


UNC is building the reputation as a diploma factory even as we speak.

UNC is Out of Control

There are no rules at UNC and no leadership.

All current football players now know they do not have to go to class. Recruits are licking their chops to get their slice of the pie with the free trips, agent hook ups and no classes or homework.

What is the result of this mess?

UNC is a disgrace and a national joke as a "university".

A degree from this "school" means nothing.

Clean House

I am not anti-Carolina, or pro anyone else in ACC sports.   The value of winning and the power of the dollar have put Carolina to this shameful point.  Coaches, etc are evaluated and maintain job security by winning year after year.  This pressure is applied by alums, AD's and college Presidents.  It needs to stop now.  The persons responsible for this mess are the Coach, AD, and President.  A clear chain of command is responsible for this mess.  They all need to go.  Do you hear this Board of Trustees?  If they did not know, they should have known.   This has gone on over a year.  If this is not handled by disciplining those that were overseeing this fisaco, the Board of Trustees is signing on that winning is all that is important to succeed as a University.  It is not the's the lack of player supervision by those that are being paid a lot of money to lead and supervise these young athletes.  This is a State University, and we all deserve better than what we are getting.  Even if Carolina wins the remainder of this year's games, they will still be remembered for cheating.  Clear the board quickly and restart the program.  An honest, winless season if far better than a bowl team that cheated.  What kind of example and values are these three University leaders, teaching our young people?  Is this what we want from leadership?

One complicit coach has left

One complicit coach has left (perhaps forced to resign).  The players are under academic and NCAA review.  At least 2 have been cleared and I'm sure more will be and some wont be and will be kicked off the team and/or kicked out of school.  You ARE anti Carolina, as am I.  If you, and most of the posters on here have somehow gathered all the facts before the Chancellor has I wish you'd send them over there to him.  Otherwise, let's just see where this goes without crucifying young men before trial.


No, I am not anti-Carolina, and have cheered them on in a number of games, as I have both State and Duke, and even ECU (yes, I know they are not ACC, but when you take an anti-ACC team positon, that is the other school that gets blamed).  a time or two.   There is no room for cheating on the college level.  If the problem rose to the level of an assistant coach being fired, someone was failing to supervise.  I wish  all the players well in this.  They are young people, and need direction in establishing their values.  They did not get the right direction from those charge with giving it.

If Draughn is truly innocent

If Draughn is truly innocent here, then good for him and good for the Heels.  It does seem a little suspicious though...if Draughn didn't do anything wrong, then why would it take so long to clear him to play?  Especially when the investigation is being done internally.  My guess is that we will never get most of the details about this whole UNC scandal.  I'm also suspicious of these players getting the same treatment that a regular student would get, but again, UNC will never release enough information for anyone to come to a valid conclusion.  Just write me off as a hater if you want, but know that having Draughn on your depth chart strikes absolutely NO fear into me as a State fan.

You could also look at the other side of it

If these guys are all guilty as most of these pathetic Pack fans are insisting (not talking about you, max), then why has it taken so long to declare them ineligible?  Our coaching staff has taken the "guilty until proven innocent" approach.  As we have seen with Carter, Sturdivant and Draughn, some guys have paid the price (or almost paid the price, in Carter and Sturdivant's case) for something they didn't do.  It only makes sense for us to wait for the facts to come out before we jump to any conclusion, whether it be positive or negative.


see Reggie Bush.



Reggie Bush

was an incredibly different situation.  The investigation started after he was gone.  There was no need for an immediate ruling on whether or not he was ineligible because he was no longer playing at USC.

kk omg c u l8r u 9 yearold girl.

Is there a school

Is there a school where athletes get the same treatment as regular students? I agree that we probably won't ever know exactly who did and didn't do anything or what they did or didn't do. But, please don't tell me that you think there is a school anywhere in D1 where athletes get the same treatment as the regular student. The inequity starts with admissions and continues through graduation...or the lack of graduation. I don't know if you went to State and if you did when, but I'm guessing that if you did you needed an SAT considerably higher than 850 and a core GPA higher than 2.5 to get in.

Finally- tacit admission

Thanks for tacitly admitting that UNC is like everybody else, which is at the root of all the so-called unc "hating" and glee over this ncaa "thang".

If i didn't go to Raleigh, i would have gone to Chapel Hill. But they had what i wanted in Raleigh. Little did I know as a 17-y.o....

It wasn't until I was well past my school days that I realized how the Chapel Hill clique has a choke hold on the state power spheres, especially media. Silver foot in their derrieres.

I have several good friends edgecatid in Chapel Hill. I like them - a lot! - because they don't utter a peep of how superior they are. (maybe they didn't take that elective.) In fact they seem amphibious about the whole matter. It never comes up somehow. It's wonderful. We're like sisters. Not surprisingly, few of them give a whit about sports.

Some people are sensitive to self-righteous hypocrisy and elitism.

We're the ones singing "Ding dong, the witch is dead! The wicked witch, the wicked witch...."

Ivy League has the answer

As much as I like rooting for my tribe, I would be totally content to let Pembroke State, Elizabeth City State, Fayetteville State, etc... vie for the top recruits and championships. They don't have to bend admission rules - not much, at least.

The booster clubs in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greenville, Boone, etc... will simply make their outlandish facilities available for these po' siblings of the university system.

Hmm... I think I'm on to something!


Fair statements, but as I understand, UNC had to get buy in from the NCAA for each individual player where there was a question. UNC took the conservative approach in holding out/evaluating all those in question. This is viewed by some as unfair to the players, but protecting the values of the system by others.

Regarding your fear statement, is there anyone who could be on the depth chart that you would fear as a State fan? Just curious.

fear the ram

I have one. Bryn Renner.

First Time????

"this is their chance to show out.. the one time anything negative has been associated with UNC and they have a field day." 
Another clueless Carolina fan straight from Wal-Mart.  You may want to run out to the store and pick up a copy of LT's (which stands for Loser Tarheel) book.  That may open your eyes a little more to the "Carolina Way"  And if you honestly believe this is the first time they have done anything shady, you should probably go back and assume the position and put your head back in the sand.  I think what you really meant to say is that this is the first time they got caught.  And yes, most of the ABCers are enjoying the hell out of it because we had to listen to all you stuck up UNCers spout off about the "Carolina Way" the last 30 years, always knowing UNC would end up paying the price one day and that day has come.  Could even turn out to be the biggest scandal in the History of college sports.  So yes, we will sit back and enjoy while all of you brainwashed Ostriches continue the real "Carolina Way" 


Probably at least half of them will play. Davis is using this as an excuse to complicate game planning for GT, just like he did against LSU. This is all about winning enough games to keep his job. If they win 9 games (and came so close against LSU), all the baby blues will wink and move on. By the end of the year, Santa will have been gone for months, Austin will have mysteriously not played, and they will have won enough for the two scapegoats to be enough of a catch. Based on this weekend, they might even win their division after all. And if that happens, all will be forgiven. The sky will turn blue again, and the Carolina Way will have proven as effective as ever.

Here. Here.

A Mighty fine post if I may say so!

they can't. the morons over

they can't prove he did anythig wrong.. the morons over at Cow Pie University are obsessed with anything UNC. they have nothing better to do.

this is their chance to show out.. the one time anything negative has been associated with UNC and they have a field day.

it's sad really.

Pack fans didn't start this!

(Draughn) that tweeted "Is it bad that I hardly ever know the name of my classes or the professors name??"

"the one time anything negative has been associated with UNC and they have a field day."
The ONE TIME. Your arrogance astounds me. That is what is truly sad!


Same Good Ole Boy stuff....

Both the NCAA and the Honor court have ruled ? or is this just another

UNC cover up !

We the tax payers of NC need an independant investigator called in and NOW !!

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