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Tudor names his picks for All-ACC ballot

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Duke's Nolan Smith, Tudor's pick for player of the Year. CHUCK LIDDY -

Compare to Luke DeCock's All-ACC picks

As a voting member of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association, here's what I turned in today for the postseason ACC awards.

In the way of a quick explanation, I've always put more emphasis than some voters on team success and the player's impact on that success. Hence, a second-team vote for Duke's Seth Curry, who emerged fairly late as one of the most important players in the conference.

I realize that Jordan Williams of Maryland is a solid first-team candidate, and I think he will be a strong contender for player of the year next season if he stays in school. But the Terps went into a late-season slide and finished 7-9 without a very impressive conference win.


First team
Malcolm Delaney, VT
John Henson, UNC
Kyle Singler, Duke
Nolan Smith, Duke
Tyler Zeller, UNC

Second team
Harrison Barnes, UNC
Seth Curry, Duke
Reggie Jackson, BC
Kendall Marshall, UNC
Jordan Williams, Maryland

Third team
Jeff Allen, VT
Iman Shumpert, GT
Chris Singleton, FSU
Tracy Smith, N.C. State
Demontez Stitt, Clemson

PLAYER OF YEAR: Nolan Smith, Duke
COACH OF YEAR: Roy Williams, UNC
ROOKIE OF YEAR: Harrison Barnes, UNC

John Henson, UNC
Derwin Kitchen, FSU
Iman Shumpert, GT
Kyle Singler, Duke
Chris Singleton, FSU

Harrison Barnes, UNC
C.J. Leslie, N.C. State
Kendall Marshall, UNC
Travis McKie, Wake
Terrell Stoglin, Maryland

Photo: UNC's Harrison Barnes, Tudor's pick for Rookie of the Year, drives on Duke's Kyle Singler. ROBERT WILLETT -


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I love it

Kyle Singler averages 17 points per game and 7 rebounds per game but you say he hasnt done anything in the 2nd half?  You read too many headlines. You do know in those games where he "did nothing" that he was scoring 12-20 a game and pulling down 7-12 boards, right? He just didnt shoot well in those games. He was going 6 for 18 BUT he was still putting in 8 pts a game in free throws. Plus, his defense was arguably the best on Duke's team. Duke fans are used to this though. A guy averages close to 20 a game when he was supposed to be putting in 25 a game and he deserves to be thrown to the wolves. Kyle Singler absolutely deserves every accolade that he gets. He does as much for his team as any other top 10 team in the country....Period

If you are indeed the man

If you are indeed the man himself. Welcome ! would love to hear more of your thoughts on the season in general.

After watching Jordon

After watching Jordon Williams play against the Heels this season I find it hard to believe he was left off the selections.

It's nuts

Some players get good stats in ways that aren't necessarily beneficial to their team. Jordan Williams is not one of those players. I don't care what Maryland's record is because it would be much worse without him. He most definitely deserves first team.

good stats-not beneficial

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you CJ Leslie.

More proof

HB finished ahead of Iman Shumpert and Jeff Allen.

Break wind, the cream ALWAYS rises to the top. Your long winded rants and style of writing ... we know you are.


Nobody from State on the All-Defense team?

First draft

Rumor has it that Tudor's first draft had 5 State players on this list; Pylon 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, but then he changed the title to the "most offensive production by opponent team". ;)

I am just as shocked as

I am just as shocked as you.  Must be the media bias.  At least Smith got the pity vote for 3rd team though.


I was thinking the same thing about Tracy on the third team. I like him and I feel bad for him the way this year turned out (especially with the injury), but I don't think he earned this honor.

Leslie on the Freshman team bothers me as well. He probably deserves it, because he probably is one of the top five freshmen in the conference, but I also think he has gotten credit because he occasionally does some eye-popping things.

While were at it, I am not sure Kyle Singler is deserving of a place on the first team. Is it just me or has he been pretty much invisible the second half of conference play? 

Agree on all 3 points

If I was building a roster from the pool of this year's freshmen, I would take Brown before Leslie all day.

Singler was given that first team spot before the season even started.  Definitely didn't earn it.


Brown > CJL, but I don't know how he compares with Freshmen for other teams, except UNC's, of course.

me too

Brown over Leslie. They both need to learn defense. Brown plays great then makes a sloppy, weak pass or loses his man while watching the ball. Leslie just disappears. State's performance as a team made any All ACC selection for an individual suspect. steve'73

State has no players worthy

State has no players worthy of any post-season recognition this year. Brown certainly deserves more credit for his contributions than Leslie, who was supposed to be All-World. The only thing he's All-World in is Laziness.

Perhaps when Sid 'pursues other opportunities' in a few weeks Leslie will, too... I don't think he has the stomach to play for a real coach that will demand 40 minutes of effort on both ends of the court.

Smith never has recovered from his knee injury, to the point that he has absolutely no vertical leap now. He might as well have stood flat footed and shot tonight. I give him credit for trying, but it's obvious he's not nearly the same player he was pre-injury.

totally agree on both points

Really feel bad for Tracy. His knee is just not right and it really has affected him. Not the way any of us wanted to see his senior year turn out.


I understand your point about Maryland not having any real success, but I don't see how you can leave Jordan Williams off of first team.  He is considerably better than Zeller.

Completely agree with POY/COY awards, though.  All four of those seem to be no-brainers.

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