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Tudor: Henson "not an easy decision" for Heels

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Caulton Tudor • staff columist


The go/no go decision on North Carolina’s John Henson will be a double game-time decision, Roy Williams said Thursday.

If the ACC defender of the year can play against Vermont, that’s one issue.

“And then it will be a second decision _ how effective is he in the first part of the game?” Williams said before the Tar Heels’ NCAA Midwest Regional practice session in Greensboro Coliseum.

“There will be a second evaluation as to how he plays in the game, if I do play him.

“There are two scenarios. Say you don’t play him. All right. What are you waiting for? If you get beat, you go home and work on your golf game.

“Now if you play him and he gets his wrist whacked again … that’s going to hurt you down the road. To me, it’s not an easy decision.”

A 6-foot-11 junior, Henson injured his left wrist early in last week’s ACC Tournament at Atlanta against Maryland in the quarterfinals.

Williams held the player out of a win over N.C. State on Saturday and a loss to Florida State in Sunday’s championship game.

Henson participated in Thursday’s morning practice in Chapel Hill but did not take a left-handed shot or attempt any sort of defensive block.

In Greensboro for the mid-afternoon public workout, Henson was aggressive on a couple of jams in what amounted to an unofficial dunking contest near the end of practice.

Based on the way Henson looked in the short public workout, there’s every reason to think he’ll play at least some against No. 16 regional seed Vermont (24-11) at about 4 p.m. Friday.

“Hopefully it keeps on improving and we’ll see what happens tomorrow,” Henson said. "I practiced today about 65 percent of the practice and went through live drills sometimes and hopefully I can just keep it going and keep improving and go from there.”

ACC player of the year, Tar Heel center Tyler Zeller, said the improvement of freshman forward James Michael McAdoo will be a plus during any time Henson will miss.

“It’s been great working with James this week and sort of helping teach him,” Zeller said. “He’s gets better by the day.”

The Heels (29-5) are favored by 17 but Vermont’s 71-59 play-in win over Lamar impressed Zeller and teammate Kendall Marshall.

“They didn’t make any mistakes to speak of,” Marshall said. “I was really impressed that they got through a game like with only five turnovers. That tells me they are disciplined offensively.”



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Easy decision if I were the head coach

Jon sits for Vermont and he plays in the REAL 2nd round on Sunday.


Why take the chance? I might give him a few minutes if the game is out Of hand, just to get his legs under him, but the Heels should not need him for this one.


That's what I would do. Play him some to get the sweat going, but not too much nor too agressive if the game is under control.


What's up with this place ? It's practically on life support.

Good question

It seems like the only things that get anyone's attention are NCAA infractions. Even that seems to be losing steam, given the lack of comments on the UNC penalties this week. (That's a good thing in my mind, and I attribute it to the start of the NCAA tourney.)

Anyway, I got nowhere else to go, so I'm in for the duration. I like the variety. Looking forward to the tourney. Would rather be in Columbus on Friday than at work, but responsibility calls.


Looking like the better team at HT which is what we thought to begin with. I'm surprised more state fans aren't posting considering you are in The Dance.

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