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Torian Graham changes his mind on N.C. State again

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Torian Graham, one of the top basketball recruits in the country, excited N.C. State fans again today when he announced his commitment to play for the Wolfpack next season. Then, within just a few hours, he decided to change his mind again and pull out of his commitment.

This wasn’t the first time Graham, a 6-foot-4 senior guard from Durham, has reopened his recruitment after initially picking N.C. State.

In August, Graham de-committed from the N.C. State after choosing the school in May, a month after new coach Mark Gottfried was hired.

“Nothing bad happened at State,” Graham said back in August, as the News & Observer has not been able to reach him today. “I felt like I made my decision too fast and didn’t give other colleges a chance to recruit me.”

Last night, a YouTube video surfaced of Graham announcing his decision to pick the Wolfpack.

“I’m going to end up at N.C. State,” Graham said in the video. “At heart, that’s where I’ve always wanted to be.”

Graham, the No. 38 prospect in the country by ESPN, also suggested he was going to N.C. State on his Twitter account this morning.

Graham’s addition would have given N.C. State one of the best recruiting classes for next season.

Already, the Wolfpack have three seniors in Rodney Purvis (16), T.J. Warren (23) and Tyler Lewis (69) who are ranked in the top-100 by ESPN.

Other schools on Graham’s list are Arizona, Florida State, Louisville, Texas and Villanova.

Graham averaged 19 points a game last season at Word of God. Before that, he began his high school career at Durham Hillside. This season, Graham is playing at Arlington Country Day School in Jacksonville, Fla.


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Calm down... Let it play out

Try to remember that high school recruits are teenagers and not adults. As a State fan, I'd rather a kid be sure that State is where he wants to be. It's better to decommit than get him on campus and he decides to leave early in the season like Khem Birch did to Pitt.

We've got backcourt help coming in next season already. I'd rather see Amile Jefferson show up anyway. Either way, Coach Gottfried has a terrific haul coming in next year.

Head Case

What really happened - not enough cars or money promised to his posse?  Is he another AAU punk with "handlers"?  Just guessing, but based on who I've met and what I've read over the past 10+ years, it's  really getting to be pathetic how the negatives of college sports (e.g. see the U from the 80's and 90's) have filtered down not just to the high school, but to the jr. high level as well.

Dude seems like a head case.

Dude seems like a head case. Not worth it.

the highest bidder

Any body  seen Charles Robinson on the nc state campus lately ?!


Let's not beat up a kid who decided to enjoy the opportunity to be wined and dined in the recruitment process.  He committed to us early and pulled it back to have a little fun but he's right back where he started and Gottfried has a star-studded class coming to town and don't be surprised if Amille Jefferson decides to join the party too.  Graham recruited Purvis to State.  When Purvis decommitted to Louisville and decided to join the Pack we all knew Graham was coming too.  Just like CJ Leslie reopened his recruitment he knew where he was going but he took advantage of getting treated.  I'm  starting to fall in love with Gottfried real quick quite simply cause he imbraces the challenge of being NC State's coach.  The media always talks about what a crap job it is having to go up against Duke and UNC but Coach G is going for it.  It's time for the Pack fans to  back up our team.. Part of building a program is fan support.  It's not Reynold's but we have to make RBC our new home. Show up wear RED cheer loud and support our team....there is a bright future not far away.

Mostly agree

Totally agree with your comments on the impact Gottfried has had in a very short time with the program. The team is getting better in every respect and I don't expect to see the ups and mostly downs that were experienced with Sid. Their growth looks sustainable and should excite Pack fans everywhere.

Not sure how to take this flip-flop by Graham. I don't think any reasonable fan held his original decommitment against him. It is understood that kid's who commit very early sometimes have second thoughts as they get to Junior year. Fair enough. But to make a new announcement and then change back the same day is weird. I am not sure I would pull the scholarship just yet, but I would sit the kid down and get the story straight from him.

Then again, maybe he took a look at the projected roster published on Pack Pride and had an "Oh s#!t moment. In any event, Go Pack!

There is an explanation

on that seems to indicate that he may not be qualified academically; i.e., may lack a course or credit(s) that may prevent him from being eligible at this time.  If we can attach credence to  this article, this may explain his situation somewhat and if so, he may be able to make himself eligible and decide to re-commit once again at some point.

If so

Then he needs to take care of business. It can still work out. Look at Lorenzo Brown.

Withdraw the scholarship

Withdraw the scholarship offer and forget about him. NCSU is not going to get played by an 18 year old who seems to not have the mental capacity to be able to perform at State academically.

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