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Thorp, Woodson exchange apologies

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Chancellors Holden Thorp of UNC-Chapel Hill and Randy Woodson of N.C. State have exchanged apologies over the verbal sparring that took place in the media between their football coaches.

"Holden and I have a great relationship," Woodson said in a statement e-mailed by N.C. State spokesman Keith Nichols. "We talked this morning, exchanged apologies and we're moving on."

According to UNC spokeswoman Nancy Davis, Thorp called Woodson this morning and left a message. The chancellors spoke later and apologized.

"They had a good conversation," Davis said in an e-mail. "They're good friends, and they respect each other and their institutions."

In a taped interview aired Wednesday on 99.9 The Fan, Withers said recruits need to know that UNC is the flagship school in the state. Withers said there is a difference between the graduation rates of the schools for athletes and football players.

"If you look at the educational environment here, I think you'll see a difference," Withers said.

Wolfpack coach Tom O'Brien reacted angrily after practice this morning, saying N.C. State's graduation rates are improving and criticizing UNC for NCAA violations that resulted in a Committee on Infractions hearing Oct. 28 in Indianapolis. 

"If that’s what people want in their flagship university in North Carolina," O'Brien said, "then so be it."


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You wusspackers do know what means right?

Truth is...

There has been ample documentation of grade inflation at UNC for all students.  Getting a diploma is as easy as ordering a beer.  But apparently for the athletes, it was done for them -- based on evidence brought forward over the last months.

This isn't rivalry chatter -- this is a fact.

Any claim to an impressive graduation rate is pretty hollow based on what has been documented by the NCAA.  And Lawrence Taylor's admissions proves that it has been going on for years and years.  

I am glad that it is tough to graduate from NC State.  I dont know how any athlete does it -- its a tribute to those who do.

You are absolutely

You are absolutely delusional if you think that academic favoritism, and gerryrigging doesn't go on at State in the present and in the past particularly in Football and Basketball. States basketball graduation rates have cronically been in the toilet forever.

And what does Mr. "I'm

And what does Mr. "I'm amphibious's" admission to state all those years ago say about state?

Of course you show your complete arrogance, ignorance and lack of a grasp on reality by stating your "unbiased opinion" that getting a diploma and UNC is as easy as ordering a beer.  And then calling that a fact and not rivalry chatter.  smh

With regard to your assertion

that diplomas are granted at UNC with little work needed.... I would love to see actual evidence of this fact. Perhaps you can just point me in the direction of such. Also, as for the athletes having the work done for them... Is this all athletes at UNC? Again, if so I'd like to see the evidence asserting this. I graduated from UNC, and my wife from NCSU. I took summer courses at NCSU (as it was closer to my family home). Certainly my personal evidence can't paint a broad picture, but I can say there was absolutely no difference in how I was treated by professor(s) at either school. I might add will it was only calculus that I took at NCSU the broad range of science courses required for my degree at UNC were most certainly challenging. I believe it is misinformation such as you stated that spreads the belief that one school is "better" than the other. The fact is both schools serve their purpose. There are few courses of study offered at both schools. They serve two distinct student types.

Again, I'm not calling you a liar, but would love to see evidence to support your assertion of "fact". Thanks in advance.

It's a good thing you thanked him in advance

... Bc he will not be responding to your post.

I wonder if the TRUTH that

I wonder if the TRUTH that TOB brought to the table left a sour taste in Thorpe's mouth.

If pushed to venture a guess.... I believe I'd have to go with, "you're dadgum right it did!"


There is speaking the truth (which Withers did in regard to graduation rates) and there is being a jerk (which Withers acted like with his swipe at the "educational environment" at State). In this case I would say the jerk part outweighs the truth part and an apology was in order. But beyond all that it is apparent that Withers doesn't really want to be the UNC coach on a permanent basis or he'd learn to stop doing and saying stupid things.

The Truth

He spoke the truth. What is stupid about that. I guess the truth does in fact, hurt.

Not Quite

Considering I am a UNC graduate the fact that UNC has a higher graduation rate than State does not hurt. What hurts is Withers' arrogant and misguided assertion that the "educational environment" at UNC is better than at State when we know for a fact that one of the things that got Butch Davis fired was academic misconduct by the football team. That is the truth that really hurts and it should hurt any true UNC fan.


What really hurts and is most embarrassing is Butch got fired bc of something the SCHOOL was responsible for. I don't see any professors down on the field coaching football. Do you ?

I've been to more state football games than most of their fans have :)

g-alligator aka, " RED PUSSY"

U ARE A DOPE,no one braggs about seeing more state ff games , unless he is ignorant! do u ever hear me bragging about duke fb, hell no. get off of this site if u cant do any better than that. go devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thorp is an idiot once again

"It's called rivalry week folks".  If Withers and Obrian want to go at, then please let them do so. Once again "Thorp proves what a moron he really is". 

Thorpedo just guaranteed

Thorpedo just guaranteed that he won't be the chancellor for much longer. You should never have to apologize for stating the truth.

sealed fate

Some people just can not shut their Big Mouth.  What is disturbing is that apparently Withers has not learned anything.  Now, be a good little boy and run back to the chancellor and thank him for apologizing for You.  In all likelyhood You would screw that up too.  This should just about do it for You.  Get copies of that resume ready to send out and good luck.  You may want to get a roll of duct tape before any future press conferences, it works well covering big mouths sometimes.


Some people can't handle the truth.

Truth hurts, huh ?

Truth hurts, huh ?

This Entire Subject Matter is Ridiculous

Withers is not under any consideration for a permanent head football coach position at UNC.  The Chancellor is tired of being "burned" by Withers actions and/or comments.  The first presenting the game ball to Butch Davis and now this situation.  Withers will be gone at the end of the season and UNC will have a new head coach named.  Both NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill are very good institutions and while my heart is with Carolina, I highly respect NC State as well. 

Typical Thorp

Apologize when someone under him speaks the truth.

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