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The Podcast: Nov. 5

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Staff video by Travis Long, Joe Giglio, Caulton Tudor

Topic: The big Duke-Carolina football game and Virginia Tech's trip to ECU.


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Big game

It's pretty cool to see UNC vs Dook football as a game worth talking about. I'm very nervous about tomorrow. Thad Lewis is an excellent QB and has played close games against the Heels more than once. I don't know a whole lot about Dook's D other than the fact that they have a couple play-makers. I think this game will come down to how we respond to our win over VT. Do we build off of it and work to save the season, or do we treat this like any other game against Dook and take them lightly? If we can get the running game going with a few play-action deep balls and minimize turnovers, I predict a Tar Heel victory. If we play really conservative on both sides of the ball and play not to lose, I predict a Dook victory.

I actually agree with Tudor

I actually agree with Tudor on the Duke/UNC game. Duke has been so close to winning this game in recent years and this season seems like it would be the one for them to finally get over the hump. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Duke won this game. UNC had a good win last week, but Duke has been winning consistently over the last few weeks.

Also, the volume on this podcast was plenty high enough. Thanks for adjusting that, and great podcast once again.


Duke hasn't beaten anyone worth a mention.  you could argubly say it about UNC record wise in the ACC, but you'd be wrong. 


no way DUIke beats UNC this weekend.  thats not to say a ball game won't break out b/c it will.  The UNC defense is the best unit on the fieldfollowed by DUIke's offense and then UNC's offense.  last and least is DUIke's defense. 



UNC -30


I don't know

Sure, UNC's win against VT looks very good in the books, but I really think Thad Lewis and Duke's passing game present more of a problem for UNC than Tyrod Taylor's arm.  Is UNC's defensive unit really better than Duke's offensive unit?  Again, I'm not so sure.  This game could easily go either way, but a 30-13 final would really shock me IMHO.  Just think of how close this game has been in recent years, and this year, Duke actually has a formidable team.  Like JP said, this is Duke's superbowl game every year.

 Also, I know most people would not count State and Maryland as good wins, but they beat Virginia too...a team that gave UNC fits earlier this year. 


That's my pick.

Cutcliffe's future

While I would love for Tudor to be right with respect to the game this weekend, it's another thing entirely to side with him on the futures of the Duke and Carolina coaches. Last year (?). he stated that Butch Davis was a short termer. Hasn't happened. Now he states that Cut will get the heck out of Durham. I'll give you more than a few reasons why this won't happen. 1) He just moved into his house in Durham---which took quite some time to build---his family has been wanting to settle for quite awhile 2) He loves the Triangle, often comparing it to Nashville 3) His health. He suffered a setback with his heart a few years ago, and he's near the best hospital facility in the Triangle (and UNC isn't too shabby either in that regard). He's not going to move to a program with $$$$ and unrealistic expectations (read: my alma mater UVA) to sacrifice his health or his family's desire to root themselves here.

Caulton, it ain't happenin' son!!! Go get some unnamed sources and get back with us.

Carolina's to win or lose

If the Tar Heels are into it mentality and don't make unforced turnovers, they'll win. Duke will certainly be into it mentally and they are well coached. They'll want this one badly. Carolina has had over a week to prepare, they're playing at home and they generally have better players. I'm guessing Carolina 27-21.

We'll see...

I don't think UNC is ripe for a letdown. I think they see the VT win as a chance to change course and turn this into an outstanding season. They're looking at this game as step 1 in a 4 step process. The game plan is ball control and good defense. If UNC can hold the ball like they did vs. VT, Duke will not have it's strongest suit on the field. That equals Tar Heel victory. In any event a good game is in store.

Ball control

Agree with you 98. Toots says Dook has a better coach, QB and schemes. Well if UNC can keep these "better" things on the sidelines, then it won't do them much good. Notice toots made his pick, but I don't recall JPG making one? Certainly his wish is for neither team to win this one.

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