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"Super Jetpack Dragon IV" star of the UNC show

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In an attempt to capture the space-cadet nature of impromptu point guard Stilman White, North Carolina coach Roy Williams told a story from breakfast Saturday morning, when Kendall Marshall tried to figure out who had left some toast on the table.

"He looked at our table, no," Williams said. " Looked at the next table, no.  Looked at the next table, no. Who's toast is this? Toast, toast, anybody's toast? Twenty-one people in there looked at Stilman and Stilman says, Oh, that's my toast."

Williams and the four other North Carolina players on the podium all turned to look at White.

"I was kind of into my iPhone game and I was working on a high score, so I had to wait until I finished that round before I could pick my toast up," White said.

The game? Super Jetpack Dragon IV.

Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock and Tyler Zeller all said they'd never played the game, but John Henson, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a fan.

"I was playing it before I walked in here," Henson said."So Stilman's probably a little better than me, but I'm just getting on it."

Said White: "I'll take credit for finding the game, so pretty sure I'm the best player."

Williams watched the proceedings with bemusement.

"I know more about Kansas than do I Super Jet Pack," he said. "I can guarantee you that."

Williams would later return to the point, bemoaning how little his team enjoyed Friday night's win over Ohio because of the pressure on the Tar Heels to win.

"My wife's an English teacher, she didn't like this, I said, 'You guys remember the story of Casey at the bat, there's no joy in Mudville.' They never heard of that," Williams said. "Hell, I guess it's not on any 'Space Jam' thing on there or anything. Maybe we need to get some poetry on there."


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I did not understand how a game and why toast

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