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Streaks, records and trends for N.C. State's trip to Maryland

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Some N.C. State football numbers/records/streaks to ponder as the Wolfpack gets ready for a trip to Maryland on Saturday:

• 4-8: N.C. State's record vs. Maryland since 2000, including a 1-5 record in College Park.

The 2007 loss (37-0 in Raleigh) to Maryland kept N.C. State out of a bowl game; the 2010 loss (38-31) at Maryland kept N.C. State out of the ACC title game.

N.C. State lost all four games to Maryland during quarterback Philip Rivers' tenure (2000-03).

• 16: Consecutive road losses in the Atlantic Division by N.C. State, including an 0-13 mark under Tom O'Brien.

N.C. State hasn't won a division road game since the first year of division play, a 20-15 win at Florida State on Nov. 5, 2005.

• O'Brien is 19-23 in ACC play: 8-18 against the Atlantic Division and 11-5 against the Coastal.

So far, this season the division trend has been the opposite with a 1-0 mark against the Atlantic (FSU) and 0-1 against the Coastal (Miami).

• Since the start of the 2010 season, N.C. State's 10-1 after a loss and 9-9 after a win (not counting the gap between seasons).

• N.C. State's 3-1 against ranked ACC teams (Wins: FSU '10, Clemson '11, FSU '12; Loss: Georgia Tech '11) and 7-7 against unranked ACC teams (since the start of 2010).

• Coming off of a bye week, O'Brien's 3-2 at N.C. State, with both losses to Florida State (in '08 and '09).

In the "second half" of the season, O'Brien has gone 17-11, compared to 16-19 in the "first half."

Eight of the 16 "first half" wins are against Division I-AA teams, so that's a fairly significant improvement as the season goes on.


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You Must be blind

Otherwise you would've seen something way lower and more pathetic when looking in a mirror.  

How do you know when you are right?

When someone decides to try to cut on you instead of refuting what you said.

Again - you can buy nc state wuffy football tickets on Groupon. Sad and Pathetic it has come to that.

The loudest and best fan base in North Carolina and the ACC can't sell out a stadium against their coaches former team. Embarrassing.


But you can count on the parking lot being full ;-)


Just wear your orange hunting jacket.

I just have to share this!!!

NC State football tickets have gone Groupon, ladies and germs. You have got to be kidding me! That is as low and pathetic as I have ever seen.

Sold out

Well at least they sold out on that deal? Oh wait, at $15 per ticket the scalpers and BC fans have found that just too hard to give up I guess.

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