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Scheyer, Singler make All-ACC team; UNC shut out

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Duke’s Jon Scheyer and Kyle Singler earned first-team All-ACC honors on Monday. But for the first time since the ACC was formed in 1954, North Carolina (16-15, 5-11 ACC) did not have a player named to the first-, second- or third teams

Tar Heels sophomore forward Ed Davis, who broke his left wrist halfway through the conference season, was the closest – he earned 17 points, placing him 18th among the 29 players who got votes from the ACC media. Senior Deon Thompson, the team’s leading scorer, earned six points total.

The league had first- and second-team All-ACC selections from 1954-89 and added a third team beginning in 1990. The closest UNC previously had come to not making the cut was in 2002, when it finished 8-20 and Jason Capel was the last player chosen on the third team. In 2003, freshman Raymond Felton was the second-to-last player chosen on the third team.

UNC and Miami were the only two teams this season not to have a player selected for the All-ACC team.

Locally, Wake's Al-Farouq Aminu, Duke's Nolan Smith, N.C. State's Tracy Smith and Wake's Ish Smith were all second-team selections.

The entire list:

First team:
Greivis Vasquez, Maryland (159)*
Jon Scheyer, Duke (159)*
Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech (159)*
Trevor Booker, Clemson (137)
Kyle Singler, Duke (134)

Second team

Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest (126)
Nolan Smith, Duke (104)
Sylven Landesberg, Virginia (95)
Tracy Smith, N.C. State (82)
Ishmael Smith, Wake Forest (76)

Third team

Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech (73)
Dorenzo Hudson, Virginia Tech (51)
Chris Singleton, Florida State (50)
Joe Trapani, Boston College (38)
Solomon Alabi, Florida State (30)

All-Rookie Team

Derrick Favors, Georgia Tech (52)
Jordan Williams, Maryland (51)
Durand Scott, Miami (44)
C.J. Harris, Wake Forest (41)
Michael Snaer, Florida State (35)

All-Defensive Team

Chris Singleton, Florida State (48)
Solomon Alabi, Florida State (39)
Trevor Booker, Clemson (21)
Lance Thomas, Duke (17)
L.D. Williams, Wake Forest (16)


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are truancy laws in this state. Someone is being a negligent parent. Maybe someone has the flu and is feeling particularly bad...I hope so.

What we've learned...

...Robbi Pickeral is still incapable of writing a piece that doesn't highlight UNC's lack of success, and toddchriss is walking proof that there may actually be someone out there who is dumber than bluecat.

Now that I've had a couple days to blow off some steam, I would like to extend a more genuine congratulations to Duke. We got beat...bad. Your guys came out of the gates like a talented team hungry for payback, and we came out like a dog with its tail between its legs ready to receive a beating. We sucked, miserably. I don't care what the voting shows, but Jon Scheyer is the best player in the conference and is the glue of that Duke basketball team. Because of his success, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler have been able to reach their full potential this season and the team as a whole was able to take advantage of the down year for the conference.

That being said, here are a few things to consider. Scheyer, Zoubek and Thomas are all gone for sure. Smith returns for sure, but to a backcourt in which he may see less playing time due to the potential emergence of Andre Dawkins, Seth Curry and Kyrie Irving. Singler's future is still unknown, although I've heard that the word at Duke is that he is probably leaving. The Plumlees have not illustrated dominance, but they have established themselves as some of the more talented big men that Duke has had as freshmen and sophomores. All things considered, next year we could possibly see:

F Miles Plumlee
F Mason Plumlee
F Kyle Singler
G Nolan Smith
G Kyrie Irving

Bench (the good ones):
G Andre Dawkins
G Seth Curry
(Enter Hairston and/or Thornton?)

That could make for another 13-win ACC season, regardless of who steps up in the ACC.

This season for the Heels was many steps down from what any one is used to seeing. While Larry Drew II is the scapegoat, the issue constantly overlooked is that he is a pass-first point guard surrounded by no go-to scorer and no leader. If he had either of the two around him, that could translate a 2-point loss to GT, a 4-point loss to VT and a 4-point loss to VT all to wins. Oh, how 8-8 sounds so much better. If Ed Davis comes to his senses, you could expect to see:

F Ed Davis
F John Henson
G/F Harrison Barnes
G Will Graves
G Larry Drew II

F Tyler Zeller
G Reggie Bullock
G Dexter Strickland
G Leslie McDonald
G Kendall Marshall
F David Wear
F Travis Wear
G Justin Watts (assuming no transfer)

Drew II and Henson aren't getting any worse, and the return of Ed Davis (just as likely as the return of Singler) could be huge if his head is in the right place. The bottom line is that if healthy, that's not a bad starting 5, and that is a very deep bench (from which I imagine 3 or 4 of those guys will be trimmed). You can say all you want about how our recruits played this year, but Barnes is hyped much more than anyone from that class ever was, and Bullock has been hyped more than any one but Henson (who turned out to be pretty good).

So it's sad that I had to type such a long post for some of you to understand this, but the point is that this team is not in over its head for the future, and you can expect them to be back in the next couple years. Duke's roster ain't looking too bad either, so we could see some good battles similar to those of the late 90s.

Best of luck to all in the tournament.


she is just reporting the truth, with fair balance, u hole fans cant face the truth, all u want to hear is how wonderful the holes are weather they win or not, face it they stink this year, bb evolved  out of crappel hill, james naismith dosent exist, or was he from crappel hill, there is no ucla, ky, duke, or whoever u want to name , it is just carawhina, right--"DUMBER", go duke!!!

I agree

That Duke looks more settled going into next year. Not sure of the starting rotation but that has more to do with my lack of observation of Duke basketball in general for the season. I think the jury is out on Singler's future just like Ed Davis. I think that Duke has a more cohesive unit coming back than Carolina does and should be hovering around the top again in 10' 11'. Frankly I think the Heels have a couple of years ahead of them before they really get it together. There is a bad chemistry on the Hill at the moment that will take some time to reverse. Hopefully some competition from the kids coming in will jack up this team to produce. Time will tell.

Its up to Dukes backcourt to make it happen from here on out. Best of luck to them


Exactly right

We have a lot of potential, but talent doesn't translate to wins if you don't have the chemistry.  The disgrace that was our team on Saturday night was proof of that.

It's no secret that the emergence of Duke's frontcourt is their big question mark for the future.  Point guard play could also face some setbacks with Scheyer leaving, as Nolan Smith has struggled when playing the point by himself and we have yet to see Irving.

For us, I think the major question mark goes toward the 3 ball.  If we had ANY ONE on our team this season who could have established a consistent 3 point shot, that would have done wonders for our offense as a whole.  Notice we never scored 80+ in a conference game.  I think we now know why.  Reggie Bullock is definitely a candidate to fill that hole, and I wouldn't give up on Graves yet, either.  Harrison Barnes should provide good inside-out presence and I don't doubt the guy's determination to win.  Even as a freshman, I could see him developing as a true leader, which fills our second biggest hole.

But that's a whole lot of "if's" which is why I agree with you that it will be 2 years.  For now, we'll just need to be patient and know that Roy (who is apparently a terrible coach because he couldn't repeat) can bring this team together.

We had a lot of great

We had a lot of great shooters last year. When one wasn't hitting others were. We are so far away from that now. Part of it is lack of confidence. We saw how Lawson really picked up his shot in his senior year... yes even Q, who I like to rag on, did the same. Drew 2, and the rest were great shooters in High School.....Graves is a set shooter who doesn't perform well off the dribble. Henson and the Wears actually shoot better off the dribble then he does. Henson has a gorgeous outside shot. We can only hope that next year the maturity will produce some offense. Really amazing to see such a pitiful output. 

There's no doubt

that Graves was the most confident.  Drew II started shooting well early on, as he was shooting 47% from 3-point range about halfway through the season.  If he didn't have so many issues of folding to pressure, I'd love to see how good he could actually be.  If Henson could implement yet another deminsion in his game, then I'm definitely up for that.  Rebounder, shot-blocker, goaltender (that one's for you, Max), passer (as evidenced the past few games), and hustler.  If he wasn't skinny to the point that he looks like a mosquito, I'd say he's more NBA ready than Ed Davis.

You hit the nail right on the head in describing last season.  Many forget how much Wayne struggled the first half of the year.  Enter Danny Green.  He had a phenomenal senior year and really stepped up to prove how valuable he could be.  Lawson shot about 50% from 3-point range and even Hansbrough had a couple clutch 3's.  We couldn't be farther from that right now.

The good thing is that we won't get any worse and the ceiling is still pretty high.  We'll see how everyone responds next year.

don't get me wrong H2O

I was Graves biggest fan all season mainly because he was the only one out there that seemed to give a dang. Spotty shooter at best particularly when defended. Pretty deadly if left open. Most opponents figured that out quickly. His main attribute is actually rebounding. The kid has a talent for it and with his body is able to get in there and grab a few. But I would say he plays with intensity.

Roy's decision to run this year was a poor one. Certainly the dude is more than a one trick pony. This team would have done better to play more of a half court game and learn some offensive rotations, fast break and screens.As for playing Duke man to man on defense that was just asking to get your as kicked. How many times did you see Ginyard trying to fight his way through a screen.  

Yes D2 did have a shot but it disappeared somewhere there about mid season as you say. 

We also could have won a couple of games on the amount of free throws missed. Another big difference in last years team and this years. We won games last year at the line.

I'd make these kids shoot FTs all Summer. 

On another note. All Heels fans should show up for the Spring Blue/White football game on April 10 at 3:00 ..its free and should be a lot of fun. 

Spring game

Should be a lot of fun this year and there's no excuse for fans to miss it.  I'm not exactly sure why we were chosen over VT, but a good turnout would let the team know the fans are behind them and would help very much with recruiting.

tar babies

stop your whining,and quit trying to make yourself feel good about winning at just got biatch smacked, and duke let up on you with 10 , yes 10 minutes to go.i call that a beat down, and yes espn was there to capture it all.way to show up for national t.v.. great job. dont try and tell me about your recruits because they suck, they didint show anything good for next season. you will not be any good for about 4 or 5 years.roy is a great coach,,,,,,,,,,, so what happened this year,why couldnt he win it all again,,,,,,not so great i guess.yeah , won it last year,great, we have also won it too.harrison barnes cant bring you anywhere near the top next  had 5 mac donalds all americans this year,right.   roy is in a heap of trouble.mean while duke is in shape to win at LEAST 2 ncaa championships,the plumlees will dominate acc  next year along with nolan smith and mr. add mr. kyrie irving. time to add some more banners.take your meds ole boy ,it will be al right.

2 Championships?

Duke may be the best team in the ACC this year, but Md could be too. We'll find out this weekend.

Duke's next couple of years could be pretty good too, although they will miss Scheyer. The Plumlee's dominating? Little early for that prediction. Mr. Curry? Still has to prove it at a higher level. Will Singler be back? Don't know yet.

That's an awful lot of If's for one National Championship prediction, let alone two. Sounds to me like someone has already been in the meds. 



the voice of reason. Thank you JDP. I predicted earlier that MD. would advance further than Duke in the NCAA. Of course I also predicted UNC would  beat Duke for fun I might add.

I just feel that MD is more balanced than Duke and is capable of streaky post season runs. Should be interesting to see who prevails this weekend. Duke is going to have to be more aggressive going to the basket and will have to balance their offensive scoring to have a chance. We haven't really seen that balance yet  this season to the extent that it could take them far in the tourney.

As far as Carolina putting anyone on the All ACC team? No one deserves it plain and simple. Nuff said. 




Congratulations on a lopsided victory. 

Most of the posts from Blue Dabbles (yours included) reveal a serious lack of class and zero perspective.  So, after 4 consecutive losses in Durham, you clobbered a less-than mediocre team.  By the numbers, UNC's program over the years is far ahead of the Dookies.  While I hope that the University of New Jersey at Durham represents the conference well in the NCAA tournament, I will be surprised if they do so.  Once the Dabbles travel outside of Hansbrough Indoor, the Dookies are not exactly a dominant team (e.g. Wisconsin, Georgetown, Maryland, etc.)

Glad to see Tracy Smith on

Glad to see Tracy Smith on the second team...he definitely deserved it. I also think that Scott Wood and Richard Howell are all-ACC type players; they just didn't consistently put up the numbers to recieve the votes. State's definitely got some hope for next year. It's been a while since State has been able to retain the key components of their team for the next season...not to mention the recruiting class that's coming in.

Also, I thought Davis might get a 3rd team spot despite his injury, but I guess not. Oh well, these other guys deserved it.

I meant to say that Wood and

I meant to say that Wood and Howell were all-ACC FRESHMEN team type players...sorry about that.


deserves it. Tracy Smith has big upside potential. State is playing ok right now and it wouldn't surprise me to see them get out of the first round this week.

To avoid any confusion

That's Ed Davis I'm talking about, not Josh Davis of course.

man you're hilarious

you guys have a real short memory don't you? I guess you forgot about the 37 point beatdown laid on you last year from a FOOTBALL school...Clemson in case you're as dumb as I think you are. Talk about Roy all you want but the fact remains that K hasn't done squat in the NCAA since Roy has come to UNC. VCU must be tough to beat. Congrats to dook for the win, they certainly had pressure on them to defeat a less than stellar UNC squad this year. Now dook is 1-4 at home home against UNC the last 5 years..exceptional!! Is there any truth that if dook lost they were going to rename Cameron Outhouse Stadium??

r kelly, child lester

i think duke just let you up off the mat since unc tapped out in the first 5 minutes of the about a choke hold.what do you call that thing that unc was doing on sat. night at comeron??????????rolling over from being knocked out.evan all roy gave aint in kansas no more ro one on that team could evan score a bucket, it was great to watch as all the unc fans skwirmed around like a snake with its head cut off.   plus mr ed davis will be going pro because there is nothing there for him to come back to, nothing.that is the worst unc team i have ever scene in my entire life.i feel sorry for you guys,cause physco t aint walking thruogh them doors.ever go crawl under your tobacoo stalk and wait till next (10 ) years.

You ( Toddchriss ) make

Bluecat look like the ROADS scholar he claims to be. You are an absolute idiot. Your rantings remind me of Greedbuster after he has guzzled kersosene. You go and crawl back under your own rock. 

unc-98 aka " the loser"


Nice reporting, Robbie !

You spend 4/5 of the 'article' commenting on what didn't happen for UNC, instead of, say, commending the three unanimous selections for great seasons.

Imagine the write-up if a Tarhole HAD made any of the teams...

Hard to Argue...

...with any of the selections. Congrats to all these guys for balancing their time between athletics & academics, and still excelling on the court. here's to a terrific tournament !!!


quit picking on roy, he has a bad arm, coach k said he was going to try and help ol roy learn how to coach again, since he did such a sorry job this yr., with such a bad team, i bet JOHN WALL is the happiest guy in the world-- he didnt fit ol roys system-- he is on a winning team, ok, go duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a snapshot...

...because we won't be down for long.


is it true that carawhina is thinking about dropping bb altogeather, due to lack of interest? i heard they were going to replace it with CORN-HOLE, something carawhina could excel in, and then u boys can brag about your crybaby CORN-HOLE team, i know they will be the best, go duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss it Deon!

Now UNC has something new to hang a banner for this year.


As bad as this year has been, there are a few bright spots: A great celebration of 100 years of UNC Basketball; Reaching 2000 wins faster than enyone else; all five freshmen have shown some promise; expectations have now been lowered; and Ed Davis and Tyler Zeller making the ACC all-injured first team.


get your facts straight, KENTUCKY  was the first team to reach 2000 wins about 2 mo. ago , ok, go duke!!!! what a loser!!!!

Check your facts

Yes Kentucky was the first to reach 2,000 wins.  But it took them 107 years to do so.  The Heels did it in 100, meaning that they were the "fastest" to do so.




Thanks tarheel for stepping in a correcting/educating bluegnat. My stance is to ignore him and let him wallow around in his ignorance. But your definition was perfect, had anyone else not understood.


most of us have turned the corner and are on board with your philosophy concerning a certain poster. 


The first team

looks real nice but I could win on them with the all-rookie team or second and third team ALL-ACC...!!!!

This should

motivate UNC to play harder and foul more than ever. Can UNC play team ball to win in their final games of 2009-2010 seaon? I notice with the talent available they could easily get hot and play the spoiler and be final 16 cinderella..but it's like a fairy tale going down..(HaHa!!LOL!!) I don't think so..!!!

Davis was a near top five Choice

if he'd stay healthy to complete season with the near double-double avg going down. But I truly understand why UNC didn't have an ALL-ACC for the first time in so many years. It's ok to take a year off after winning it all last year, recruit what you didn't find in the end last year and make it happen 2010-2011. The Devils done what they had to do but I still think they're not going to win the ACC Title in the Tournament nor a NCAA Title..they had a good year....!!!

Roy's Boys

They came...They saw...They didn't conquer or make or do or win....JACK........

Who quit on whom? Stay tuned..........

Have they posted the Coach of the Year votes, it possible to get 0 ?


great comment, ----roy will not get a vote, mamby is correct again, as usual.  momma taught u real well. ok, go duke!!!!!


2nd team selection was well deserved.


I personally would have had him on my first team list.  To put up the numbers that he did after facing double/triple teams night in and night  It'll be fun to watch him next year if Javi, Harrow and Brown can open things up for him also.  I usually forget about him, but Scott Wood could help out as well.


Scott has been the forgotten man over the past couple of weeks due to CJ's emergence from oblivion. Ever since the Fla State game, opponents have made sure they have him covered, plus I think he may have hit the freshmen wall.

There is no doubt in my mind however that he will be a major factor in whatever success the Pack may have next year. 



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