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Roy Williams' memories of his prior game against Kansas

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The last time UNC coach Roy Williams faced his former employer, the Kansas Jayhawks, he called it “one of the worst nights of my career.”

That matchup occurred in the 2008 NCAA Tournament semifinals and when I spoke to him about it more than a year later during the research for Williams’ autobiography Hard Work, he could still recall in detail almost every play from that game.

He said he walked onto the court that night in San Antonio believing his team was going to play great. Before he knew it, the Tar Heels trailed 40-12.

He also admitted that he coached the game feeling so ill that he threw up into a towel and so dizzy that he had to hold onto a chair to keep from falling. At one point he asked his assistant coach Steve Robinson to call a play because he couldn’t.

Though the Tar Heels made a run in the second half, UNC lost 84-66.

“It felt like somebody reached in and grabbed my heart and shook it in front of my face,” Williams told me. “That Kansas game will eat at me for the rest of my career. Playing so poorly was bad enough, but playing so poorly against the team I coached for 15 years made it even worse. I wanted to win that game more than any game I have ever coached… Watching us play felt like a nightmare. I still to this day have not watched a tape of that Kansas game, and I probably never will.”

Think he wants to win this one?


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We are stalwart, and a bit

We are stalwart, and a bit bit....hy. 

There is always hope. Barnes NEEDS to have a huge game to open the inside for our bigs. They have great bigs, but ours are better. Some more deadeye shooting wouldn't hurt either. McAdoo will factor large in this game. We have the horses, just need them to be running on the same ground.

Stillman, I am not worried about. He really held his own. If the turnovers are kept to a manageable number and we play defense like nobodies business, we may prevail.

Go Heels.

Glad we are not depending on you guys going into battle this eve


Well if the team plays like

Well if the team plays like it did last night, get ready for a repeat performance.

No question

I have zero expectations other than a "L" if Butter does not play. If he does play, I give us a decent shot.

a bright spot

One little positive, they only beat State by three.... so maybe another poor performance by them could help us out?

you know they are going to

you know they are going to bring it.....its their home floor.

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