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Raycom scoops ACC

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Update (2 p.m.): Looks like Raycom got the message. They have taken the release down from their web site.

StateFansNation discovered Raycom's press release about their television schedule for the 2008-09 ACC basketball schedule.

That's great, except the ACC hasn't released the schedules yet. Ooops. Raycom's mistake is our gain. We still don't have all the dates — but you can find the ACC-only opponents here —  but this is a start.

Also note, the later start time, 8 p.m., for the "early" weekday games, which used to start at 7 p.m.

Raycom's since removed schedule is after the jump.

Saturday, Jan. 10
Georgia Tech @ Maryland, noon
N.C. State @ Clemson, noon

Wednesday, Jan. 14
Maryland @ Miami, 9
Wake Forest @ Boston College, 9

Saturday, Jan. 17
Georgia Tech @ NC State, noon
Maryland @ Florida State, noon

Tuesday, Jan. 20
N.C. State @ Duke, 8
Virginia @ Maryland, 8

Saturday, Jan. 24
N.C. State @ Boston College, 2

Wednesday, Jan. 28
UNC @ Florida State, 9

Saturday, Jan. 31
Wake Forest @ Georgia Tech, noon or 8
Miami @ Maryland, noon or 2
Virginia Tech @ Boston College, noon or 2

Tuesday, Feb. 3
Maryland @ UNC, 8

Saturday, Feb. 7
Miami @ Duke, 1:30
Virginia @ UNC, 4

Sunday, Feb. 8
N.C. State @ Virginia Tech, 1:30
Boston College @ Wake Forest, 4

Wednesday, Feb. 11
UNC @ Duke, 9

Saturday, Feb. 14
N.C. State @ Georgia Tech, 1:30
Florida State @ Wake Forest, 4
Virginia Tech @ Maryland, 4

Sunday, Feb. 15
Clemson @ Virginia, 1

Wednesday, Feb. 18
N.C. State @ UNC, 8
Virginia Tech @ Virginia, 8

Saturday, Feb. 21
Virginia @ NC State, 1

Sunday, Feb. 22
Clemson @ Georgia Tech, 1

Thursday, Feb. 26
N.C. State @ Wake Forest, 8
Miami @ Virginia, 8

Saturday, Feb. 28
Wake Forest @ Virginia, 2 or 8
Clemson @ Florida State , 2 or 8

Tuesday, March 3
Florida State @ Duke, 8

Saturday, March 7
N.C. State @ Miami, noon
Georgia Tech @ Boston College, noon

Sunday, March 8
Virginia Tech @ Florida State, 2


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wrong date

Raycom listed it as the 10th but Wednesday is the 11th so I've changed it.

I like the 8:00 weekday

I like the 8:00 weekday starts much better than the 7:00. I think you'll see attendance number rise a bit for these weekday games.

UNC v. Duke on the 11th?

The date's wrong

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