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QBs: Time for Pack to move on

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After junior Harrison Beck and sophomore Justin Burke were eliminated from N.C. State's starting quarterback race, fans sent e-mails asking why.

The short answer is that coach Tom O’Brien didn’t go into detail about their shortcomings.

He simply said that N.C. State continues to search for the best player for the job and is moving forward with senior Daniel Evans, redshirt freshman Russell Wilson and freshman Mike Glennon.

That’s as it should be. O’Brien doesn’t owe the public an explanation, especially when anything he says would reflect poorly on Beck and Burke.

One e-mailer was off the mark in suggesting that O’Brien was being unfair by not allowing Beck to participate in Sunday’s scrimmage.

If the coach already had seen enough in practice to determine that Beck and Burke weren’t right for the job, he would be doing a disservice to the team and the two quarterbacks by pretending otherwise.

This is difficult for some fans to believe, but O’Brien needs and wants to win as much as N.C. State fans do. His livelihood – and the livelihood of his staff members – depends on it.

If Beck or Burke gave N.C. State the best chance to win, O’Brien would play them.

Instead, we’ll wait to see whether Evans, Wilson or Glennon can get the job done.

It’s natural to feel sorry for Beck and Burke, who have worked their whole lives in hopes of starting for a program such as N.C. State.

But only one quarterback lines up behind the center on any given play, and the cold reality is that hearts are broken every year at this time when players fall short of their dreams.


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Give them a second chance!

Burke and Beck should be given a second chance for this. Their efforts should not just go to waste.


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Build for Future

We need to balance the needs of this year, AND the future. Maybe Evans would be the best QB for this year(and I think that is a big maybe), but what about the next few years. The knock on Glennon and Wilson is the lack of experience. How is starting Evans going to solve that problem? It doesn't. And I don't think Evans is going to lead us to a bowl game this year as QB. At best, we would be 6-6. I would rather build on the promise of Glennon and/or Wilson than the experience of Evans. If they come along quickly, we will be just as good as we would be if we went with Evans experience.

Russell Wilson

Having watched Russell Wilson compete as an athlete infootball , baseball ,and basketball since he was in the 8th grade, I can assure you that Wolfpack fans are going to in for a treat whenever he gets his chance to get on the field. I am 71 years old and have watched a lot of high school football and he is the most exciting high school player that I personally have watched.


It's nice that we have the option to give our opinions, but just remember that they are just that (OPINIONS). He is the coach, and I believe that he will make the best choice for the team. If your are a wolfpack fan, just support the team!!! If your not a wolfpack fan, go back where you came from! Oh yeah, my OPINION is that it will be Glennon!

Evans is the right choice

Coach O'Brien and Coach Bible are showing how it's done, and are doing the right thing by installing Evans. Fact is, Evans is a senior, and he's a legacy. Whether he's talented doesn't matter. He's been a part of the team for a long time, and he's the most likely to go along with a rotation with the understudy, Sean Glennon. When I watch Evans, I see another Quinton Porter. O'Brien and Bible molded Porter into a solid Practice Squad NFL quarterback. I fully expect to see Evans starting in the N(etherlands)FL next year, and when he takes his team to a .500 record there, he'll be sure to give all credit to the tutelage he received his last two years in Raleigh.

Evans will be the starter, and rightly so

Wilson and Glennon have some talent and it will be honed and developed. But to compare either one of them to Phillip Rivers is ridiculous. Evans is clearly the last man standing because he has proven through thick and thin that he has the tools and the heart to win. There are two situations that have kept Evans from being a legitimate top-tier NCAA D-1 QB: 1) The NCSU coaching shuffle and, 2) A serious shoulder injury (which now is not an issue after successful surgery and rehab). It's expected that a new coach will bring a new scheme for both sides of the ball. To adjust to these differences is difficult, especially for the skilled position players, to say the least. Anyone who has followed Daniel Evans as he made his way onto the filed as the QB starter two years ago should easily recognize the fact that he gives NCSU the best chance to win this year. IF TOB will allow Evans to be THE MAN without having to look over his shoulder every practice and every game, he WILL be successful. If either of the Freshmen QB's start this season it will be a disaster from day one. Let them season and learn to build for the future. To not do so is not fair for them nor for the future of the program. This is a no-brainer for anyone who has any football savvy.


The reason Rivers started that first game as a freshman is because he is all we had!!!!!!!

Just Not Evans, Please

The thing that's got the 'netters concerned is that DANIEL EVANS IS STILL UNDER CONSIDERATION FOR THE STARTING JOB. This is simply amazing! I was at the NCSU-UNC game last year and saw Evans in just a few minutes change a blow-out to a too-close-to-call game. The probability him dispacing two at-least-somewhat-recruited-and-rated QB's is mind boggling. He doesn't have the arms or the feet, but he's third best on the depth chart? I just can't believe Beck and Burke are that bad, but being the blindly loyal 'Packer I am I'm going to trust Coach O'Brien to keep Evans at the third spot, even if Wilson or Glennon are injured.

I'm so sick of the criticism

I'm so sick of the criticism of Daniel Evans. No, he's not Rivers, but we should be thankful that we have him.
1. As a freshman he walked-on, yeah he probably knew that he'd get a scholly, but he had offers to play at other schools (including Wake) that he turned down to play for the Pack.
2. As bad as we've been the last few years, we would have been worse without him. His back-ups never panned out as viable replacements. He's the best quarterback we've had, and we didnt recruit him.
3. He works hard. The kid is small, but he's scrappy. He takes his hits and keeps playing.
4. He's a legacy player that the school can be proud of. He gets good grades and behaves. He leads a team bible study. He's a good example for the team and for the fans.
5. He has the best numbers on the team in this year's practices. Period. If he's O'Brien's choice he should be accepted and supported. If he's not the choice for starter, he should be sincerely thanked.

I'm so sick of the criticism

He did not get an offer from Wake.

Ken, I think you were

Ken, I think you were getting emails from Beck's family

No rear view mirrors

If we are going to the next level, we need to stop looking back. Sympathy comes between sucker and syphilis in the dictionary. I don't know which is worse. All are losers.

Go for it Coach O'Brien. He who hesitates loses.

LOL - Coach O'Brian

This is a guy who at BC started Quintana Porter over Matt Ryan for 2 years, despite an obvious performance gap in games. He also started Quintana Porter over Pistol Paul Peterson, again despite an obvious performance gap.

He chooses his QBs based on handsomeness first and formemost as opposed to talent and wins. O'Brian couldn't spot talent if it punched his ruddy Irish face.

TOB and QB's

Tom O'Brien always played the best qb while at BC. There is no reason to think that he won't do the same at NC State. From Dana Bible's evaluation of prospects at camp to many consecutive bowl victories, nobody has been better at evaluating talent and putting the best player with the best shuttle time on the field.

O'Brien Reticence

Coach O'Brien exudes class in both his actions and his words. It is enough for fans to know that he is evaluating each of his players on a daily basis. Does anyone doubt he will put his best team on the field? But to those fans who thirst for the inside scoop, don't expect to get it from the newspaper. The N&O heralds the news designed for public consumption.

Anybody remember Rivers?

Remember when Chuck'em put in Phillip Rivers as a Freshman and he won the first game of his career with a last second touchdown against Arkansas St.? I bring this up because Rivers was 6'5" at the time, with no college football experience, and went on to be one of the best NC State quarterbacks of all time. Rivers saved Chuckie's job for at least the next four years and then we entered the LAR (Life After Rivers) era that proved Rivers carried the team many times with a stinging defense. We need to do the same now with the Freshman we have...great work O'Brien...just remember that little Danny Evans doesn't need to start the first game by getting the Senior sympathy vote. GO PACK!!!

Coaching by Poll or Tom O'brian?

Fantastic! Coaching by poll! What a novel concept! Next, we can have recruiting by poll, scheduling by poll...and move into other fields, too: heart surgery by get the idea. What idiots...and whatever happened to dignity and respect?

Two QB System

How about a two QB system with Glennon the primary QB and Wilson coming in on short yardage downs. Similar to UF a couple of years ago with Leak and Tebow. I know Wilson is not Tebow, but his speed will make the defense respect the QB sneak. Either way I don't see the purpose of trying to use Evans. He has had his shot, he failed, and that is it. We'll never make a bowl game with Evans at the helm.

keep 'em out of pee-wee too

its precisely these kinds of fans, who as parents, are the ones who end up on TV at the end of the local nightly sports news or worse on national news because they went crazy in the stands cuz little Junior's coach didn't put him in the game or took him out, or whatever. Just let them watch grass grow in real-time.

Harrison Beck

Any truth to the rumor Harrison Beck is transfering to a D2 school? He has to be the most overrated prospect ever!!! Thanks again rivals and superprep.

Husker Fan

Pack QB's

O'Brien knows what he's doing. We should let him make his decison. From the few clips and articles I've seen, I'm pullin' for Glennon. You can't teach 6'6". And from his highlight tapes and his performance on ESPN in the high school QB Challege he seems to have the arm strength and mechanics. But I think we can win with Wilson at QB as well. It's Obrien's call and whatever he decides, I'll support him.

WHO ???

The judgement of a man with 30+ years of college FB experience plus a support staff of 100 years of experience ..... versus a gaggle of anonymous numbnutz w/ modems.

Ahhhh, the Internet is a wondeful invention, ain't it. That these clueless clems feel a sense of ownership in "their team" is understandable ..... that anyone must suffer to endure their opinions is another.


O'Brien's the boss. i want to see that big 6-6 looking over the O-line with a strong arm. we saw what Ryan did at BC with protection. i also like Wilson. he throws a different look at the defense and can take off. i don't care if they are freshmen and will make mistakes. i think they will be a good combo. let's build on these 2 men.

If those num nuts who

If those num nuts who emailed you whining about the other two guys dont understand why they are out of the race, they don't deserve to be fans of anything except pee wee sports.


I agree completely.  Let Coach O'Brien do his thing.  I really believe in what he can do for the program.  Amazing job at BC.

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