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Purvis cleared to start classes, eligibility status still in question

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Updated: 2:30 p.m.

The NCAA has cleared Rodney Purvis to go to class at N.C. State but his eligibility for the upcoming basketball season is still in question.

Purvis confirmed the NCAA's decision on his Twitter account on Tuesday. He will be on scholarship for the academic year, according to coach Mark Gottfried, but there's still a chance he won't be eligible to play during the 2012-13 season.

Tuesday's news was the first break for the McDonald's All-American from Raleigh who had been in academic limbo since Aug. 4, when the NCAA ruled he would not be allowed to travel with the team to Spain because his high school, the Upper Room Christian Academy, is under review.

"Starting classes today is most important to me," Purvis wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday. "The basketball will work itself out."

Classes began at N.C. State last Thursday but Purvis was held out as a precaution. If Purvis had attended classes, prior to being cleared by the NCAA, he would have been considered a "nonqualifier" in NCAA vernacular. The ACC does not allow its members to accept nonqualifiers without an NCAA waiver. As a nonqualifier, Purvis would not be eligible for a scholarship or eligible to compete or practice as a freshman.

Purvis was in the first graduating class from the private Christian school in southeast Raleigh. The NCAA Eligibility Center is still in the process of what it calls an "extended review" of the Upper Room Christian Academy.

That process includes a review of every class Purvis took at the high school. The NCAA posts a list of "approved" classes for each high school on its web site. Upper Room does not have any "approved" classes, according to the NCAA's web site.

Purvis is expected to start at shooting guard for the Wolfpack, which returns four starters from a 24-13, NCAA tournament team.

"We have to wait on the decision," Gottfried said Tuesday. "We're hoping for the best."


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Step 1 complete

Good that Rodney can get to class. That was the first thing that needed to happen and it sounds like all the right steps have been taken protect his eligibility. Props to Rodney for honoring his commitment to the Pack when it would have easy to leave for prep school or anywhere he could play.

Now the NCAA needs to do its job and come to a conclusion, one way or another. My respect for that organization is somewhere between the IRS and the Trial Lawyers Association, so I have no clue what they will end up doing or when. But to rule in a month would not be an unreasonable expectation for an effective organization, which unfortunately the NCAA is not.

Step two

They've got slightly less than two months to complete this. It'll get done one way or the other.

This mess about him getting into school is being blown way out of proportion. You ought to hear the fanaticals on the airwaves ...

I can just imagine the crazies

That's why I don't listen to any sports talk shows or frequent any message boards, except this one of course which rises above the gutter level (every now and then).

What I don't understand

Is why the NCAA gets involved with him starting school on time. Just tell the school he can't practice until "we" have made our ruling on Upper Room. Not sure why they have the authority to tell him he cannot start school on time.

Now that's my stance on it. That is not the stance of the airwaves and the fanaticals.

I don't understand either

Admission to the school and eligibility to participate in varsity sports should be two mutually exclusive things. If the school accepts him, he should be able to attend class. Period. As long as he does not participate in athletic activities until the NCAA clears him, there should be no problem.

It is this kind of nonsensical rule-making that drives me crazy when it comes to the NCAA. Then again, why should they be any different from any other unaccountable bureaucracy?

Carolina fans

Look, i know its hard with what's coming down on you guys right now.  You've got a redbull drinking crazy talking football coach, then the one coach who should be "confident" is tripping over his words and proclaiming he can't keep up with 13-17 kids + walkons (where have we heard that before), your chancellor drives a miata and is a rubik's cube genius, everyone else is getting fired/retired etc., and there's a bunch of MooU'ers standing over your carcass laughing and pointing... WITH (wait for it) ... a more formal review/investigation of the entire athletic/academic enterprise that will be sure to make some sphinchter muscles engage (even if its not as independent as said MooU'ers would like)... so... i know that's tough on you guys.  My only advice... deal with it.

But picking on Rodney Purvis, and what honestly amounts to slandering him whether its on these forums, WRAL or IC (you should hear the stuff they're saying about his mom and him) is pretty low.  I wouldn't go there.  Not because he's off limits, but rather because he's not done anything wrong at all, on the contrary, school is very important to him and its important to his mom.  Saying he failed etc. or miraculously moved up a grade is casting aspersions on him and spreading false rumors.

UNC athletes on the other hand, we have transcripts, we have tweets, we have money exchanging hands, parking tickets getting "taken care of", fraudulent classes admitted to by UNC, as the saying goes about a woman who wears something revealing: "there's not much left to the imagination."

Blah, blah, blah

Can we get you some cheese with that whine, izzy ?!

You are about the last guy who needs to write this post. All you do is bash UNC. Matter of fact, you are one of the leading state posters who post more anti-UNC stuff than pro-ncsu stuff.


Why doyou think Purvis ended up at Upper Room?


He failed eighth grade and had no other choices but to go to (get accepted) an unaccredited private basketball/paper mill school.

Don't be so damn righteous when all you do is sling mud around here. It comes back seven fold.


No, read carefully.  I didn't say he was off-limits totally, I said he SHOULD be off limits on the issue of academics.

But you lost all credibility when you claim he failed 8th grade.  He did not.  To say he failed is a lie or willful ignorance. 

He passes 8th grade
Mom applied for him at Ravenscroft
After failing the Ravenscroft entrance exam, they tested him and found out he had a learning disability
Mom held him back to "gain better fundamental skills".
He repeats 8th grade at his normal school
Then enters high school
(here's the part that i think is confusing UNC "investigators")
He takes courses in the summer to catch back up
He reclassifies to his correct year

You are absolutely delusional

If you believe EVERY word you just posted.

Reminds me of a couple of summers ago where UNC fans were grasping at straws (me being one of them) as to how to make out the MA situation.

Wow! One more ignorant UNC

Wow! One more ignorant UNC fan who opens his mouth and removes all doubt! 

First, you have no clue what you are even talking about, and speaking out of ignorance when denigrating the character of a mother and her son is as low as it gets.  I should thank you for proving the man's point you disagreed with.  But, I won't.  Instead, I will just explain the facts to you.  I would hope that this would shame you just enough to admit your error, but I know you won't do that.  So, here are the facts anyway,

First, Rodney Purvis did not fail his eighth grade class.  However, he performed so poorly that his mother insisted that he repeat the grade.  She was stymied by the public school system in doing that.  So, she then sought to enroll Purvis at Ravenscroft Academy.  It was Ravenscroft who discovered that Purvis has a mild learning disability -- one that makes it hard for him to form and comprehend words.  Ravenscroft would therefore not accept him.

His mother still did not want him to continue in the public school system and simply get passed on.  So, she turned to Upper Room Christian Academy -- a private school that is certified by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  That speaks well to its academic integrity.

Purvis repeated eighth grade, but also did special personal training to overcome his disability, which he did.  In fact, he returned to his senior class because he agreed to take extra courses in summer school.  These courses allowed him to accelerate his education and get back the ground he lost by repeating the eighth grade.  Nothing magical at all, just old fashioned hard work performed by a young man who wanted to graduate "on time."

Purvis also took SAT prepatory classes on his mother's dime.  He scored very well on his SAT's and earned a GPA of 3.2.  Further, with this latest decision, the NCAA has declared Purvis academically eligible.  The NCAA just wants to take more time to review Upper Room's classes before declaring him eligible to play.

What I find refreshing is that Purvis makes it clear that getting enrolled in classes and pursuing a degree of study was his first goal and that he regards basketball as a secondary goal.  What a refreshing attitude from a highly talented basketball player!  He cares more about his academics!

This wholesome view did not just happen.  His mother instilled it in him years ago.  Contrary to your uninformed view, Upper Room is not a basketball gin.  In fact, it was the customary prep schools who wanted Purvis to transfer to them, but because of the work Upper Room had already done with Purvis to turn him into a very good student, his mother rebuked all those transfer overtures and kept him at Upper Room.

Why everyone cannot rejoice in that wonderful attitude and maturity from a young 18 year old is beyond me.  I guess for you the mere fact he's at NC State is more than enough for you to lash out and castigate personal attacks on the young man.  Facts and truth appear to mean little to you.

Like the person whom you responded to already said, what everyone is commenting about at UNC (including a lot of UNC alumni) is based upon documented and proven facts, and not about high school kids starting college, but all questioning the actions of middle aged men and women who have earned degrees and were placed in positions of public trust.

If you cannot see the difference due to your school loyalties, then you are one very sad person indeed, and I feel sorry for you!


Deaf ears, bro.

You can take your sympathy book you just wrote and shove it right up your you know what.

His mommy held him back?! Funny, no one else is reporting this. My guess (actually not much of a guess) is this story about mommy holding her son back is making its rounds over at .... Th most sensitive and insecure group of human beings on the Internet.

I could care less if the kid plays or not. I was merely posting at Izzy; not Purvis. Get a clue, Dickie.

Wrong  Seems like they've got a pretty good track record right now...found the plagiarism and found UN*-CHeat idiotically violating FERPA.

Anyways, your ill-informed "guess" is wrong again.  The story you are denying was reported by this very website:

Reality check, max

Did you ever stop and think that kids are held back by their parents bc they want their kids to gain an advantage athletically? It happens.

I know. I know. Not in this case, though. His mother is altruistic and knew it was for the better good of her son. That's why he ultimately ended up at an unaccredited school in Upper Room.

If anyone cared as much as you guys, TOS's would be digging this mess up, but, alas, no one cares (I mean hates) another school as much as you guys do.

Like I said, my OP was geared at Izzy. Not Purv.

Making it easy for us!

Frankly, I hardly have to say anything to you in reply as your own replies have seen you insult yourself by openly calling yourself closed minded (the deaf ears reference in case you are unable to connect the dots) plus you proffer uninformed conjecture when we simply quote mainstream media sources and hard facts.

As the other reply noted, Upper Room is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  So, again, your own replies are patently foolish.  So, either you are completely deluded, or you are really just trying to show UNC fans and boosters in a negative light.  Either way, you are a sad person.

Ken - I have one question for ya, brother

Did North Carolina State University win the Men's SACS National Title in 1974 and 1983?

Would you please go away. Your ignorance is really starting to annoy me.


Did you ever stop to think before posting wild assumptions that can easily be disproved with a link like the one I provided above?  Obviously not, as you continue to do it...

Upper Room is unaccredited?  Ever heard of SACS?

Don't give me the same old bologna about "only State fans hate so much".  Seems like every single day there is a new thread on UN*-CHeat's scout board that's trying to dig something up on NC State.  Even here in this very thread, many of you guys are posting all sorts of incorrect information trying to bring NC State down.  Only difference is, PackPride actually found some legit stuff.  Also, it's well known and documented that UNC people played a role in both of the last two "scandals" that NC State has dealt with in basketball.


The state college broadcasting network that comes on M-F from 3-7p said Upper Room was unaccredited. Just quoting them. Not to mention the NCAA has said as much ... THAT'S WHY PURV ISN'T RULED ELIGBLE YET.

And I don't really care what his mommy is saying right now. For all we know she is protecting her little boy from the embarrassment of failing the eighth grade. And the high school isn't gonna confirm nor deny anything. She and he are protected.

It's so funny how UNC can be guilty of all of your assertions, but when it comes to anything state they "toe the line" at every corner and turn.

Just one more case of you

Just one more case of you speaking from ignorance.  And no, unfortunately for you, I'm going nowhere except to stay here and refute every foolish thing you write with hard facts.

The NCAA is required to separately accredit every course taught at every high school in America to ensure those course that the high school uses to meet NCAA core educational requirements actually meet NCAA clearance house standards.  Upper Room Christian Academy has never before undergone this NCAA certification process because this is their first graduating class, and Purvis is their first graduate to earn an NCAA sponsored scholarship.

The reason for the delay is that over the summer Upper Room had most of its relatively small administrative staff on unpaid summer leave.  So, Upper Room was slow filling out the required certification application forms for the NCAA.  As Rodney Purvis' school, NC State worked with Upper Room to receive those forms and pass them to the NCAA.

The NCAA did not therefore have sufficient time to review all those forms to make their clearing house certification of Upper Room prior to the trip to Spain.  But, provided you can understand multiple parallel concepts, you should now understand that while Upper Room is already certified by the SACS, they still had to undergo certification by the NCAA. 

The current status, accurately reported by the News & Observer, is that the NCAA is now satisfied that Purvis is academically qualified to accept an athletic scholarship under NCAA clearing house requirements.  However, the NCAA wants more time to certify Upper Room and until that is completed, the NCAA will allow Purvis to practice with the team, but not play in any games.

This is nothing special.  This process is done for all schools that have graduating students apply to play NCAA sponsored sports, and again, Rodney Purvis is the first graduate of Upper Room to do this. 

Now, you can reply with another nonsensical effort, further eroding your credibility here, or you can publicly admit you understand these facts presented to you.  The choice is your's, but frankly you've already done more than enough to show about all you're good for is to caste uninformed aspersions on an 18-year old kid and his mother, who have done nothing except to put academics first, which is of course the stated mission of the NCAA.

Perhaps you thought you could get away with it, but fun time's over here!  There are people here who understand the facts of the situation.  Unfortunately for you, we aren't going anywhere!  Go find another sandbox to play in.  This one has accountability now!


Ken Stallings

Didn't even read your post

It would be a waste of time bc then I'd have to continue to regurgitate an old post of mine. You are delusional.

Funny you haven't replied to my post below that was a direct question for you, but you reply to a post of mine from another poster.

It's about the school not the player

This is not about him.  He's done nothing wrong or questionable.  This is about the school he graduated from.  The NCAA has certain academic course standards that a school must meet in order for a graduate of that school to meet the requirements for the NCAA.  Those requirements must be met in order to participate in any NCAA sanctioned sport at a school.  He was the first and only senior to have graduated from the school, and apparently no one bothered to find out if the courses at the school met the NCAA qualifications.  I don't know who was responsible for making sure the school met the qualifications, but it was not his responsibility.  Unfortunately, he is the one who is suffering, and that's too bad.  If only the NCAA was as concerned about the quality of the college courses.  And, that is not a slap at UNC.  Way too many schools have ridiculous courses.

The Steve Hale All-Stars !

The Steve Hale All-Stars !


Steve Hale would most definitely make my all time UNC team. Jenks, Oklahoma came strong on and off the basketball court.

Purvis vs NCAA

Way to go NCAA, If they reviewed high school grades during Valvanos years . NC STATE would have been playing with All Walk-on team except Terry Gannon.

davedean vs intelligence

If the NCAA reviewed high school grades and/or COLLEGE grades for UNC-CHeat, almost all of their "history" would be vacated.

Very ironic that your school is currently being exposed with "the worst academic fraud case in the history of college sports" (per NBC Sports, CBS, Yahoo, etc.), yet you act like this Purvis situation is some sort of scandal.  Lol, how sad it must be to be a Tar Heel these days...even ECU's athletic department has more integrity.

Davedean... you're just like

Davedean... you're just like all the tarheels out there.  You beat your fists and say "they must be cheating" but in reality all you have is a whisper of some violations that occurred 20+ years ago.  Get over it.

You and your cheating school do NOT want the NCAA to come back to chapel hill and apply the same sort of qualification of courses that is going on at URCA.

If the NCAA held its' member institutions  to the same standard as high schools, your basketball and football programs would cease to exist and you would be forfeiting wins for the last 20 years for using players that were ineligible for taking fraudulent no-show classes.

You had better hope and pray the the NCAA considers the bogus classes at UNC to only be "aberrant" or "irregular".  Once someone deems them "fraudulent" that cracks the door for the NCAA to come back and open a can of whoopass on your dirty cheating school.

If the NCAA ignores the

If the NCAA ignores the academic/athletics fraud at chapel hole, then the whole integrity of  college athletics is in jeapordy.

..and the Tarheels...would

..and the Tarheels...would have had to start the members on the "Tarbabies" team that they had as their JV squad at the!!..

They are looking at Purvis' classes because

He was held back to repeat the 8th grade and then miraculously managed to skip his junior year to become a senior and graduate.

They are holding him out of practice because if he practices and the NCAA finds him ineligible, he will not regain his eligibility to play for an extended period of time, longer than if he doesn't practice and ends up going to a prep school.

NCSU has this problem with one of their other scholarship players that they allowed to practice with the team and was subsequently declared to have a deficient high school transcript.  It cost him two years.....


Why waste so much internet space with lies and ignorant assumptions?  You sir, are a tard.

Spit take

I wasted some precious sweet tea thanks to your hilarious response. Good stuff.

You have it wrong. Purvis

You have it wrong. Purvis did not fail 8th grade. His mother held him back. He had the grades to move on.  Purvis took summer classes in High School to catch up with the rest of his classmates.

You might want to brush up on facts before you bash a kid who has worked hard his whole life, and just wants to go to class.

..which player???...

..which player???...

..think it might be time for

..think it might be time for Purvis to lawyer up and start a civil proceedings against the NCAA....this should never have taken this long...NCSU fans are sure to look upon this in a conspiratorial light....and with some good reason over the years....

No, Purvis doesn't need a

No, Purvis doesn't need a lawyer.  He needs to go to class and work hard to get good grades while the basketball issue is being sorted out... which is what he said that he was going to do.


Since when did you start making sensible and mature posts? Wonders never cease.

So, there still IS an NCAA

I was beginning to wonder if the ncaa had ceased to exist ever since they left State College, PA.


Were Julius Peppers' classes "approved?"  Why is the NCAA looking at high schools?

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