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Pack's Howell out for UNC game

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Team trainer Charlie Rozanski works on N.C. State's Richard Howell after Howell took an elbow to the head during the first half of the Wolfpack's game with Maryland on February 20, 201l. Howell suffered a concussion on the play.ETHAN HYMAN -

Forward Richard Howell will miss N.C. State's game against North Carolina on Wednesday with a concussion.

Howell took an elbow in Sunday's loss at Maryland and suffered a concussion, Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe said on Tuesday. He played only two minutes against the Terps and has not practiced since.

"It's frustrating and it's disappointing for richard. he was starting to play well and fit into his role and really realizing how effective he can be."

Howell averages 6.5 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. His absence means more minutes for forwards DeShawn Painter and Jordan Vandenberg against the Tar Heels.

Lowe said he hopes Howell will be able to return for Saturday's home game against Georgia Tech.


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Did not see the elbow

The officiating of the ACC refs must have really missed this as they take every opportunity to stop play and look at the monitor to see if they can call a fragrant foul.  I missed the elbow and the review.  Did they stop the game for this to be reviewed?

Friendly Fire

I think the elbow was delivered by Deshawn Painter.

That said, I don't recall any comment or update on Howell during the game, even though it was very unusual that he did not return. You would think someone would have sent the sideline reporter to find out. Or maybe I just missed the announcement.

No announcement.  I was

No announcement.  I was waiting all game to hear an update.  It never came....go figure.

Say it ain't so!

It's a HUGE loss. Don't fool yourself


Not having Howell is too bad for Sid. When Yow reviews his body of work for the season, she needs to recognize those games that Smith, CJ and Harrow missed due to injury/illness. It may or may not have made a difference in the W/L column, but none the less, should be recognized. Again, unless she has a definite improvement lined up, she should give Sid more time.


I have come to believe that, after you cut through all the noise surrounding the Pack's season, a rational leader would conclude that Sid should be allowed to continue with this group. Today's players, especially the extremely talented ones, are generally clueless about the fundamentals because they never had to worry about them. Their talent overcame all obstacles. Then they get to college and it's not so easy. 

State's freshman class is a classic example of this principal. When pressured, they revert to what worked for them in the past, instead of staying within the system. They go one-on-one, failing more often than succeeding. Plus, playing defense is not second nature to them, because they were never asked to do so before now. These are major adjustments that take time. State is getting better at it, but work still needs to be done.

So, Debbie Yow has a choice. Have faith in the considerable talent Sid has accumulated and give him at least another year to develop it or risk losing most of this group, starting over from scratch with a new coach. I'd choose the first approach, because the injuries this year (especially to Tracy) have had a significant impact. The second approach only makes sense in a world inhabited by the lunatic fringe and probably leads to State taking Wake's place next year as the worst team in the ACC.

Just another kick in the

Just another kick in the crotch in a woeful season.  However I think Painter can, and will, respond in a positive manner.   We'll be all right......

Howell was missed!

As I watched us constantly getting worked inside by Maryland,( terps had exactly"0" 3 pointers) I beleive we win that game if Richard is down low banging. Get well quick!

Advantage UNC

They had it anyway down low, but this just widens the gap. Unfortunate timing.


JPD, I guess this answers your question about why Howell didn't return against Maryland.  I'd imagine you probably feel better that it wasn't just a terrible decision by Lowe, but unhappy that one of your biggest hustle players is out for Wednesday.


It has been that kind of season for the Pack.

I like Howell and he is going to be missed tomorrow. Hopefully (at least from my perspective), Painter can stay out of foul trouble and give us 10-15 solid minutes. That will allow Tracy to shift over to power forward and limit Leslie to about 30 minutes (instead of the 38 he had against Maryland).

If UNC doesn't follow Maryland's lead and go inside on every possession, Roy should be fired before he gets to the locker room. And anyone who even thinks about taking a three should have his scholly revoked immediately. UNC's bigs should be licking their chops.

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