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Pack trying to handle success

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N.C. State defensive tackles Natanu Mageo and J.R. Sweezy were walking on campus this morning when a fellow student shouted a short congratulations.

"Four and oh," the student yelled.

The Wolfpack (4-0, 1-0 ACC), picked to finish fourth in the ACC Atlantic Division in the conference's preseason poll, is the only undefeated team left in the ACC heading into Saturday's 3:30 p.m. home game with Virginia Tech (2-2, 1-0).

N.C. State also is ranked No. 23 in The Associated Press' top 25 for the first time since 2003. While the players are enjoying the positive vibes after the quick start, they also seem determined to continue the hard work that has led to their early success.

"There's still room for improvement," Mageo said, "and we need to not let the spotlight take away from our approach to the game."

Offensive tackle R.J. Mattes said offensive coordinator Dana Bible is saying, "don't drink the Kool-Aid" to players, trying to keep them from drinking in too much of the excitement surrounding them.

"We're not a bad team," Mattes said, "but we're not as good as people are telling us we are."

Coach Tom O'Brien said players need to understand how they got to 4-0 and continue doing the things they have been doing for the past month. So far he is pleased with the team's maturity.

"They don't get too high and they don't get too low," O'Brien said. "That's what's good about them right now."

O'Brien made some other points this afternoon during his weekly news conference:

- Andy Leffler remains the starting punter after averaging 37.3 yards on three kicks in his first career start last week at Georgia Tech. Virginia Tech is known for blocking kicks with its outstanding special teams under Frank Beamer, but O'Brien said one of Leffler's strengths is releasing his punts quickly.

O'Brien said he doesn't want his players overreacting out of concern over the Hokies' special teams.

"You've got to stay in what you do and play the game," O'Brien said.

- Russell Wilson should be considered a Heisman Trophy candidate, according to O'Brien.

"But he's still got to continue to prove himself," O'Brien said. "The best thing we can do is keep winning, and he can keep completing passes."

Wilson has been named the ACC offensive back of the week in each of the last two weeks and passed for a career-high 368 yards at Georgia Tech.

- Virginia Tech is by far the most talented team N.C. State will have faced yet this season, O'Brien said.

He speculated that a heartbreaking, narrow loss to Boise State in the season opener and a five-day turnaround afterward might have hurt the Hokies in their shocking loss to James Madison on Sept. 11.

"They're about five plays from being a top-five team in the country," O'Brien said. "Maybe one loss cost them two, but they're still a very good football team."



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I think we should start

I think we should start adding some negativity to this string just to balance things out. All this optimism is starting to creep me out and make me worried. 

The Pack's secondary will fall asleep and get burned by Tyrod for infrequent but deadly TD Strikes. 

Josh Czekcnvbeksiki will miss three field goals that could have won the game

RW will come down with the flu and miss the game.

Nate Irving will be absconded by an "agent" and forced to eat very expensive sushi in California that will cause him to become ineligible forever.

UHH.....the new mascot will go berserk during the game and attack TOB sending him to the hospital at the half causing him to miss the rest of the game. 

The tropical storm will arrive at kickoff and hover over the Carter Finely for 3 & 1/2 hours and dump 25 inches of rain....

OK ....Go Pack

YOu forgot one

Butch Davis decides he doesn't need TJ Yates because UNC is up by 80 at halftime over ECU, so he lends Yates to State. TJ starts the second half, leads the Pack to within 2, but throws an interception at the VT 2 yard line to seal the victory for the Hokies.


And Yates is suspended for the rest of the season because an agent drove him to Carter-Finley.

LOL.....There are AGENTS

LOL.....There are AGENTS everywhere.... ... TJ was PAID to throw that interception at the 2 yd line by Mr Vick.....




Okay, back on topic, State should have no problem handling this success so far. Now the talk (radio, et. al.) of a National Championship and RW for the Heisman winner, is a horse of a different color.

Fans vs. Teams

It seems like State's players have taken TOB's advice to heart and are avoiding getting caught up in the public hype surrounding the program's early season success. That has been a consistent theme in all of the press conference comments I have heard so far.

The dynamics are interesting to follow. The overload of radio, tv and internet sources results in a 24/7 bombardment of analysis, prognostication and downright goofiness. A lot like national politics and the thousand or so talking heads that follow it. Best thing for any team to do is ignore the hype and focus on the next game and next opponent. Block, tackle, take care of business, week after week. Nothing good comes from starting to feel too good about yourself. That's when you get humbled. 

My other favorite team, YSU, is following a similar path. 3-1 (only loss to Penn State, a given) and into the FCS Top 25 for the first time this week. The comments coming from the Penguin's coaching staff and players is the same as we are hearing from TOB and his troops. I am encouraged by it and can see continued success on both fronts.  


Were this the Chuck Amato years (and yes I do appreciate what he did for State: pushing for stadium upgrades) I would certainly worry about the team getting a case of false confidence, but I think with Russell Wilson and Nate Irving to keep the offense and defense calm and TOB (Mr Sunshine) directing the entire group, NC State should be 'all business, all the time'. 

Virginia Tech will certainly be a tough test for the Wolfpack. Gonna be an interesting game on Saturday. 


You are saying the right things

But what evidence do you have that says RW and NI are going to keep these guys grounded? Especially NI.


None, other than the statements of the players during the press conferences. There is nothing in their tone to indicate they are just blowing smoke. Besides, it is a lot easier to be humble when it matches up with reality.

Reality is that State has played very well and been dominant at times, but has also been challenged in every game but the first. Even that first game, they got a rude awakening on the first drive. So, if heads get too big, the coaching staff has plenty of examples of bad things that can happen.

Regarding Irving, after what he has come back from, I don't see him allowing anyone on that defense to give less than full effort. The kid's on a mission and he definitely has the attention of his teammates. The Pack may (and probably will) get beat this year, but it won't be because of a letdown. It will be because someone happened to be better than them on that particular day.

Irving is definitely the

Irving is definitely the backbone of this Tenuta style defense. He most certainly is the quarterback and the leader. I hope he can continue to stay injury free. Senior leadership on this defense and offense is critical.

Spot usual

I think the demeaner and comments made by a lot of the players speaks volumes.  Don't expect a UNC fan to know what humility looks like though.  Anyone remember MA's comments in the lockerroom after the ECU game last year?

NO What was it?

Max, I know you like to paint with a broad brush regarding your opinions about Carolina fans but really its getting a bit tiresome. Your hatred of all things UNC colors anything objective you might say. Personally your comments seem pretty benign to me and I prefer our football conversations more but what war are you trying to win? 

pack will beat tech, asserts its place at top of acc


A little early

Woha, alphanumeric boy. State is playing well and they are at the corner, but beating two Techs does not yet crown them as ACC Champs.

Out there

My son was accepted to both UNC-CHeats and NCSU...He's now a senior at NCSU. He decided that UNC-CHeats was way too diverse in sexuality....I think you know what I mean.


Everyone that goes to State is an engineering student who turned down Chapel Hill.  And everyone in Chapel Hill is gay.  That's common knowledge, isn't it?

By the way, how's your tennis team doing?

Hey now

Don't hate just because they know how to slap some balls around!

Do You? . He obviously

Do You? . He obviously inherited his mother's brains

Viper Your comment about Mr.


Your comment about Mr. Hogan is incredibly insensitive.This fellow is hanging on for dear life and happens to be one heck of a guy. Just more gutless and spewing opinion from anonymous a..sholes who haven't a brain in their head.

I am disgusted. Talk about arrogant

I was not aware of how

I was not aware of how serious Mr. Hogan was injured....just scanned the headline.  I used to use my real name until many of the GUTLESS folks started calling and Mooing into the phone at all hours of the night....with their caller ID disconnected.

I have edited my original post...

I hope you are equally disgusted about the "situation" at UNC.  Most of my UNC friends who have been long time RC members and season ticket holders have already notified the RC to cancel their next year pledges if a certain coach is still there.

Even some of your Blue Supporters on the IC board are asking is there is any "adult" supervision in the UNC FB program.

Yet some say that it is only the NCAA trying to "GET" UNC, that the NCAA investigator has it in for Coach Davis, that ALL the schools do it....and the fact that UNC was so clean, the NCAA wants to make an "example" of them, that the NCAA needs to investigate (fill in the blank).

That is the type of arrogance that we NCSU fans have had our fill of.

I Thank you for the courage

I Thank you for the courage to respond and editing your post.It was the right thing to do. 

It is assumed that all UNC fans are in a defensive position and not accepting that something very bad has happened to our football program. If you have read many of our posts you would know that this is not so. Of course we are appalled that this has happened. I have no problems with punishing the perpetrators. The integrity of the university comes first. I too know a lot of influential RC folks and the support runs the gambit.  I also know some of the administrators involved and know them to be folks of immense integrity and I have faith that they will make the appropriate decisions when the time comes. There are knee jerk , blind and rabid fans of all colors and persuasions. The sanctimony of many of the ABC posters ( and some of the UNC posters) on this site is barely worth responding too. All I know is what goes around comes around and I could go on with all the platitudes we are all familiar with. I would just ask that all of us be mindful of what we say and how we say it. I am just as guilty of falling into the same trap as others.


as usual 098

We are in agreement.

It is not unusual for posters to go off topic here, but that one was beyond left field. I get the fact that passions run high with longtime rivalries, but most of us stop short when talking about someone who is injured or sick. There must be some limits after all.

Thank you JPD. You are truly

Thank you JPD.

You are truly a gentleman. I have met Rob Hogan and he is a very fine individual. He and his family should be in all of our prayers. 

I have to agree.

I have to agree.


  1. I hope the players mean what they say about working to get better. The season is off to a great start, but the success will only continue if they stay humble, focused and continue to work. I am confident they will.
  2. State's kicking game (punting and field goals) scares me. If the Pack has an Achilles heal, this is it. I am not concerned about the return teams or kickoffs. The coverage on kickoffs has been quite good and the pressure on the opposing team's punter has been terrific.
  3. If the Pack gets to the ACC Championship game, RW will be a legit Heisman Trophy candidate, because that means he has had a career year. I am not sure they even have to win it. But if they don't win their division, forget about it. Tough competition out there.
  4. Is it possible that anyone is underrating Va Tech? I hope not. Otherwise, next Saturday will be a severe let-down for Pack faithful. State needs to come to play, period. Paste that comment on every one of the remaining games on the schedule. 



Who cares how great your university is in the world, if you can't get a job when you graduate.  

Sept. 17: Weekly News Roundup: Recruiters rank NC State among the Top 25 schools who produce the best graduates



nice one.  UNC-CH has been pwnt

UNC Ram Keeper FAILS Tractor Safety Test

Most of the posts here, especially the first one related to Football.  I had not read how serious that the Ram Keeper was injured and I certainly do not wish him any harm.  Therefore, I have removed it and apologize to all who were offended.  What I do wish is that folks would just stick to the subject and quit thowing darts.  I will stick with the rest....

The pack is now #23 in the polls and has a great season ahead of us....but the first post is from a UNC person does NOT relate to that topic.

Perhaps this person has been on vacation and has not looked at the UNC FB record or read the headlines....or maybe they have and their "Carolina Way" Arrogance Quotient is so far off scale that they can not comprehend the fact that NCSU's team is doing well and their's is NOT.

GO PACK....and I am NOT an ABC'er, but it folks like GoHeels1994 that make me fully realize why we suggest that UNC go directly to Purgatory without passing GO and collecting $200 in our fight song....


Congratulations, Goheels1984.  We're all proud of you!

Funny headline..... Cow

Funny headline..... Cow college trying to handle success.   They haven't had much of it since ole Philly Riverhead left Rawlee....

So... for the ABC fans, here is some good info for you about UNC.    Just thought you should know....

By the way, UNC is now in the top 30 Universities in the WORLD.    Just thought the ABCers should know that.  



UNC Ranks 30th in the World's Top Universities
09/25/10 02:16PM


By Debbie Vu

Times Higher Education ranks UNC 30th in the list of the world’s top universities for the 2010-2011 school year.

UNC is among the 200 universities that were chosen. It’s the seventh year the organization has published the list. With its new rankings data provider, Thomson Reuters, Times Higher Education has revamped its ranking system.

The rankings are based on 13 separate indicators, which are grouped together under five categories; teaching, research, citations, industry income, and international mix.

UNC received high marks for citations, which the organization defines as research influence. Times Higher Education says UNC is one of the world’s leading public research universities.

To view the full list of the world’s top universities, follow the link


only an idiot would brag about being ranked no. 30 , but what do u expect out of a 1CARAWHINNA grad, pathetic, go duke-champs.

big deal...

NC State has more in-state applicants, more in-state students, more international students, employs more residents, and has a research campus (Centennial Campus) that is head and shoulders above anything in Chapel Hill.

Plus our radio station kicks your ass.

Plus your football team is a bunch of cheaters.

Plus your girls are easy.

Plus your guys are all complete tools and offer no competition for your girls.


why dont u say whats on your mind!  very well put, espically coming from a cow college grad. go duke-champs

Don't get me wrong

I'm not defending any trolls, but your post falls among some of the dumbest I've ever read.

but he's right!

Haha! It may sound dumb to you, but it's all true. UNC guys make out-of-towners look appealing by mere comparison. 



So that's why when State guys go to bars at Carolina they all huddle in the corner as though it's a middle school dance?  A Wolfpacker spitting game in Chapel Hill has about as good of a chance at getting lucky as Joe Namath did with Suzy Kolber.


Well I can't answer that question because it doesn't fit my experiences. I don't typically go to bars at Carolina with big groups of State guys, and I've never seen a big group of State guys at a Chapel Hill bar; so I guess I have to take your word regarding their behavior. That still doesn't prove me wrong about your women being very "receptive," shall we say.

All I know is that I have had consistent success with the UNC women. (Several times while wearing a State shirt.)  I don't fancy myself the best game-spitter in the world; so I can only assume that my efforts are compelling by comparison to those of the townies your women are used to. I may be wrong here. Maybe they're just "receptive" to anyone with an ounce of charm. Either way, my point still stands.

This is a dumb exchange GOOOO PAAAAAACCKKKKK


Well I can't answer that question because it doesn't fit my experiences. I don't typically go to bars at Carolina with big groups of State guys, and I've never seen a big group of State guys at a Chapel Hill bar; so I guess I have to take your word regarding their behavior. That still doesn't prove me wrong about your women being very "receptive," shall we say.

All I know is that I have had consistent success with the UNC women. (Several times while wearing a State shirt.)  I don't fancy myself the best game-spitter in the world; so I can only assume that my efforts are compelling by comparison to those of the townies your women are used to. I may be wrong here. Maybe they're just "receptive" to anyone with an ounce of charm. Either way, my point still stands.

This is a dumb exchange GOOOO PAAAAAACCKKKKK

"Hey Suzy...'re lookin' pretty good tonight. How's about a kiss?" I think about that golden MNF moment every time I see ol' Joe Willie Namath.

As for the State guys not having a chance in Chapel Hill: Au contrare. Me and my NC State friends always did pretty good any time we were on the prowl in Chapel Hill. The ladies of UNC were quite receptive to our requests. ;-)


ditto, for dukies, crappel- hill is where it is


sounds like you guys should get some chem and law students in pads then

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