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Pack basketball recruit headed to Oak Hill

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N.C. State basketball recruit Tyler Lewis is taking a step up in competition. Lewis, one of the top point guard prospects in the country, will finish his prep career at Oak Hill Academy.

Lewis, who will be a high school senior, averaged 27.2 points and 7.4 assists last season for Forsyth Country Day in Lewisville.

Lewis, who started as an eighth-grader at Forsyth Country Day, dominated the private school league and leaves as the school's career leading scorer with 1,927 points.

He joins the perennial prep power in Mouth of Wilson, Va. which produced ACC guards Nolan Smith (Duke), Ty Lawson (UNC), Steve Blake (Maryland) among its litany of stars in the past 25 years.

"You want to play against the best competition," Lewis said. "I think it's the best thing for me to get ready for N.C. State."

ESPN's Dave Telep rates Lewis, a 5-11 point guard, as the 73rd-best prospect in the class of 2012. He joins top prospects Jarnell Stokes (ranked No. 18 by ESPN), D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera (32) and A.J. Hammons (63) in the Oak Hill lineup.

Lewis, who committed to State last October, was one of the best players at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in Raleigh in May and has seen his stock rise on the recruiting circuit with a strong spring and summer.

"He will go down as arguably the greatest basketball player in [school] history and his efforts on the court will be hard to duplicate," Forsyth coach Craig Dawson said.


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lewis oak hill



We get an article about a high schooler changing high schools who has signed no LOI with an ACC school, but we don't get anything on Lez McDonald and his ACL injury which pretty much wrecks his entire up and coming season. Not even an article talking about how these college kids might never be allowed to play in the Pro-Am anymore bc of this.

What are they going to do? 

What are they going to do?  Wrap the players in bubble wrap when their season ends and unwrap them when it's time for the next season's practice?

McDonald wasn't touched by anyone when he injured his knee.  He could just as easily done it running sprints at the Dean Dome or climbing the stairs at his house. 


But, sigh, he did not. He hurt it in an unsanctioned pro am game.

Whatever sanctioning is

Whatever sanctioning is required for summer leagues, the NCProAm has it.

If you want to see UNC guys putting themselves at unnecessary risk, go watch the video of the team scrimmaging students outside on campus courts in Chapel Hill.  That's where there more likely to come across some dude trying to be a hero.


That article is still posted in the "regular" online sports section, and there's some new fluff piece about Henson improving his offense. 

Complain much?


I said I was going to make a point of going to the sports page.

Just can't do it. To take one of your words, "silly" me for thinking Lez would get his own blog seeing how he actually plays for an ACC school.

This blog (we're unfortunately posting in) has no baring (msp?) on the ACC at this moment. It belongs in the Prep News blog or whatever it is called.

i wonder

If its because all of the tarheel fans have not renewed their N&O subscriptions and NCSU fans post on this site probably 2:1.  It's simple business for a newspaper to know who reads their website.  Actually I don't know why the N&O doesn't go more fully into recruiting news, its huge for triangle schools and they'd have an advantage over the recruiting services which charge for access and often have school biases, understandably, attached to their coverage.

I feel terrible for Leslie McDonald though, hate when players get hurt, especially rivals (even if in our own minds).


PackPride/InsideCarolina-style recruiting info isn't really conducive to a spot in a daily newspaper that is trying to cover the entire world of sports.  Too much information.

Those two sites both have full staffs to cover their respective schools, and I doubt the N&O could afford to have someone do all of that work for just ACCNow ad revenue.

I would agree with you

But they do cover recruiting, I just think they could do a much better job.


ACCNow doesn't miss hardly any recruiting updates when it comes to wuffie baskets and football. UNC on the other hand is skipped over a lot.


"doesn't miss hardly any..."  wow.  I can only read and understand that because I grew up in a small NC town.

But that's just not true.  BS as dan said.

Ive seen recruits for UNC get mentioned the day they sign and NCSU recruits may never get mentioned.

But that's not the point either.  The point is that N&O is so reactionary.  They have a top-50 list or something like that, but they don't really dig for recruiting stories and where guys are leaning, and the cool thing is that as a non-school-affiliated entity, they'd be able to ask some good questions and may get better answers.  When IC or Wolfpacker or PackPride talks to a recruit he'll usually tell them what they want to hear, he knows whose talking to him.  I think you get the idea, that's all I'm suggesting.

That is BS.

That is BS.

Bs ?

Sry. It's not BS.


I don't know, but what really surprises me is that Gottfried's presser, covered heavily in the sports section, was not included in ACCNow.





Front page of the Sports section and an editorial by Toots. Plus keeping it out of ACCNow, limits the expoure/attacks on MG. BTW, he seems to be a solid guy, but I am not buying the age advantage until he starts putting up W's. Both Herb and Sid were of the younger generation and we see how that worked out. I really hated to see both of those guys go.


He certainly seems to be off to a good start. He has kept much of last year's core group intact, brought in a couple of guys (especially an experienced point guard) to address some short term needs and had some early recruiting success. He has also emphasized the need for discipline that was lacking under Sid's regime, which helps explain why all that apparent talent rarely translated into results on the court.   

Of course, this is nothing but talk at this time. As Gottfried admitted several times, you don't know until you take the floor. He seems to be taking a realistic approach and understands the amount of work it will take to turn things around. My hope is that the players are as frustrated as the typical Pack fan is and take this opportunity to start fresh and buy into the disciplined approach, work ethic and team concept that Gottfried is preaching. If they do, the Pack could surprise a few people this year.

Talent level

Agree that he seems to be off to a good start. And certainly will surprise a few people this year (hey, Sid's team beat dook two years ago). But in order to move up the ACC ladder and win on a consistent basis, he will need to bring in the high quality players that will stay for 2 or 3 years.

The song he is singing, "don't expect anything early" is perhaps the right one. If he remains the wolfpack coach into his mid fiftys, then he will have been successful.


We are going to find out whether the current roster has talent or if it was overhyped.

Based on some of the comments that have been made by Gottfried and some of players, it seems like Sid did absolutely nothing to provide direction or promote discipline. Lo Brown's comments in today's N&O article are just the most recent example. It is no wonder these guys underachieved.

You are right about finding guys who will stay 2-3 years. Gottfried was able to keep most of the current roster in place, and Wood, Brown, Howell, and Painter will be around for two more years, so the team is in better shape than it was when Herb left. If Gottfried can continue his early recruiting success, there is reason to be optimistic.

I agree. If Sid was the

I agree.

If Sid was the problem, then I think this team will finish in the top half of the ACC and challenge for an NCAA berth.

If the problem was over-hyped talent (which would still be Sid's fault), then the team will struggle at the bottom of the league again.

I was a big fan of Sid's, but I think the team was better than he made it look.

this year's results

Probably a good assessment, but honestly, I don't know what recruits (or how good they are) are coming in this year. But that will have some bearing on the teams success this year. If it was the exact same team, then a true comparison could be made. In addition, just from a maturity standpoint, I would expect some improvement from the existing players regardless of the coach.

I too, was a huge fan of Sid and really hated to see him go.

I agree that the new guys

I agree that the new guys will matter, but if Lorenzo Brown, CJ Leslie, Painter, etc. are big parts of a good NCSU team, it will make Gottfried look really good and make it seem like all the rumors of Lowe being too easy on the players are true.

Tyler Lewis

Could be a very good player.  Definitely gotta keep an eye on him.

Maybe A Big Deal, Maybe Not

but very interesting.  If he continues to perform at the same high level at Oak Hill, there will be all the more anticipation at State.  If not, he will at least have had a taste of competition with top-level talent and can build on that for a better career.

P.S.  My instinct tells me this kid is good, wherever he plays next year, but I am glad he is stepping up already to play against ACC-level talent - look out, you two blue colors (sheep and debbils).

big deal

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