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One rough night for Duke's Singler

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Duke senior forward Kyle Singler is a quiet guy to begin with.

On the rare night when he doesn’t perform well, he looks as if he dreads the questions that he knows are coming.

“Just couldn’t get going,” he explained Wednesday night after tying a career low with two points in the No. 5-ranked Blue Devils’ 56-41 win at Virginia.

He said it so quietly that a reporter who wasn’t sure he heard it asked Singler to repeat himself.

The big question surrounding a Duke team that has won five in a row is whether Singler is in a slump. He had an awful night against the Cavaliers, with five turnovers, four fouls and a 1-for-5 effort from the field.

He also was held to 10 points on 3-for-17 from the field in a win over North Carolina a week earlier. Through 22 games, Singler was averaging 18.1 points.

Over the last four games, he has averaged 10 points. When that statistic was relayed to Mike Krzyzewski, the coach downplayed it, saying a performance like Singler had against the Cavaliers would bring anybody’s average down.

Krzyzewski said Singler was doing other things well before Wednesday.

“He wasn’t scoring well, but he was playing great defense the other three games,” Krzyzewski said. “Tonight, the foul trouble, it looked like he got frustrated. And then he got that fourth foul – anyway, strange night. I’m not saying he didn’t foul. It was just a strange night. Thank goodness we won on a night we had a strange night.”

Krzyzewski acknowledged that the Virginia game was a poor all-around night for Singler, but said it didn’t mean he wasn’t ready to play. Krzyzewski said he was OK with Singler and joked that the senior was trying to give his teammates an opportunity to step forward.

“Who knows?” Krzyzewski said. “He may be doing things in a strange way in trying to develop our team as one of the co-captains and trying to put his team in a position to help us. And it will be interesting if he’s doing that. I’ll talk to him. He doesn’t have to do that. I’ll think of ways while he’s playing really well.”

The numbers show that it’s probably too soon to say Singler is in some kind of a slump. At Miami on Sunday, he was held to 14 points but shot 6-for-12 from the field, grabbed nine rebounds and handed out three assists.

On Feb. 9 against North Carolina, Singler was 3-for-17 but Krzyzewski said he sacrificed his offense for defense in order to hold hot Tar Heel freshman Harrison Barnes to nine points.

In the previous game against N.C. State, Singler had 14 points on a not-awful 5-for-13 from the field and grabbed nine rebounds. So it may be too soon to say Singler is in a slump.

“I’m getting good shots,” he said. “I’m just not knocking down shots.”

The good thing for Duke is that while Singler’s production has been down, the Blue Devils have won, with guard Seth Curry and center Mason Plumlee emerging as bigger factors in the scoring column.

“I think we’re getting better as a team,” Singler said.

And if it is just one bad game and not a prolonged slump that Singler has experienced recently, he has demonstrated the ability to bounce back before. He was held to five points on 0-for-10 from the field in the NCAA tournament regional final win over Baylor last season.

At the Final Four, he totaled 40 points over two games to win most outstanding players.

Last season Singler was held to nine points on 2-for-13 from the field at Georgia Tech, but scored 30 when the Yellow Jackets visited Duke later in the season.

Duke’s next game, on Sunday, is at home against Georgia Tech. It’s another big opportunity for the Blue Devils, and especially for Singler.


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Last time this happened was back in December when you and I were bored and bating posters


Aaahhhh, memory's !!

You and I both were on a roll that evening. Zingers all over the place.


the freshman barnes has already had more bad games in his career than singler has!!


With exception to the pansy teams DUIke lines up every year at home, Singlet hasn't played well at all. He will not last much longer on the 1st team All ACC if this continues.

Man yall really like digging

Man yall really like digging up old relic statements just to have something to say..


you say it enough ...

I've learned from the best fans in the country, ncsu ! ;0)

It just doesn't matter how

It just doesn't matter how well Duke does-reporters will find some fault that spells immediate doom for the Blue Devils. The article itself said that he's really only had one bad game, against UVA. Does that really warrant an article speculating on some sort of slump? I guess we'll all just wait for the #5 ranked, ACC leading, defending National Champion, Duke basketball team to implode.  

Blind ??

You are blind if you do not see this slump bc you certainly claim to have seen Barnes' slump prior to the start of the ACC.

Sorry, but comparing the

Sorry, but comparing the last five games of Singler to the first half of the season from Barnes is ridiculous. Barnes has had about three good games his entire career. Singler is a champion and a MOP of the Final Four--know your role!

I understand

But isn't that more of a reason to BE playing well this season ? ... Singler is regressing not progressing. I'd be worried outside of the ACC minus UNC if I rooted for Puke. Alas, I do not ...

You should be worried about

You should be worried about the fact that unc hasn't won a game against anyone good. And don't tell me UK, because the refs fouled out the entire team and it was at home. Good luck getting those calls in the tourney away from the friendly confines of the deen dome. The best team you guys have played was Duke and guess what, you lost. Try to explain that fact away.   


Meet Pot.

Did you just say ...

Getting call at home !? Bwahbwahaaahhhaaahha !! Dudette, your killing me. Good one !!


I now call it the "dook shuffle". Just watch their pivot foot when they get the ball out top or on the wing, twist, slide, twist slide, unbelievable. For historical examples, just google, "duke player not called for walking".

Chubby Cheker

Just twist again like we did last summer ...

This has to set a record for

This has to set a record for the most posts on a Dook blog thread


Including this one !

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