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O'Brien out at N.C. State

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RALEIGH — Tom O'Brien has led N.C. State to three straight bowl games, and four in five seasons, but it wasn't enough to save his job. O'Brien will not return for a seventh season, the school announced on Sunday.

O'Brien compiled a 40-35 record in six seasons with a 22-26 mark in the ACC. O'Brien's contract runs through Dec. 2015 and he will be paid at least $1.2 million over the next three years.

The Wolfpack completed a 7-5 regular season on Saturday with a home win over Boston College and will play in a bowl game with offensive coordinator Dana Bible as the interim coach.

This will be the sixth coaching hire, including both major revenue sports, for N.C. State athletic director Debbie Yow, who was hired in July 2010.

The search for O'Brien's replacement will begin immediately. Vanderbilt's James Franklin is expected to be Yow's top target. Yow once hired Franklin to succeed Ralph Friedgen at Maryland but that plan was scrapped when Yow left Maryland in 2010 and Friedgen was fired a year later.

Franklin landed at Vanderbilt, where he has won 14 games in two seasons and led the Commodores to two straight bowl games. It's possible, Vanderbilt and N.C. State could meet in the Music City Bowl in Nashville on Dec. 31.

The Wolfpack has gone 24-14 since the start of the 2010 season with three straight bowl trips and two consecutive bowl wins heading into this postseason. As O'Brien has noted, that's one of the most successful three-year stretches in school history. Also, O'Brien is one of two coaches in school history to beat North Carolina five straight times.

But inconsistency prevented O'Brien from winning more. Before the 2012 season started, O'Brien described the team's propensity to go up and down as "a roller coaster ride" and he had hoped to change that in 2012. Even with a veteran quarterback, veteran offensive line and an experienced defense, it didn't change.

"I appreciate the opportunity to have coached at North Carolina State University and I feel that the program is in a better place now than when I started," O'Brien said in a statement released by the school. "I'm proud of the young men that I have coached here, for their accomplishments on the field and in the classroom. Wolfpack football is as sound academically as it’s ever been with a [single year] APR of 990 to be reported this spring.  I appreciate all of my coaches and wish them the best and I look forward to life after football."

Both O'Brien and the veteran players expected more than a 7-5 record this season. A 14-point loss to a Tennessee team, which finished 1-7 in the SEC, got the season off to an ominous start.

The Wolfpack responded with three straight wins but lost its ACC opener at Miami on Sept. 29 after a poor defensive performance. After winning consecutive ACC games in the final minute, including a 17-16 upset of No. 3 Florida State on Oct. 6, N.C. State dropped its first game in six years to UNC.

The Tar Heels beat the Wolfpack in dramatic fashion in Chapel Hill on Oct. 27, a 43-35 win decided by a punt return for a touchdown by UNC's Gio Bernard with 13 seconds left in the game.

After coming back from 18 points down in the first quarter, N.C. State had led the Tar Heels by 10 points in the fourth quarter but couldn't close the game out.

The Wolfpack let one loss turn into two when it dropped a 33-6 home game to Virginia the week after the Carolina loss. Virginia finished the season with a 2-6 ACC record.

For every big win over Florida State this season, or a top 10 Clemson team in 2011, O'Brien's N.C. State teams had a propensity to drop an ACC game it should have won, like the Virginia game this year and the Boston College game last year.

A noted disciplinarian, O'Brien, 64, ran a clean program in Raleigh. During O'Brien's six-year tenure, a third of the ACC schools ran into trouble with the NCAA, including UNC, which was banned from the postseason this year for multiple violations under former coach Butch Davis.

See a photo gallery of O'Brien's career at N.C. State


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Weighing in

Surprised by the move, but certainly not shocked.

I have mixed emotions because I believe TOB is a man of integrity who ran as clean a program as possible in today's environment. Some of his decisions may be legitimately questioned (like the handling of Russell Wilson), but it's a lot easier to criticize a program from the outside looking in. When you are in charge and trying to satisfy multiple competing interest groups, you are bound to disappoint someone.

All that said, Coach O'Brien had probably taken the program as far as he could. He leaves it better than it was when he arrived, but someone new is needed to move it to the next level.

Why fire a coach like Coach O'B?

Let's see: a coach who turned around the integrity of the N.C. State football program, built a consistent winner, took his team to five bowl games in six years, beat (much to my chagrin) Carolina FIVE STRAIGHT times, and consistently recruited top players--most of whom performed effectively in the classroom as well as on the field (something that, tragically, I cannot say about my undergrad alma mater during most of the same time frame). A coach with an overall winning record, whose team is going to a bowl game again this year. And Debbie Yow fires him.

She is a disgrace to the athletic director profession; always has been (just ask Gary Williams). Why else would she get in a public, personal dispute with a coach who won a national championship? Of course all A.D.s want their own "name" coaching hires for the "revenue" sports, and not all handle it well (see Dick Baddour with Mack Brown and hiring Carl Torbush). But Debbie Yow was a mistake, and  State alumni and fans may well rue the day the Administration there hired her. Unless she has been very quiet about some top-secret project to hire Bill Cowher to coach his alma mater, getting a successful coach to come to Raleigh won't be easy. Ms. Yow, I understand Skip Holtz isn't enjoying things at South Florida too much these days; at least he's familiar with State.


We know he didn't recruit top players and we have absolutely no idea if they performed effectively in the classroom or not. If I recall folks ASSumed UNC football players were performing well in the classroom. We found out otherwise. Let us never ASSume anymore.

Firing of TOB

It has been interesting to read all the justifications for your AD's shortsighted decision to fire Coach O'Brien. Two things her supporters should keep in mind: 1). You are dead wrong to say she bears no responsibility for the financial and athletic mess that presently masquerades as the athletic department at the University of Maryland. That didn't occur overnight wolfies. She was there until 2010. 2). If DY was the AD during the last ten years of her sisters tenure as head  women's basketball coach and she was held to the same standard of production as TOB would the AD have had the guts to cut her sister loose. I seriously doubt it ! DY is a black widow and the athletic department at NCSU and it's alumni base will rue the day she was put in charge. You will reap what you sow. And deservedly so!


Always said that TOB was a great fit at NCSU. I hate to see him go. The rollercoster wins and losses all added up to mediocrity, but he added enough homerizms to provide easy pickings. No, not as easy as CTC, but good stuff, nonetheless. He was a play or two from being successful enough to have a few more years, yet also a play or two from being outsted a few years ago, as well. So best of luck to you TOB, too bad you were not around long enough to justify your claim as "having the best program in the State"


Can't State offer Bill Cowher a wheelbarrow full of money to come out of retirement and take the job?  He would be awesome!

At what price progress?

If Debbie Yow and Randy Woodson want to do much better in football, they'll need to hire some former UNC tutors -- and lawyers and P.R. experts.

Heads up, Dan Kane!

Firing of O,Brien

No coach can make State a football powerhouse. TOB took them as far as they are going to go. What price is State willing to pay moneywise and otherwise to become a top ten program? My advice to Debbie is to get real and to Tom  enjoy your retirement.  Thank Debbie for her help.

Coach O'Brien did not place

Coach O'Brien did not place best interest of NCSU Football Program progression over that of job security for his defensive coaching staff. Nor did he exhibit the fortitude and managerial ability to fire his ineffective defensive coordinator or his unqualified defensive backs coach after enduring disgusting defensive performances which nullified a respectable offense... these debacles occured repeatedly with embarrassing defensive self-destructions against Miami, North Carolina and Virginia and Clemson.

Had the defensive secondary showed up for 4 quarters in those games, the Pack should have gone10-2. The only justifiable losses would have been Tennessee and Clemson and the Pack would be playing for the ACC title and/or a significant and more prestigious post-season bowl game trophy!

Any coach wanting to really win a championship must have high performance standards for his coaches who alongside himself are responsible for recruiting sufficient talented team depth. Then those position coaches must be enthusiastic and capable of motivating their players to be ready in the 1st quarter and be competitive throughout 4 quarters every game, thus giving the team a chance to win.

Otherwise the assistant coaches should have made drastic defensive adjustments as necessary, or those assistants are subject to be reassigned, demoted or fired in midseason by the head coach with another staff member stepping in to step it up! In absence of making those adjustments, the head coach must have his bags packed and be ready to resign or be dismissed after the regular season schedule ends.

Athletic Director Debbie Yow made the correct decision and she made it at the right time... not too late to hire the best available candidate... and most certainly not a second too soon for Wolfpack excellence!

We will step up... 

We will step up... 

Right call. Misinformation on Debbie Yow abounds

For the record, the fan support took a major hit after the UVA game, NOT the UNC game.  Most State fans consider the MD game a loss and it's ugly shadow permeated the UNC game.  Longtime, Loyal WP fans started expressing concerns about TOB and Program AFTER the UVA game.  Rest is history.

Debbie Yow handled the buyout with class.  TOB's contract calls for $600K for the remaining 3 years.  They reached an agreement of $1.2KK over a four year period.  Both seem satifsfied and we saved $600K and got payments spread.

Debbie Yow, contrary to some here, left the MD AD program financially sound.  She, at the request of then Coach "Fridge" agreed to upgrade Byrd.  Economy fell off cliff due to Housing Bubble Burst (thank you Dodd, Franks, and Watters).  Guess she should have outguessed Bernacke and the other financial wizards.  Current AD and Dr. Loh have been undoing what she put in place.  Even Dr. Phil would not believe Gary Williams....

Do some googling on the WaPo archives.  Most writers go into detail about what she did and what was done afterwards.  Comments run about 2:1 pro don't follow the dubious your own reading and form you own opinion.

The 1000 fans that have stopped buying tickets would be a drop in the bucket compared to what would have happened next year.  If she saved an additional 1040 season tickets, then the TOB buyout is break even.  If she saved more, then we are ahead.  Sometimes you have to cut your losses...with coaches or in the stock market.

Most WP'ers have the utmost admiration for TOB from how he ran the program and it's integrity.  That is especially evident in the last two years.  But, we have not achieved the full potential....probably only 60 - 75 % of what should have been.  In addition, the fans (rich, poor, fanatical, subdued, average, etc.) were all expressing various degrees.

Donors were not answering calls about next year and new ones were slamming the doors.  Remember, that the Wolf Pack Club pays the SCHOLARSHIPS....not any $$ to coaches or bonuses or whatever.  The WPC donated $9,060,000 last year.  If the donations drop off, we have FEWER full scholarships and FEWER partials.


You are simply leading people down the wrong road with your posts about Debbie Yow. You are reading into it how you want to bc of where your loyalties lie. I do not blame you. It is human nature. I will not rehash what I've told time and time again. She screwed up.

TOB will land on his feet, DY makes right call at right time

TOB did a wonderful job of creating a solid foundation, raising graduation rates, and being 100 percent compliant with the NCAA. While the 2010 season, riding the greatness of Russel Wilson, was a very successful campaign, the last two years have been a mirage. As a number of folks have posted here, the 8 and 7 wins in 2011/2012 were primarily against lower division teams (like South Alabama) and teams from the lower tier of Division 1. Thus, we have some wins against bad teams, 1 win against a good team this year and last (Clemson, FSU) and 10 losses against other quality/poor quality teams on our schedule. 

Let's face it, if you have a pulse and win 6 games, and have fans who travel, you will be invited to a bowl game. No big deal. 

Anyone who argues that this move is a bad one, must not be looking very closely at NC State's history in football. 

Debbie Yow is to be congratulated for being pro-active instead of letting things malinger. Up until the 1990s, State had never fired a football coach. Since then, situations had been allowed to fester by our former AD. How wonderful to see the right decision made at the right time. 

NC State will be a much more impressive football school in the future, and will win without cheating. We will aggressively fight for recruits. We will have an unpredictable offense and a defense newer than 1996. That sounds good to me. 

TOB Firing

This is a short sighted move by the college.  Firing the coach before a bowl game, and now having to carry that additional financial burden, just does not make sense.  It seems like Debbie Yow feels she can just do what she wants to show "she is the boss".  Stupid move.

Debbie Yow did a horrible

Debbie Yow did a horrible job at Maryland (basically bankrupted the program) and got the job at State only for sentimental reasons due to feelings for her sister.  I seriously doubt that she will find a solid candidate willing to work for her.  She may be able to bring in a semi-renegade like Gottfried but look for the class aspect of the program to go downward.  O'Brien is not a great coach but he is probably a much better coach than Yow is an athletic director.  He is better off to be gone from this place. 


State fans over the years have tried to make excuses about recruiting rankings and stars, but obviously Debbie Yow believes in them. Otherwise, TOBy would not have been fired all things considered.

Mixed emotions

I liked the discipline that TOB brought to State, but was not pleased with the mediocrity of the program.   He is a good man and I wish him well.

I questioned Debbie with the Gottfried hire.... Maybe I'm wrong to second guess her.

To Mixed Emotions

You are probably not wrong to question the Gottfried hire.  He will build a temporary winner but then he will either be gone for greener pastures or the program will be headed toward probation and he will be gone anyway.  I trust Gary Williams opinion of her.

I hope that both you and

I hope that both you and Gary Williams are wrong....

We'll find out in a couple of years....   Talk to you then.



We are going to hire a coach that has won 14 games in two seasons at Vandy, wow-that is really making strides for the program!!

franklin as replacement?

unless they offer LOTS of $, there's no way james franklin will leave the SEC to coach in the acc. his program at vandy has improved immensely and he's recruited well, for a school like vandy , that is, and has made a habit of defeating tennessee. w/the prestige of being a SEC coach, i just don't see him leaving nashville. although a CAROLINA grad, i have nothing but respect for Coach O'brien and wish him the best.

"And thus the children of

"And thus the children of the revolution devoured their own."...........Frau Yow will feel the cold blade of the guillotine someday too.......Should have kept Coach O'Brien--so utterly immature and small to throw such upheaval onto him and all those coaches and families and join the ilk of the "Fire Him" crowd......Pitiful......A fine man, a fine leader with character whose teams were exciting to watch (and a few games that weren't--so what?)...... Easy to do it like Carolina by incorporating the academic side and the SEC mentality into the program.....The reason we can't bring in all those 4-5 stars like Carolina is that we do "it" the right way at State--Hard to beat schools that do not--top recruits want to go to schools where they don't have to perform in the classroom (State doesn't offer that route like so many other schools)......UVA. played a smart game against a team that was still down from the week before and which had five turnovers--UVA is also not the Virginia of Thomas Jefferson anymore either--not in regards to their money sports......I'm sure the giddy headhunters out there are as giddy as giddy can be, but a sour and sorry way to do business with such a fine man and his family......Not the State way.................

totally agree w/your

totally agree w/your analysis.

Good luck Tom

TOB was the right coach at the right time 6 years ago. He really helped this program mature but he also has brought it as far as he could. His losses to Miami, UNC and Virginia this year were his undoing. The lucky win at Maryland didn't really help him either. Debbie wants her hires in as her head coaches and she wants to take State to greatness in sports. There is nothing wrong with that even if it means having to let a good man go. When she told him this weekend, I am sure Tom felt it would be better for the team if he stepped aside for the bowl game and let the focus be on the team.  Tom, you are 64 now. You should kick back and retire and enjoy the rest of your life.


As for the stadium not being as full as usual yesterday, remember a lot of people were out of town for Thanksgving including a majority of the student body.

Did I miss something?

Was it only Thanksgiving in the state of NC?

To label yourselves as the #1 fan base in the ACC, you guys sure do consistently pick holidays over your beloved wolfpack football team. If you want to actually be recognized as the best fan base in the ACC you need to start showing up regardless what weekend it is (your excuse) and whether you are winning or not (the real reason).

Schools like Ole Piss and Messy St are prime examples of great fan bases. Schools that rarely win, yet always show up for home games.

No way to build long term success

What fool coach will dare come to N.C. State?  The school has been taking dumps on its sports coaches for the last 40 years....It will never arrive at its much longed-for status as a powerhouse football/basketball university so long as it doesn't develop the necessary loyalty required to sustain the good work of fabulous coaches such as Norm Sloan, Lou Holtz, Dick Sheridan, Mike O'Cain, Chuck Amato, and now, alas, even Tom O'Brien.  There's a fly in the cultural ointment of this university.  It lacks resolve, patience, determination, loyalty, and a commitment to the people who give their all to advance its erstwhile sports objectives. N.C. State sports programs will never be anything more than second-rate, with only occasional flashes of greater glory.  Indeed, that's all they've ever been.

Again, what foolish coach would commit professional suicide by taking the helm of this football team?

Fedora sealed his fate.... Good move Pack.

Tom is a really good guy. But Tom gets paid a lot to be a really good coach. He had mediocre success in BC as well as State. His teams lack consistency. He had Matt Ryan and Russel Wilson to work with too.I think State has seen the energy and excitment Fedora has brought UNC and wants the same. All our defense has to do is keep working on that cardio. I honestly think we scored so much(and fast) they never got any State recognizes the change in the way football is played and is smart enough to change too. It's a shoot out these days. SPREAD ! 

TOB mediocre at BC

IF TOB was mediocre at BC then why was he hired by State?  No one else would take the job...expect the same.  It will take an unproven or desperate coach to jump into that pit.

Poor Poor Wuss pack. LOL

Funny as He L L


And behold, the stereotypical Holes fan; ignorant, hypocritical, and never afraid to say whatever comes to matter how stupid it makes them look.

So, you think it's more

So, you think it's more funny that a decent, honorable coach got fired because he couldn't quite find the right amount of success? I think it's much more funny that the snobbish, holier than thou university down the road has been exposed for the corrupt institution that it is, epitomizing all of the things that are wrong with college sports today. UNC has been looking down their noses from atop their hill for far too long. Apparently they don't teach comedy and irony over there. I have NC State on my shirt because I have a degree from that school. You probably have UNC on yours because you went to Wal-Mart.


Because you are the sole spokesperson for West Rawleigh College. The irony always lies with posters like you who claim all the Carolina Way and elitist crap, yet always end your post(s) with where you got your degree from and UNC fans getting theirs from Wal-Mart. As if all state fans went to school at state! You would actually think it true, but, no, it is not.

Who's in the news for

Who's in the news for cheating and who isn't Gator? How many independent investigations will Carolina get this week? Thank you, I won that one in case you haven't figured that out, but you're a troll and I read your negative and disparaging posts all the time, so that's ok, I'm used to your tricks. Once again you've fallen back on the same ole refrain that you always use about how "we State fans" just love it when Carolina falls on their face, and how we love to bring up the cheating scandal, well maybe we wouldn't if trolls like you and your buddy that I responded to could figure out how to have a little class. Have fun at your pity party. I guess you haven't been reading the articles lately that seem to point to a culture of impropriety that has gone on for decades at Carolina. Oh wait, that's right, they don't teach people how to read at UNC either, ask their athletes.


Haven't seen a pwnage like that on here in a long time!  Well done sir.


Gimme a break, gnat, err, I mean, Max. Specifically show me where I got 'owned.'


I've never made excuses for UNC and their scandal. Your 'student-athletes' can't keep their mouths shut forever. At some point in time your school will be back in the spot light of scandals and cheating. I hope not and I mean it, but you and I both know it is always a matter of time.

Thanks for reading my posts. I sleep well at night just knowing someone else is not bc of them.

And I was in C-F yesterday afternoon for TOBy's last game. We're you?

Also, seeing as how your

Also, seeing as how your post name is "gvillgatr," seems to me that's it quite a logical conclusion to assume you got your Carolina gear from Wal-Mart.

Its all Cj's and Amerson's fault

The Wolpfies are hiding something.   They are hoping to keep the agent with the "fantastic year" that Amerson and CJ Leslie are having quiet. ad he is obviously going to go in the hole for paying "in advance" these so called losers.   LOL

Did TOBy and Dan Kane both get fired?

Suck it Wolpies.    LOL

Can't happen to a better fan base.   LOL

My question is, did they do a package deal and fire Dan Kane with the News and Observer also?    LOL

Russell Wilson

Tom O'Brien wrote his own pink slip two seasons ago with the poor and shortsighted way he handled the Russell Wilson situation.  It was of great importance for the team, the school, the fans, and the program to retain Wilson and O'Brien's hokey and from-another-time, false-nobility in punishing Wilson for keeping him waiting in fact punished the school.  Wilson was an incredibly special athlete and he absolutely would've stayed at State if he was allowed special consideration - which he deserved -  to organize his options and his professional baseball career.  O'Brien was self-centered and made the story about his decision and NC State paid the price in taking a step backward.  To her credit, Yow wants to win, and the marching orders for all of these coaches is win or pack your bags.  I'm a State alum and I like how that sounds.

I totally agree with your

I totally agree with your assessment about the RW situation. Its not often that someone of RWs character and ability come along. Imagine what would have happened if he had stayed. No doubt State would have had a stellar year the following season and TOB would have created some momentum for the program that would have set the program up for some great recruiting. Instead, as you say, TOB opted out and the rest is history. 

Great post

All the way around this was a great post. Not a lick of craziness or absurdity to be found.

I would only add that at some point Debbie "Napolean" Yow needs to be held to the same standards she expects of her coaches. What exactly has she done? We saw what she did at Maryland. She single handily wrecked the Athletic Dept by trying to expand a stadium that with anyone else's eye could see didn't need expanding and she ran off a guy who won a National Title and never blinked when it came to Dook and UNC. Why? Ego. That's why.

Folks can back Debbie Yow with excuses all they want (not talking specifically to the OP), but what I say is correct. At some point she needs to be held accountable.


Agree with you about Yow needing to be held by the same standards. I don't know enough about her tenure at Maryland to comment intelligently, but it seems like she left a lot of resentful people and a damaged program.  Maybe she'll be a disaster at State, I'm not sure.  I am sure, though, that 'inferiority complex' is so deeply ingrained into the DNA of NC State that having an Athletic Director come in, guns blazing, is what can perhaps create contagious enthusiasm amongst the fan base, alumni, recruits, etc.  Being an NC State fan is an absolute abyssmal experience, and as I mentioned the athletic department lives in a time warp.  O'Brien should've been fired for the Russell Wilson debacle but I blame Yow for not stepping in and handling the situation herself.  


Both of your comments are complete rubbish.  And as YAR8 already pointed out, you are a total hypocrite.


Also, stop claiming to be a State fan.  It's very obvious what you're doing, and really just flat out pathetic.

Maxy pad

You must have gone on walkabout, but I see you are back.

Anywho, break his post down and explain what is rubbish. Don't just make a blanket statement. Explain why it is rubbish.

Contradict much?

So you allude to some halfass statement DY is meddlesome and shouldn't come in "guns blazing," yet you "wish" she would've done something about the way TOB handled the Russell Wilson situation? Uh huh. Contradict yourself much?

BTW, before you go contradictory in your reply to me. Let it be known that I was not a DY supporter when she came to NC State, and I still haven't made up my mind on her.


Don't blush, but I'd like to buy you a beer! Yet another post from you that is on point.

Thanks, man.  I do my best

Thanks, man.  I do my best procrastinating posting comments.  


The firing at this point of the season would only surprise me if Debbie Yow did not already have the replacement ready to announce.  I don't have an inside knowledge of the situation, but the cards seemed arrayed to show that James Franklin is not only the top candidate, but possibly also already verbally hired.  No other reason to deny Tom O'Brien the chance to coach the team in the upcoming bowl game unless it was known that Franklin had already been offered the job and accepted.

Yow has too much honor to withold such information and so I am confident that she called O'Brien to her office to make the announcement that O'Brien would not return next year.  My guess is Yow also told him that Franklin would be expected to accept the job (though that is speculation on my part).  My other guess is that O'Brien is too honorable to want to stay to coach that bowl game and so it was mutual agreement that O'Brien would leave immediately so that the transition could start now.

For the record, I hope that new coach is Franklin.  The man has worked a miracle in two years at Vanderbilt, immediately turning the program from an SEC door mat into a two-year bowl team.  He did this at the SEC school widely seen as having the strictest academic standards in the conference.  He would be a perfect fit at NC State.


It also must be said that Tom O'Brien earns our highest respect for the program he ran at NC State.  He was a class coach, class man, and held the highest standards of integrity.  I was honored to see him coach my alma mater, and I hope O'Brien does very well in the future.  In an ideal world, I would have loved to see him coach the team to a bowl victory in his final game at NC State.  But, if my speculation is accurate, it isn't hard to see why it went down exactly as it did.

At the very least, it was good that the news was announced directly by NC State and that O'Brien was the first person to find out from Debbie Yow.  At least there was no media speculation based on any leaks from the NC State athletic department.  This is the right way to do this.

Congratulations, Coach O'Brien for six very good years of class and dignity!

Why would Franklin want to come here?

He is only partway through the challenge at Vanderbilt.  They were 5-3 in the SEC,  but he has to have a signature win (UT was 5-7 this year).

He is coaching in the toughest league in the country.  6 of the top 10 teams are in the SEC.

Most importantly, he has appreciative fans and alumni.  The Wolfpack could go 14-0 in football and 32-0 in basketball, and yet the fans here would want more.  I have been a Pack fan since I moved here in 1994, and I wouldn't want to coach at State for all of the money in the world.

Herb Sendek won a lot of games with the Wolfpack, and never got a shake.  I think Franklin would have the same problem.

James, don't listen to Debbie Yow.

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