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O'Brien: Glennon is Pack's QB

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Russell Wilson's college football career appears to be over, at least at N.C. State.

N.C. State plans on moving forward without the All-ACC quarterback, Wolfpack coach Tom O'Brien said Wednesday. O'Brien said he doesn't expect Wilson, a three-year starter, to return to school after he goes to training camp with the Colorado Rockies later this month.

"Our plans are he's not coming back," O'Brien said. "He'll be a baseball player. We have to move forward with Glennon. We've planned for this day and Michael's ready to do it."

Wilson, who threw for 3,563 yards and 28 touchdowns in 2010, led State to a 9-4 record and the No. 25 ranking in the final AP poll. He was a first-team All-ACC selection in '08 and second-team in '10. He has a season of football eligibility remaining but has contract with the Rockies, who drafted him in the fourth round last June.

Wilson announced on Jan. 17 that he was going to the Rockies' training camp and would "fully concentrate" on baseball but did not rule out returning for the football season.

As a graduate, Wilson has the option to transfer and play at another Division I school for the '11 season.

O'Brien said the door is open for Wilson to return but said with the loss of three top receivers, it was "crucial" to have the quarterback in spring practice.

"It [would] be a tough situation for him to come back and do it," O'Brien said. "We would have to see if that ever happens but I don't foresee that happening down the road. Russell has never failed at anything he has ever attempted. He's going to try make the Colorado Rockies. That's where I see him."

Glennon, who will be a junior in 2011, played in three games last season and completed 9-of-13 passes for 78 yards. He has 52 just career attempts for 326 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

Glennon, who was ranked as one of the top quarterback recruits in his class, is bigger than Wilson at 6-6 and 225 pounds but not as mobile. O'Brien said the offense will have to be restructured for Glennon. O'Brien has previously compared Glennon to former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan, an NFL star with the Atlanta Falcons.

"Michael is really talented," O'Brien said. "It's going to be fun. The offense was constructed for what Russell was able to do well, now we have to do that with Michael and get ready to play with him."

State returns six starters from an offense which ranked among the ACC leaders in scoring (31.8 points per game) and total yards (404.5 per game). Glennon will have three starters back on the offensive line, All-ACC tight end George Bryan and promising running back Mustafa Green.


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No Choice

RW had no choice.  He was hired by the Rockies to do a job.  He will be a successful minor league baseball player but will have a a tough row to hoe getting to the Big Show.  He was just another minor league infielder with no All-Star stats.  RW made a sound decision to put his full concentration on baseball.  The hoeing would be even harder to make the NFL rooster.  TOB had no choice but to give MG the reins now.  The rumor mill I visited said MG would transfer to another program if he was designated to sit on the pine next season.  MG has NFL potential as well as size.  TOB & State's reputation would soar with 2 NFL QBs ( TOB- Ryan & Glennon; State- Rivers & Glennon).  Would be a great conversation piece while sitting in the living room of a High School All-American QB.  RW would find playing time @ State if he came back later but would not be as spectacular in an offense built  for an in-pocket QB.  RW, good luck in your double pro career chase.  I'm pulling for you.  MG, get us 5 in a row & GO PACK!

2nd string

Heard TOB say yesterday that if RW came back next year that he would be the backup. It is what it is, what else could he say with the threat of MG transfering?

no surprises here

TOB has no choice but to assume RW won't be back. Russell has kept his plans to himself, which he has the right to do. I don't see him coming back unless he totally crashes and burns with the Rockies. And I don't see that happening.

Either way, the Pack must prepare to go forward without him. If he does return, well then TOB has a decision to make. But it doesn't change how the Pack has to prepare.


Did you see that Sam Jones won't be back next year? Not saying he was the greatest OL but he certainly contributed and "spelled" some guys for a bit. Also, Andrew Wallace will probably be out til early October. Once again the line depth takes a hit. 


The one area that has to be solid for the Pack to succeed this fall. Let's hope that's the last of the problems in that area.


I read that Sam Jones had to leave due to a family situation, which I completely understand and sympathize with. Just sucks for the Wolfpack. 


Going into year 5 State finally has the talent to succeed without Wilson, but it is kind of messed up to throw him aside.  Is it a smart decision?  Yes.  But TOB wouldn't have a job right now if it wasn't for Wilson, so Russell has kind of earned the right to take his time.

Throw him aside?

I listened to the press conference and that's not what happened. In response to several questions, TOB simply stated the obvious. He also said that RW has accomplished everything he has ever set out to do, so he expected him to succeed with the Rockies. That's why he didn't think he would be back.

Missed the press conference

I just read this article and got the impression that O'Brien was saying that State was going to move on with Glennon regardless of what Wilson decides.  Not surprised a small piece of the audio was taken to portray it in a different manner.


A coach's quote taken out of context in a print article? Never!

MG vs RW

I have heard some State fans say that Glennon is actually better than RW?, but I am not sure that I believe it until I see it. I honestly would like to see RW back for one more year, although that seems pretty unlikely.

don't believe it.

If he was, he would have been starting.

That said, to throw another cliche out there, "you gotta go with the guys you got".  


TOB was on the radio today saying if things do not work out for RW in baseball and he does come back, he is the back-up QB to Mike Glennon.

TOB all but said RW was not going to hijack a third spring/summer and that state was moving forward for better or for worse.

hope it doesn't come to that

Talk about looking over your shoulder! Jeez!

If he does decide to come

If he does decide to come back ??????? Is O'B going to shooo him away? Glennon will lay a brick.


Wasn't this same article typed out just last year with only a few dates and stats added into the mix for this supposedly "new" one?

Look, of course I'd love to have Russell back, but I don't want this to drag out too long and end hurting the team.

Is it foolish to hope for a decision to be made before Spring practice? Though I'm sure that's probably not going to happen.

Go Wolfpack.  

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