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No contact for UNC's Ryan Houston

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PINEHURST -- UNC tailback Ryan Houston, who had shoulder surgery after spring practice, will go non-contact when the Tar Heels open fall practice on August 5.

“In talking to Scott Trulock, our trainer, he’s not going to be available for contact until probably somewhere between the 10th and the 15th of August,’’ UNC football coach Butch Davis said. “And then obviously, we’re going to be extremely smart about what you bring him back to do; you don’t put him into a 70-play scrimmage the very first day. Let him get hit a little bit, and build his confidence back up. We fully expect at this time that he’ll be ready to go at the start of the season.”

Houston redshirted last season, after rushing for 713 yards and nine touchdowns in 2009.


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Being the first game of the

Being the first game of the season, I suspect the Heels will be fired up and ready to pounce.

UNC 42- JMU - 7

I hope his eagerness doesn't

I hope his eagerness doesn't get him injured in practice. I think it would be wise to bring him along slowly. The dude will be a run away train as the season progresses. 

I don't really think it..

imperative he be ready for JMU. I do think he needs to play vs. Rutgers. He's young, and will adjust quickly to playing. I know he hopes he's ready. There will be lanes to run the ball. The running game will be successful.


Lets not forget what happened in Blacksburg last season when JMU played there.

Let's not confuse JMU with the likes of Liberty or South Alabama. I'd be surprised if The Dukes don't give UNC a run for their money.

Not to employ the often used..

cliche. VT lost to Boise St. twice last year.

What a crock

Really?  Now were are talking up JMU like they are a legit opponent all because of one win from last season?

How many D1-A teams has App St beaten since their win in the big house?


Did it ever occur to you that VT lost that game last year because they played lousy?  What happened in the UNC/Bill & Mary game last year?  Is W&M really a worthy opponent, or did UNC just fall asleep on 'em?


It's funny that you guys want to take so many shots at State's schedule,  but then in the same breath, you try to act like JMU is actually a player in the game.  We can do that too ya know...did you guys realize that South Alabama has never lost a game?


Are you on your period?  That was an explosion of unprovoked complaining.

And yeah, State's OOC does suck.  TOB even says that it's beneficial because it gives experience to his younger players.

USA also has 85 scholarships

USA also has 85 scholarships available, which I believe is more than typical 1-AA teams.  They are starting a new program, with a path that will lead them to 1-A status in a couple of years.

I'm pretty sure this is game one of a 3 game deal that will get NCSU two home games.  The game @ USA and the next game in Raleigh will be against a 1-A USA, not 1-AA.


I'm confident you would try to dress up a turd. No, I know you would.

I just stated facts.  I

I just stated facts.  I wasn't trying to dress it up.  It is what it is.

I don't care what 1-AA team NCSU plays, if they are given a "run for their money", it will make me question NCSU's team.

You, on the other hand, are already getting ready for a nail-biter against JMU.

One of Amato's worst teams beat Appalachian like a drum the first year they won the 1-AA championship, so forgive me if I think games against them are more about showing up ready to play than they are something to fear.

I thought you mentioned something about facts ?

I was at the App St and wuffy game. It was a far cry from a "beat em like a drum."

You don't state any facts. You state what you believe.

Thanks for the additional

Thanks for the additional information dan.


I also looked up some stats regarding that tough opponent JMU that these guys are raving about.  They finished last season 6-5, including the demolishing of that crappy team Liberty, 10-3 @JMU.  Lol.


My thoughts exactly.

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