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Nicks' Wonderlic score

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According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, North Carolina wide receiver Hakeem Nicks scored 11 out of a possible 50 on the Wonderlic test given to NFL prospects.

Players must answer 50 questions in 12 minutes for the test, which measures problem-solving ability. NFL teams look for receivers to score about 18.

Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech, perhaps the top wideout in the draft, scored a 15. Florida's Percy Harvin scored a 14. Pompei's piece looked a few scores at other positions as well.


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Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech, perhaps the top wideout in the draft, scored a 15. Florida's Percy Harvin scored a 14. Pompei's piece looked a few scores at other positions as well. Not so bad of them!

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Is it?

Well, when UNC hands out As

Well, when UNC hands out As and Bs like candy to kids on Halloween, it's no wonder a guy that scores an 11 on the Wonderlic (indicating that one is barely literate) can stroll through 4 years without a single academic hiccup.

Helluva a school they've got over there in Chapel Hill, I tell you...

I knew he isn't a genius..

Did anybody see that shiny white dress suit he wore for the homecoming game when the team got off the bus? Classic! That aside, he ran his routes and caught the ball. What else (besides blocking) does he have to do?


It more likely is the quality of the institution he matriculated too. He would have scored better if he went to cow college.

Off the subject but..

isn't Shackleford still amphibious? Meaning he can use both hands? LOL.

Cow College.. you said it.


these tests are culturly (msp?) and racially biased!


another joke by the gatr.

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