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N.C. State close to series with Kansas

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N.C. State is close to a home-and-home series with Kansas, new basketball coach Mark Gottfried told the Raleigh Sports Club on Wednesday.

The Wolfpack would go to Lawrence in December 2012, with Kansas coming to the RBC Center in December 2013. Gottfried said the contract had not yet been finalized and signed.

Among about 30 minutes of comments and Q&A before about 200 fans, many dressed in N.C. State red, Gottfried pleased the crowd by taking a shot at Jim Boeheim. The Syracuse coach earlier this month mocked Greensboro as an ACC Tournament site while proposing a move to New York as Syracuse and Pittsburgh joined the league.

“I think the tournament has so much tradition, probably more than any other basketball tournament in the country,” Gottfried said. “I like the fact, whether it’s in Greensboro, or to me, Charlotte would be a great place. Jim Boeheim popping off up there that he thinks it needs to be in New York -- he needs to get in the league first, before he starts making demands on the league.”

As for the upcoming season, Gottfried continued to set the bar low for the Wolfpack, which finished 10th in the ACC in Sidney Lowe’s final season.

“We have to find a way to collectively become a team,” Gottfried said. “The talent on our team is not great. It’s not terrible. It’s a group of guys that if they can become unselfish and truly buy into what’s important, we might be competitive this year. But we have a long way to go.”


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Boeheim comment

Forget about it. Gottfried's comment sounded like tongue-in-cheek kidding to me. No more, no less.

The bigger news is an honest effort to improve the quality of the schedule and the push to improve the conditioning of the players. He says all the right things. We'll have to see if it tranlates to better performance on the court.

Of course, the bar has been set so low, that the chances of improvement should be pretty good.

Yankees will always be

Yankees will always be Yankees. 

They think everything is better up north than in the south.  That is, until they come down here - and then we can't get them to leave. 

Bless their hearts.  (For you Yankees, that is the south's way of saying you are stupid and don't know any better.)

Good times (here) are not forgotten ...

Bc of all the Yanks we are now a fringe state at best. Blue at worse. Dammit.

I think, considering he has

I think, considering he has yet to win a game or any kind of championship for that matter, he needs to worry only about NCSU and let his AD handle stuff like this.  


It's not just the money, the tournament in New York every now and then will help NCSU recruit the thugs they need to climb out of the cellar.

First od all

Read his comments before you all run your mouths, from the paraphrasing of others including NCSU coach who in all liklihood didn't read or listen to his narrative.  Go ahead and take it personal, when his comments weren't meant in such a way.  The BE has its tournement in Madison Square, historic on many levels.  ACC Greenboro  enough said. Broadway vs high school.  Nothing said against the ACC teams, just the setting, which benefits who, NCSU, Duke and Carolina.  Others must travel.  Not like he had a clue that they were leaving the BE for the ACC, gut reaction.  Look at reruiting. Other than Duke and Carolina the fall off has been big for the ACC.  History awesome and withstanding Duke and Carolina, not much else, no offense just the facts.  SU leaves the BE having games season against UL, UConn, GTown, Nova, Pitt for one game every other year with UNC and Duke, and yearly games against BC, Miami, VTech, please give the guy a break.  I'd have the same reaction to.  One thing I have learned about living in the south, politeness at the expense of honesty, north honesty at the expense of politness. BE 6-8 teams per year top 25, ACC 2-3.  Take Duke and Carolina out of the ACC and its mediocre at best.  Be anry if you want and point to the 80's. Take Cuse and Pitt out of the BE and it's still a great Bball league.  You think playing in Greensboro makes recruits eyes pop open, I'm laughing at the thought.  Trust me, you will benefit from the experience. I have lived in Syracuse and now in Raleigh plus 15 years and call this home, but I am all Cuse.  You couldn't pay me to live up there, but, c'mon Greensboro vs NYC for a tournement, be fair and you will find the answer.  I look forward to Syracuse and Pitt adding to ACC history, whatever that may be.

Just one more thought and sorry for the grammar errors

For all the talk about greed.  Money from television rights pays in part for Title IX, you know the olympic sports that are always in the red for Division I universities.  Title IX requirements place a huge financial burden on school to create equalilty in sports and the classroom, and that requires coaches, facilities, maintenence and scholarships at the least.  To stay competitive at the highest levels one must recruit the best student athletes and it all cost money that can not be made up elsewhere.  For most universities that don't have billion dollar endowements, tell me how else you can pay for Title IX requirements.

Grahamer errors

The only folks who complain about grammar errors are the folks who don't agree with his/her posts. Wouldn't worry about it much.

As far as which conference has x amount of teams in the top 25 ... the Big East is overrated every year by and large. The NCAA tournament proves that each year. No question some teams are good, but there are eight quality teams in that league who feed on your bottom eight which are mostly very bad. The ACC has more parity IMO with a couple of bad teams.

Just like every yankee...

who gets involved or otherwise becomes southern-directed. They begin to want make it like what they left. Given that the big conferences are money-grubbing entities, I expect the ACC to go to the Garden. I think it's wrong but college athletics never does what's 'right' only what's profitable.

ACC tourney at the garden

Big time money for the fans. Lodging, taxi's/trains and food will cost a small fortune. Thats not the case in GSO.

Boeheim might be a great coach..

but he's entering a conference that doesn't celebrate great seasons. It only celebrates championships. I know this is a NCSU post, but I felt compelled to write. I know Syracuse is a program with great tradition. The school was a founding member of the BigEast, a basketball league. They are now entering a conference that has multiple national championship schools. I can't speak for NCSU fans (or anyone else), but I can say that as a UNC alum/fan I do not "expect" great teams, but when the program sets a goal I expect it to go for it with conviction. That goes from the head coach to the student trainer. Luckily, it has led to a great deal of success.  

SYRACUSE - You gotta be kidding!

I had a plant that I had to travel to in upstate New York and I would have to fly into Syracuse.  I did that about 3 times per year.  I TRIED to avoid the winter.  ER, isn't that when their BB season is in session?  Upstate NY is very the spring and summer and fall.  I think that lasts about 2 months total between the snowfalls.

SO, Coach B does NOT like G'Boro.  I like G'boro, at least for the ACC Tourney.  I have been to Charlotte, DC and Tampa for the ACC Tourney.  The Tampa venue was really great.  Did not have a lot of folks there, so it was NOT crowded and we had seats in the VIP club.  Can't beat that.

Charlotte...the PITS.  Once they moved downtown.  The arena is like being in a subway station.  The angle of the aisles going up requires climbing gear.  That is what happens when you build an arena on a postage stamp.

Avoid ATL and will probably NOT go this year, but if Coach G gets the boys in gear, you can NEVER tell.  It is need 7X Binoculars just to see the jumbotron.  It is so bad that you have to listen to the bands to decide WHEN to cheer.

Way to go Coach G.  Good show.


Hands down the best ACC Tourney I've ever been to.

We agree on something!

Mmmmmmmm...Berns steak house.

Yes and Yes

To Tampa and Berns Steak House. Great steak and one of the better dessert sections you will ever experience.

He NEVER said he disliked G'boro

He mentioned that NYC (not the Dome) would be a great place for a tournament.  He said, where would you rather go for 5 days?  G'boro or NYC?  Please people, at least ensure you are informed.  He never said G'boro sucked.  Also, if yoiu have the chance to have a tournament in NYC, you be nuts not to rotate it throught there.  

Clarification on Boeheim

Before we start, NC State has had six hoops coaches since Boeheim was named coach at Syracuse.  Clearly NCSU has had some very good coaches (Sloan, V, the rest --- well not so much).  Boeheim has over 800 wins, Gottfreid has 200 or so.  Boeheim has forgotten more hoops than Gottfreid will ever know but who knows, maybe Gottfreid will turn out to be a nice coach at NCSU (although I suspect that the NCSU faithful will run him out of here somehow).  And before the NCSU faithful defend him, his record in the ACC is the same as Boeheim's at the moment.

Regardless, my point is this.  Boeheim never said Greensboro wasn't a nice place.  What he said was if you were to spend 5 days at a tourney someplace, would you rather spend it in New York City or Greensboro.  Maybe you don't like NYC, that's fine.  He never said Greensboro wasn't a nice place.

Boeheim is tough to like.  He's a crumudgeon but he's an increadibly successful hoops coach in what was a very tough conference for a number of years (Note - I did not say the best, both the ACC & Big East have been very good but the ACC clearly has more history).

I'm sure they'll be a number of Boo Birds at RBC on 12/17 as well.  He's used to it, won't bother him.

I will say it...

Greensboro it terrible.

And I do know......

that Gottfreid's Bama team beat Boeheim's Syracuse team in the tournament a few years back...........maybe he has his number and Gottfreid will be in the HOF  soon.  Highly unlikely though.

Gottfried gobbles grundles

Gottfried gobbles grundles glutonously

not an ncsu fan

i am not an ncsu fan, but the coach just score points in my book.  syracuse's coach needs to get into the league before running his mouth.  way to go coach.


Agree with him about Boeheim.. Win something significant in the ACC before you go running your mouth..

I hate Booheim!

I hate Booheim!

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