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N.C. State asks ACC to review incident from UNC game

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N.C. State has asked the ACC to review an altercation from Saturday's 13-0 win over North Carolina, Wolfpack coach Tom O'Brien said Monday.

O'Brien did not provide any details about the play, or the players involved, but said: "We have sent something to the conference office and they can be a judge."

Associate ACC commissioner Michael Kelly said the league has no comment. According to UNC spokesman Kevin Best: "We're not aware of any issue involving one of our players."

It's the third straight year some type of on-field altercation has occurred during or after the game between the two rivals.

UNC linebacker Kevin Reddick and State receiver Jarvis Williams were both ejected from the 2010 game in Chapel Hill after Reddick threw a punch at Williams after a third-quarter touchdown.

After the 2009 game in Raleigh, UNC defensive end Donte Paige-Moss took a swing at State linebacker Sterling Lucas as players from both teams met at midfield after the game. Moss was subsequently suspended for UNC's bowl game in Charlotte.

Earlier this season, UNC was involved in a league review of an incident with Miami defensive tackle Micanor Regis. Regis was suspended one game by Miami for punching UNC receiver Dwight Jones in the groin during the game in Chapel Hill on Oct. 15.

The ACC reviews the plays but does not administer the punishment.

O'Brien said the report of the incident from this year's game was a routine submission to the league office in Greensboro.

"It's like every week when we see things on tape," O'Brien said. "We would ask (ACC officials coordinator) Doug Rhoads to give us what his input to think if it was something that should have been called or something that the conference should be aware of."


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And Heels Fans want everyone to think the game means more to NCSU than UNC.  Tell that to DPM who for the second time in an NCSU game has had difficulty with his (should I say) emotions.  Neither school wants to lose in that game, period.  Just ask anyone past or present who has played in one.


I agree w gatr, no team wants to lose any game. And as far as meaning goes, from what I observed Sat., it sure looked to me like it meant more to the State players than the UNC players, just sayin.

And that says?

And what does that say about your boys on the hill? Nothing good. Teams need to care about beating their opponent, whoever they may be.

Believe me, I wish NC State would play with as much determination as say LSU, OKSt, OKLA and others when they play North Eastern Alaska State type teams.


Not much good at all about UNC's effort in this game, escept the defense of course. They care about beating their opponent, apparently with a few exceptions, but hopefully that will be fixed rather quickly.

Interestingly, both defenses

Interestingly, both defenses came to play. Both played very well and played with heart and passion. Bizarre that UNC's offense was asleep at the wheel. What does it say? It says the ship is a bit rudderless at the moment. Also Renner's lack of experience clearly was evident. I have faith in his leadership qualities though. As for States offense: I wouldn't be jumping up and down about that at the moment unless you want to complain. It is very clear that they have a long ways to go. However they got the job done so hats off to them. 

News flash

No team ever wants to lose no matter the game. Period.

I didnt really see anything

This year.


I think the actual altercation was UNC's offensive execution.



I'd agree..

if this actually happened it's sad. A person is responsible for their behavior. Inability to control one's self is indicative of a potentially larger problem. Of course, in is integral in football to work one's self into an emotional frenzy when playing. That in no way is ever an excuse for disrespecting others in the same pursuit.

I still can't figure how DPM

I still can't figure how DPM got into school at UNC.  He failed to meet minimum NCAA requirements but UNC managed to get some sort of waiver from the NCAA and he was able to get admitted.


If this is true, this only adds to DPM's "legacy."

Paige-Moss spit on one of

Paige-Moss spit on one of our players.  Classy stuff.

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