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Lawson doesn't expect further punishment

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CHAPEL HILL — If not for his June arrest for driving after consuming alcohol underage, North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson might be playing in the NBA.

Which is why, Lawson said Wednesday, coach Roy Williams told him there won’t be much more disciplinary action after the season starts.

“He said I probably was already punished enough by Larry Bird and them calling, Indiana … and not being able to go the the League and it affecting me,’’ Lawson said. “So I don’t think too many things [will happen]. Probably one sprint or a couple of sprints, but not too much, he said.”

Under a Tuesday plea agreement, Lawson was granted a Prayer for Judgment Continued on the charge of driving after consuming alcohol under the age of 21.

That means the conviction will stay off his record as long as he stays out of trouble. Prosecutors dismissed a driving while license revoked charge and a noise ordinance violation. Under the agreement, Lawson had already completed 26 hours of community service, an alcohol assessment and a four-page report on the impact of drinking and driving.

Asked again through a team spokesman Wednesday night if Lawson would be disciplined, Williams said: "It's an internal matter. I will deal with it."

The arrest, though, came while the speedy guard was “testing the waters” of the NBA — working out for teams while trying to decide whether to return for his junior season.

Asked if his arrest played into his decision to return to school, Lawson said: “Yeah, I think so. Because Coach talked to Larry Bird and they were real high on me. … But they called and said they had a lot of problems with things like that … there were a couple people they named. But they called and said they just can’t take a chance. It probably affected it [my decision] a little bit.”

He said he wanted to go at least top 15; the Pacers had the 11th pick.

How frustrating was it?

“You live and you learn," he said. "You go through things. Maybe it happened for a reason. You can’t go back and think about it now. You can’t change things. So I’m just looking forward."


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you are an is

you are an is still illegal if you arent 21 and there should still be punishment for do you get out of a underage dui when you are caught doing so w/o a liscense? damn tarholes in the court systems too, i wish the judge went to duke and put the jerk behind bars

Mad Max

who do we care if you respect them anyway!? furthermore, you didnt RESPECT UNC to begin with!!

at least it doesn't come from the head coach (Valvano). now there was a man who didnt respect rules!!

as Mike Patrick would say,

as Mike Patrick would say, "Holy cow"....or maybe a Dan Bonner, "Oh my". this is just ridiculous. i can't even believe what i just read. how can anyone honestly respect roy williams and unc now? what a joke their thug-filled program is...and don't even try to deny it tarheel fan, the facts speak for themselves

the truth comes out

Though the n&o didn't release this part of the statement, on wral they quote ty saying:
“I wasn’t going to go as high as I wanted to go,” Lawson said. “I probably would have [gone] in the first round, but it wouldn’t have been as high as I wanted. If I came back this year, I could probably do better and go higher, so that’s the reason I came back.”

This should end the debate that "he came back because he loves his school so much."

Ty Lawson

The University of Georgia suspended one of their seniors for his entire final season for being arrested (not convicted) of virtually the same charges as Lawson. It is beyond belief that he will not be similarly disciplined. What does that say about Roy Williams and UNC? Is the supposed laydown national championship more important than maintaining their integrity? Apparently so. And what does the reaction of Larry Bird have to do with enforcing team and university rules other than to show that it was a serious matter requiring appropriate punishment. Way to go Roy, you got your star guard back because of his illegal conduct and call that turn of events sufficient discipline. Shame on you.

dookie only floats in Durham

How does a senior get a drinking under the age of 21 arrest? If he was a senior, he should have been at least 21 years old...I call BS.

Huge Duke fan here.  All I

Huge Duke fan here.  All I can say is, give it a rest.  He wasn't drunk driving.  All kids his age drink.  As long as he wasn't over .08, it is no big deal. 

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