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Late Hits: Dec. 1

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Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets' 45-42 win is their first over Georgia since 2000 and the ACC's biggest win since ... I'm thinking ... still thinking ... need help from Google ... Clemson's win over Tennessee in the 2004 Peach Bowl.

Tom O'Brien saved N.C. State's season from 2-6 and BC's Jeff Jagodzinski won the Atlantic Division without Matt Ryan and neither did as good of a job as Paul Johnson this season.

Clemson: The Tigers could have quit after six games. Heck, their coach did. But they stuck with it long enough to finish 7-5. Who knows? The 31-14 win over South Carolina might send the Ol' Ball Coach into hibernation.

Although at this rate — Clemson is 3-1 against the OBC — the IPTAYers might want the Gamecocks to keep the formerly feared visor-thrower around longer.

Miami: The Hurricanes are the ACC's youngest team and deserve a hat tip for reaching 7-5 in Randy Shannon's second season.
However, there are two decisions that have set off alarm bells to anyone who cares about The U:

1) Hiring Patrick "Let's ignore Calvin Johnson" Nix as the offensive coordinator.

2) Sticking with Robert Marve over Jacory Harris at quarterback.

In-state rivals:
Where's the chaos? Alabama, Florida and Oklahoma drilled their respective in-state rivals by a combined score of 142-53. Tough to tell which was more pathetic — FSU's defense or Auburn's offense.

The Gators and Urban Meyer have already lapped the Seminoles. FSU is kidding itself if it thinks Jimbo Fisher can close the gap.



Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy doesn't read the newspaper because it's "garbage," but after Saturday's 61-41 loss to Oklahoma, he might want to clip this out, laminate it and put it in his pocket for the next game:


Down two points with 11:35 left in the third quarter, Gundy set out his "good kids" to go for the two-point conversion. Quarterback Zac Robinson summarily fumbled the ball and Oklahoma returned it for two points and a four-point lead.
Gundy might be a man, but he's not much of a game manager.

Next week, we'll tackle Gundy's defense, which, well, needs to learn how to tackle.



1. Georgia Tech (5-3)
2. Boston College (5-3)
3. Florida State (5-3)
4. Virginia Tech (5-3)
5. N.C. State (4-4)
6. Maryland (4-4)
7. Clemson (4-4)
8. UNC (4-4)
9. Miami (4-4)
10. Wake Forest (4-4)
11. Virginia (3-5)
12. Duke (1-7)

Tom O'Brien said N.C. State is the best team in the ACC right now. Paul Johnson begs to differ, and with the ACC's biggest win outside the league this millennium, you have to side with the Yellow Jackets.

Overall, better year out of the ACC than expected. Solid B-minus.


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If NCSU played the season like a marathon, and not a sprint

They'd be in a great bowl slot. As for the ACC rankings, I disagree.

hold on just a sec...i'm

hold on just a sec...i'm pretty sure TOB didn't say state was the best team in the conference right now, let's not alter his words. he said he didn't know of anyone else in the conference playing better than the pack right now...and that is a very valid statement. who has the longest current winning streak in the acc?

miami shouldn't be too disappointed. as you said, they should get a hat tip for finishing 7-5. but, i think they played well last saturday; nc state just refused to lose that ball game. also, the game against unc was all but won by miami. if that reciever holds onto the ball at the end of the game, miami wins.

you're missing one big game from the "in-state rivals" section. 41-10 ring a bell to anyone? haha, other than the TOB wordplay, good post JP

NCSU = the best. LOL

TOB seriously does not think he has the best squad in the ACC. If he did, he wouldnt tell us that anyways. It is b/c he knows he'll need outside help to get the bowl game. and they'll get one (bowl game), dont get me wrong.


TOB never said we were the best in the conference.  He only said we were the best in the State after we went 4-0 vs. ECU, Duke, Wake and UNCCH (41-10).  And we'll need help for sure, but hopefully the people who make such decisions will take into account our 3rd toughest schedule in the country.

From Saturday's post-game

 "We're playing the best of any team in this conference."

"we're playing the best of

"we're playing the best of any team" and "we are the best team" are two different things and you know it. look at the ncaa tourney in many times have you seen that team X was the best team in the field, yet still lost? and why? because they were not playing the best of any team in the field.

uhhh ...

this is what JPG said Tom said up above ... all I got to go on.


"Tom O'Brien said N.C. State is the best team in the ACC right now."

TOB is crazy and was posturing for a bowl upgrade.

all unc fan put aside and

i would like to know why the schedule was *so* tough?

was it SC that finished 7-5?
was it South Florida that finished below 2 Big East teams that UNC beat?
Or was it playing an overrated WF & ECU team.
Or was it playing a Clemson team tha tunderachieved .

i dont see how thats #3?

idk where 3rd came from, but

idk where 3rd came from, but 23rd is the ranking i'm finding...still very respectable. yeah SC finished many SEC teams did unc play?

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