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Junior QB Wilson to be honored with Pack seniors

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N.C. State junior quarterback Russell Wilson will be honored with the Wolfpack seniors on senior day before Saturday’s 2 p.m. game with Wake Forest at Carter-Finley Stadium.

Coach Tom O’Brien said Monday that he doesn’t have any information on whether Wilson, who played pro baseball last summer in the Colorado Rockies organization, will return for more football in 2011.

Wilson already has his bachelor’s degree in communications and is taking graduate school classes this semester. O’Brien said he hasn’t discussed 2011 with Wilson and doesn’t plan to discuss it until after this season is over.

“There are too many things for us to play for right now to be worried about next year,” O’Brien said.

Wilson has declined on numerous occasions to discuss what he plans to do after the 2010 season ends.

O’Brien’s decision to honor Wilson on Saturday partly is a result of missing an opportunity to honor running back Toney Baker after the 2009 season. Baker was cleared to return for a sixth season and had told O’Brien he planned to return for 2010.

But Baker changed his mind after the season and didn’t get honored.

“Russell is going to go out, and this could very well be his last game,” O’Brien said. “If it is, we’re going to honor him with everybody else who’s going to play their last game.”


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...have way too much time on your hands!

In this instance, Gator is wrong in his assertions.  Wilson is an academic senior and should be honored on Senior Day.  Likewise, he should "take the money and run" next year to MLB or the NFL.  Russell Wilson is a phenomenal talent, leader and appears to be a solid citizen off the field.   Granted, unlike last year, he has hurt his team with some poor decisions on the field...yet the body of work is quite impressive.

Any day of any week, give me one Wilson Russell in exchange for several TJ Yates.



Well, this is what we all have been waiting on; heelsno1 final decision. :)

So by your assertion, any red shirt junior who qualifies should be paraded out front on Senior Day. That's logical.

Won't get a warm reception in here

But I disagree with this. It is called Senior Day for a reason. I realize this does happen from time to time, but it is for the elite and RW is not "the elite."


The first part of your silly statement is somewhat comprehensible and makes a lil bit of sense considering Russell is a RS Junior on-the-field (though that means HE'S A SENIOR OFF-THE-FIELD/SCHOOL), but what is your cryptic definition of "elite" supposed to say. Because the traditional definition of elite means someone that is a standout of a particular group due to power, wealth, and/or ability. Russell Wilson certainly makes all of those categories, even though he's not having his best season this year. 

Next time, please explain your bias with more appropriate terms. 



All American or conference POY. Being a red shirt has nothing to do with him being a junior on the field. What right has he earned to walk with the Seniors?


Oh, I don't know...there's this little thing called getting a degree and being a senior in his classroom schedule that may have something to do with him being able to walk on the field with the traditional seniors considering he's a senior in the classroom. I know that fact may be hard for you to understand since Russell actually worked for his degree, didn't have tutors doing the work for him, and thus received it by way of merit. And what the hell would him being AA (ahem, you know that list doesn't come out till after the season) or POY (once again, that list doesn't come out till after the season) have anything to do with him walking out with the seniors? But, by all means, alligator mouth, hate on; it's what you do best.



Enough with the low blows on cheating.  Some of our guys cheated, some of your guys cheat.  The difference is that ours were caught.  Some of our guys smoke pot, some of your guys smoke pot.  The difference is that your guys found a loophole to get the charges dropped.  Your guys videotape themselves stealing from Wal Mart, our guys........don't.  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

What kind of week would it be without a fight between Gatr and YAR8?

In regards to the Wal-Mart

In regards to the Wal-Mart thing - I think it was Byrd who was on the video and it later came out that they didn't actually steal anything.  It was paid for, they just wanted to act thug or whatever by acting like they stole stuff from Wal-Mart.  Still completely stupid, but they didn't actually steal anything.  


Also I'm sure players cheat everywhere.  What doesn't happen everywhere is John Blake's role in the cheating.


Whew, you boys take this blogging thing waaaaaaay too seriously. I swear. I just like stoking the fires of opposition. What's a good blog without an opposing view from each side? The answer: there wouldn't be a blog. 

Since y'all get ruffled so easily, I wouldn't suggest going over to the ESPN boards. You wouldn't make it 10 minutes over there. 

Also, heels, how many times have I made any attacks towards what's going on over in Chapel Hill? Glad you got all riled up over this lil jest. You should direct your angst towards marvelous Marv. I'm sure you can find him in the library, studying his lil heart out. 

Truth is, I'm a bit apprehensive of Russell getting any sort of recognition. That sort of thing reminds of the time I watched UMD comeback to beat State on Philip Rivers' Senior Day. Of course, Rivers was truly a Senior. :-O Man, I can still see TA Mc"Fumble and Get Hurt" getting ROCKED by that UMD linebacker to force that costly TO. 

Don't forget Kiker's missed 26 yarder

Who said I got riled up?  It was more of a "okay, it's getting old now" comment, considering it's the only thing irrational State fans want to talk about.  I prefer having an intelligent conversation.

If you're a fan of the ESPN boards, then that totally explains why you sometimes post stuff like that.  Those people are mentally challenged, and most of them are probably under the age of 12.  Kind of creepy...

Aww. So sweet.

Nice of you to play the role of an ASSumer in that I'm a consistent proponent of the ESPN boards. In no way did I say that. I merely suggested that some of the posters on here couldn't take the blog atmosphere at ESPN, what with some of those same posters being so easily wounded. But by all means, continue your ASSuming ways.

As for your 2nd post: you forgot "Cow College" for unc and "FIRE Shannon" for Da U. 


You can set your clock

To your, " oh you guys take the message board thing too seriously!" you are the one who flys off the handle every time someone posts something you do not like. Furthermore, you ALWAYS post that same line when you're stuck. Makes me laugh!!

And if you do spend time at the espn blog, you are a nut and suspicions are confirmed. What a nut house!! I signed up during the '09 run. What a mistake. I played for a single night. You post similar to those guys/gals.


We can all set out clocks to gaytr being an idiot. Need proof? If you're going to try to quote someone, make sure the person actually made the statement that you stupidly put quotes around. C'mon, you can do it. Lil hint: if it's not a direct quote, it's called paraphrasing. 

Thank you ladies for proving my point. Now go let some air out of your collective chests. This blog isn't your territory, but you sure act like it is. 

I just enjoy picking at you tar squeals fans. You're so easily wounded anytime someone makes a statement that goes against what you claim as gospel, and your most recent dedication to posting against my statements proves as much.


Il y a  gros cochons dans

Il y a  gros cochons dans la toute le Monde. Nous sommes hommes meilleur. Nous sommes pas?

In the real world


But, where do you stop when you basically trot a .500 qb out on senior day when he is not listed as a senior on the football field? What makes him so special? He certainly has no hardware proving him worthy.

Surely there have been far better players NOT allowed to walk on this day.

Why doesn't TOB hand him a participation trophy while he is at it.

I'm sure y'all are tired of me talking about it, but it is what I think.


Sounds like Gramps got his feelings hurt.  Go take a laxative.  You'll feel better.

Here's a quote

"You're so easily wounded anytime someone makes a statement that goes against what you claim as gospel, and your most recent dedication to posting against my statements proves as much."

Hhmm. You are correct. Every time I post something you get bent out of shape and immediately start the name calling and insults.

Outside of Bluecat, who does it intentionally, no one in here acts more childish and gets bent out of shape more than you, yar8pack.


Stop ASSuming you butthurt Gaytard! You take this way too seriously!

Just a follow up

For anyone who actually has the time to waste on ESPN boards, here are a couple T shirt designs that you and your friends might enjoy:


Clemson: Dabo for Coach of the Year!...(5 minutes later)...Fire Dabo!



Georgia Tech: It's the SPREAD option, and the BEST offense in the nation!

Maryland: F*** YOU M***** F****** C*** S******


NCSU: 41-10! State Champions! Carowhina Tar Holes cheat and whine...wait, THROW THE FLAG!


Virginia: Oh well, we always beat the Heels...oh wait....

Virginia Tech: OWN THE ACC!

Wake Forest: Bzdelik will be 2011 Coach of the Year

There's no inbetween, every fan is delusional to the extreme.

I'd hate to think about it

For the weekly fight to not exsist would mean one of us crossed the river. I sure would miss the little fella if it happened to him.

No bias on your part either

The guy is a junior on the field. He can graduate all he wants, but the fact of the matter is he can come back next year and play WHIlE THE SENIORS THIS YEAR CANNOT!

As far as awards are given out; he hasn't won any POY awards the last two years and hasn't been recognized as an AA either. Going forward he is not in consideration for either award this year. Matter of fact, the guy has been a bust all things considered this season. Am I wrong?

I'd like to hear your reasons on why he should be honored instead of your usual immature attacks on me. I'll send you a poster of me so you can thrwo darts at it if you like!

right and wrong

You are right that RW shouldn't be honored as a senior this year. This should be limited to players in their last year of sports eligibility. Athletes leave before their senior year all the time. Russell will decide whether he comes back or not. Whether or not he will participate in Senior Day is not likely part of that decision making process at all.

On the other hand, Russell has been a bust this year? By almost any standard, he is having an outstanding year and his team is performing better than most expected them to. The fact that disappointment in him has been expressed (I am guilty of that as are others) is just a reflection of how high he has set the standard for himself.

And, despite the recent groundswell of support for TJ Yates as ACC POY, I suspect that, at the end of the season, RW will be the choice for 1st team ACC QB, if not player of the year. In any event, hardly a bust.

Sorry I agree with H20 that

Sorry I agree with H20 that Tyrod will get the honors this year. He is putting up the best numbers to date. Still there is football left to be played. As far as walking as a Senior is concerned, I agree with JPD that it should be reserved for players in their last year of eligibility. I see you point Yar8 but tradition is tradition. If anything you are probably right and TOB knows RW will not be returning and wants to honor his spectacular career at State. Understandable. 

RW has always been one of my favorite players in the ACC and so I have no beef with any of this.

ACc poy comes to a head ...

This weekend in CH. TJ vs Tyrod. These are clearly your front runners. The winner ought to take the lead after Saturday night unless the loser really out duels the other one.

Wish I could agree

But I don't think TJ is a front runner for POY.  I think he is most definitely a top 3 QB in the conference, but voters are going to be all over Taylor and Wilson.

I think TJ most definitely

I think TJ most definitely has a shot. He gets both of his competitors head to head the next two weeks. Should be interesting

All things considered

Those were the words I used to define him as a bust for the year. He was a Heismam Hopeful before the season. That possibility has long been gone. Time and again he gas thrown costly int's in games they could or should have won. State fans have been bitching more than praising him this season.

It is short of insane and delusional to honor him with Seniors while he is listed as a junior. He's not done near enough to deserve this reward. Come on back next season, RW.


If VT defeats UNC and Miami, as I suspect they will, Tyrod Taylor will be 1st team All ACC, and quite possibly POY.  It's just how the system works.


If I recall he is, or was, under consideration for the Heisman Trophy. Perhaps TOB has a good idea he won't be back and wants the proper goodby?

Could be

I would be amazed if Russell came back for another year. Still, he is not a senior and should not be honored as such.

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