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Jim Boeheim will not be Greensboro's Man of the Year

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Remember years ago how some ACC traditionalists harrumphed when Roy Williams compared the ACC tournament to a meaningless cocktail party?

How do you think the league is going to take the comments of ACC transplant coach Jim Boeheim, who is decidedly not excited to swap Syracuse's annual trips to New York's  Madison Square Garden for March treks to Greensboro for the ACC tournament?

The Birmingham (Ala.) News reported today that in a morning appearance at the  Monday Morning Quarterback Club, Boeheim said he expects the ACC tournament will mostly be held in the South and occasionally come to Madison Square Garden, where the Big East holds its annual tournament.

Then he unloaded this zinger:

"It's a great place for a tournament," he said. "Where would you want to go to to a tournament for five days? Let's see: Greensboro, North Carolina, or New York City? Jeez. Let me think about that one and get back to you."

Oh, and Boeheim guesses that Connecticut and Rutgers will also defect to the ACC, for what it's worth.


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Boheim is a foul mouth jerk. I remember a few years ago when he brought his team to Charlotte and his mouth was so foul the fans behind his bench complained to the ushers. I know because I was there.

He's lucky  to be in the ACC, but unlucky not to have so many pushovers to play in his league schedule.


People complained to the ushers concerning the salty language of a coach? What exactly did they expect would happen? The ushers would kick him out? Did they think they were in the Dean Dome? Crazy.

Well, it's a good thing

Well, it's a good thing Jimmy will only be in Greensboro for 2 days then ...

+1  :-)

+1  :-)

Hey Boeheim

Greensboro has better barbecue, english speaking cab drivers, and fewer muggers.  What's not to like........


Since when did GSO start serving eastern style ?

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