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Holtz withdraws from Syracuse search

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East Carolina coach Skip Holtz has withdrawn his name from consideration as Syracuse's head coach and declined further discussions regarding the topic.

"While it is always flattering for others to have interest in your abilities," Holtz said in a statement issued by the school, "I simply am too focused on our preparations for the bowl game and many other of our short and long-term goals to fairly evaluate what I feel is a promising situation at Syracuse."

The statement only references Syracuse, not Holtz's intent to remain at ECU for the 2009 season. But questions about his potential interest in job openings at Auburn and elsewhere followed him this afternoon to Memphis, where Holtz attended a news conference held by Liberty Bowl organizers.

"You know what? I'm happy with the one I have," Holtz said when asked by N&O sportswriter A.J. Carr about other coaching jobs. "I'm excited about having the opportunity to be here at East Carolina and [to] represent East Carolina in this bowl game. And I'll be more than happy to maybe address all those things with our own media in Greenville when we have the opportunity to get back there.

"We have bowl practice this week, but right now the focus is on today ..."

Holtz is flying back from Memphis today and will lead the Pirates in the first of three weekend practice sessions.

The 44-year-old Holtz is 29-21 in his fourth season at ECU. Syracuse fired Greg Robinson after four seasons at the Big East school.

The 9-4 Pirates, who won the Conference USA championship, will face Kentucky in the Liberty Bowl on Jan. 2 in Memphis.


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What kind of a TV market does VA Tech bring to the ACC? Not much more than ECU would bring, I bet. If ECU were in the ACC and made the conference championship game, there would be 15,000 ECU fans at the game instead of 15,000 in the whole stadium, probably more than that.




"I don't think ECU would have gained anything by joining the ACC, with the exception of being in the BCS."

Just what planet do you live on?

i would trade ECU for Boston

i would trade ECU for Boston College any day....

why is BC in the ACC agian?

that tube that says in the middle of your home

the NE television market.

I hate to say this,

but I don't think anyone in Boston is watching BC. In the fall, it's the Patriots, in winter..Celtics, and spring is all about the sawx.

Looking to Virginia

Notre dame may be looking for a coach again very soon and would be lucky to have Skip but I believe Notre Dame will have a few other high profile coaches to sift thru first. UVA will soon come calling on Skip and he will then have a decision to make. A few other schools could have Skip on the radar but I believe Skip should stay in Greenville. I'm hoping the next ACC expansion will include ECU and Skip could be the catalyst to back Holland up when that time comes. The ACC should have picked ECU over BC anyway.

I think that Skip will be

I think that Skip will be very high on ND wish lists once Weis is fired, especially if skip can repeat the success he had this year again.  I can't Skip looking at UVA.  Not that I doubt they too will be looking for a new coach or that they won't go after Skip either, But he has no ties to UVA, and I really couldn't see him leaving ECU to go to UVA.  But, I think the only school he will leave Greenville for is ND.  It's just a matter of time for when they come calling.

ECU to the ACC

I do agree with you on that partly, they should have added ECU to the ACC last time we expanded. I think it would have added to the rivalies b/w the schools since they would have been in the same conference.


However, I don't think that it will happen. My reasoning is this: that would give the ACC 5 NC way the other schools go along with it 

I disagree

Although I disagree with the ACC expansion,  I think it was a good idea not to include ECU in the expansion.  I don't think ECU would have gained anything by joining the ACC, with the exception of being in the BCS.  For years, ECU has been overlooked by ACC schools, and if they had joined the ACC it wouldn't have changed.  People would have looked at ECU the same way they do at Duke in football  As "why are you even here"  So, not being in the ACC, Looks that much better for ECU when they beat these schools.  I do think that within a few years they might be able to join the Big East.

ECU and the ACC

nobody in the ACC would be looking at ECU like they were DUIke as far as football goes.  now the basketball team would be a whole different story no matter how improved they are this season.  NCSU and UVa would welcome ECU to the basketball conference!!

ECU came up short and will continue to come up short because of the sorry market they are in.  it brings hardly any viewership.  ECU will never be allowed in the ACC.

I don't think ECU should be in the ACC either.

It makes no sense to saturate NC with including ECU. The ACC already has the majority of NC covered. While BC was a good idea, it just isn't realistic. Why not select a region and embrace it? Go for S. Carolina, WVU, or S. Florida. In the case of USF, they are a recent arrival on the college scene, but have done relatively well. I'm sure the experts had reasons and patience to see this thing work, though. Could you imagine Kentucky in the ACC?


He's is probably waiting to see if Charlie gets kicked out of ND then head over there since Lou was their HC and all of that good stuff

Two words

Pat Dye.

Thats good news

It;s great to hear he is no longer in the running fir SU job. Not that I actually thought he would leave. But the SEC is a different story then the big east. I don't think he will go Auburn either, but I would expect them to offer a hefty sum of money as well.

Skip, Stay in Greenville, Win the Bowl game, and then come back next year and try to build even more on the success we had this year.

Go Pirates!

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