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Eight reasons to watch ACC football

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The ACC has lost eight straight BCS bowl games and no ACC team is considered a serious national championship contender.

But the conference always is entertaining, even when it doesn’t make a splash nationally.

Here are some reasons to watch as the conference’s annual media kickoff (starting Sunday, July 20) approaches: 

• Jim Grobe. He may be the best coach in the nation and is back at Wake Forest after Arkansas took a serious run at him. With junior QB Riley Skinner and sophomore RB Josh Adams in the backfield, Grobe will get Wake Forest in the ACC title hunt again.

• Tar Heels rising? North Carolina still has to mature entering coach Butch Davis’ second season. But the Tar Heels possess promising skill players (WRs Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Tate, RB Greg Little and QB T.J. Yates) and have a chance to move up in the Coastal Division — which might be the worst division in any BCS conference.

• C.J. Spiller. Clemson RB and kick returner is one of the most exciting players in college football and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.

• New regimes. David Cutcliffe’s 44-29 record at Ole Miss demonstrated that he can win at a program that often struggles, and that’s encouraging for Duke. It will be fascinating to see if Paul Johnson’s option game at Georgia Tech can be as successful in a BCS conference as it was at Navy.

• QB search. Daniel Evans, Justin Burke, Harrison Beck, Russell Wilson and freshman Mike Glennon all have a chance to earn the N.C. State starting quarterback job entering camp. Here’s a guess that dual-threat redshirt freshman Wilson winds up starting while Glennon redshirts.

• What about Bobby? Bobby Bowden, 78, enters the season with Florida State reeling from an academic scandal. If the Seminoles struggle, don’t be surprised if Bowden retires at the end of the season and turns over the team to designated successor Jimbo Fisher.

• Miami LBs. Coach Randy Shannon’s first full recruiting class includes the most celebrated group of linebackers in the nation. Watch for early-enrolled spring game standouts Arthur Brown and Sean Spence.

• Hokie Platoon? Sean Glennon had the more impressive spring after sharing time with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback last season. Will Virginia Tech again try a two-QB system as it pursues a second straight ACC title?


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YeAH YOU sec Fans ..bash the ACC but remember on Draft Day the ACC kicks out really good products..Remember...Lawrence Taylor, Julius Peppers,Torry Holt, all of FSU,Philip Rivers,Len Dawson.Just to name a few...

SEC Rules!

Moving to the triangle two years ago, it seems that State fans are the only ones that actually care about college football around here. Regardless, ACC football is hard to watch. The ACC is not remotely close to the level of play and intensity of the SEC. I have been to several games from both conferences, and there is no comparison. I will go to some State games this year and enjoy them, but it's definitely not the same. GO DAWGS!!

Most are missing the point

Most are missing the point here. Whether you go to Winston, Chapel Hill, Raleigh or god forbid, Durham, The thrill of attending one of these games is truly a great priviledge! Especially as the leaves are changing and the air has a crisp feel to it, college football is awesome! So go ahead, bash our states football programs, but if you've been you know it's not about winning all the time. Sure, it stinks if your team is non-competive, but pour another bourbon and coke and enjoy the sights and sounds(Hark the Sound)! Go Heels!

Be proud and support your

Be proud and support your team. But buy GamePlan on pay-per-view or whatever and watch teams that might actually be playing in January. The ACC is a joke in football.

8 reasons to watch ACC football

a. I watch all UNC games and all UVA games that are on TV in my area. b. I likely will watch a few other ACC games, ones that appear they will be good contests between winning (if not good) teams, but I do not make any effort to watch any specific ACC team other than UNC and UVA.

TOB in Da House !

TOB : 1-0
Butch Davis : 0-1

Nuff Said.

Catch the Excitement

The most exciting game every year is the defenseless duo of NCSU and Duke. Always high scoring and down to the last possession.

8 Weak Reasons To Watch ACC Football

I'm a State fan and I'll follow my team no matter what their record is, but to pretend that ACC football overall is very exciting is an incredible stretch. For some reason the quality of play has dropped incredibly since expansion. I favor Va Tech in the ACC but except for their play and perhaps Wake's, few other teams have offered much reason to applaud or detest FSU, Miami, Ga Tech, and BC have fallen apart in the past couple of years. NCSU, UVa, UNC and Clemson have only been entertaining at times.

I see few of your points making me want to be excited about the upcoming season. With a few tweeks, most of those reasons to be excited could easily be changed to "reasons not to watch". The ACC is suffering from very poor leadership from Swofford and is a conference that seems to be stretched too far with few meaningful rivalries. I hope for the best but much like Nascar, the competition level is only mildly exciting.

Don't bother baiting the

Don't bother baiting the State guys. All they are ever looking for is a fight to try to make themselves feel mildly relevant. Unfortunately for our rivalry - they aren't.

As a trizophrenic family, I

As a trizophrenic family, I have to follow WFU, NCSU, and UNC. My nuclear family has members with degrees from each of them. It is however, hard for me to follow the Devil from Durham, --I keep having to remind myself that it really is from NC and not NJ or NY. lol But I agree, it should be an intersting season around here. A UNC fan that does not follow NCSU and Duke is a bit arrogant--one should always know one's enemy. And unless you are in some kind of really elitist subculture--you have to interact with them on a daily basis (at least NCSU fans). Same goes for an NCSU fan that does not follow UNC. The beauty of being a WFU fan is that really no one in their right mind can have intense dislike for them. Ignore them maybe, admire them maybe--but what is there to dislike?

And no matter how much a UNC fan wants to think so, if one lives in this state--bragging rights over NCSU are the rights that are truly important. And vice versa. For you get to exercise those rights on a daily basis-not just occasionally.


Big Four still to me

I'm an NCSU grad and diehard fan, but WF has always been my second fav team.  If nothing else, they are always good for kicking UNC's arrogant butt on occasion.  Go Deacs!





I'm back. and so is UNC

As to the watchability.... we all have our choices. I, for one, don't watch Duke or NCSU. I do appreciate every stalwart fan. That is why I'll say..... I'm going to watch UNC play. I'll be at all the home games. I think they're going to be much improved. I also think they'll win a couple that no one gives them a chance to win. As for Duke and NCSU, I can't say a thing as I just don't follow them.

Why Carolina

I only have one comment. Why publish any thoughts about N. Carolina as who would in their right mind watch them play anything.


Sounds like the typical state fan.  I guess they are ready for another national championship.  According to NCSU fans they are contenders every year.   Oh man, I have to stop.  I'm about to pee on myself.    Don't get me wrong I will watch State play, but the only thing NCSU fans are good for is a good laugh when they show their angry faces on TV, AGAIN.  "Hey everyone come watch TV, angry state fans!"  The only thing State will be champions of is mediocrity.  And they celebrate it.  

Sounds like a little

Sounds like a little jealousy to me.

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