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Duke's football stadium needs help

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Duke's new AD Kevin White is a quick study. The man who jumped from Notre Dame to Duke noticed the conspicuous difference between a first-class football stadium and Duke's.

"We need to do an awful lot at Wallace Wade," White said. "This
facility is antiquated at best, and we just have got to come in here
and do a pretty significant makeover. Not a facelift, but a makeover."

It's not that Duke's previous leaders didn't realize Wally Wade needed an upgrade, it's just the chicken-egg syndrome. Duke has very few football fans — the worst attendance among the 66 BCS teams — and therefore little incentive — and football-generated cash flow — to improve the 79-year-old horseshoe.

The 15,000 Duke football fans don't need heated leather seats, but indoor plumbing would be a nice "Welcome to the 20th century" feature.

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They should just bulldoze

They should just bulldoze the place and move their games to Northern High School. It's much safer there, the bathrooms work and they still won't have to worry about filling it up.

Dook's football "stadium" needs help

1. Duh . . . 2. Dook has 15,000 football fans?



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