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Challenging incentives in Gottfried's contract

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Mark Gottfried and Wolfpack AD Debbie Yow speak with the media after his introduction. ETHAN HYMAN -

RALEIGH– New N.C. State basketball coach Mark Gottfried’s contract, which was approved by the school’s Board of Trustees on Friday, is loaded with incentives, many of which will be difficult to reach.

Athletics director Debbie Yow explained the basics of the contract on April 5, when Gottfried was hired. It’s a five-year deal with an automatic, two-year rollover if N.C. State reaches the NCAA tournament in 2012 or 2013.

Gottfried has an annual salary of $750,000 a year and will earn an additional $450,000 a year in quarterly installments as long as he remains the team’s coach.

"We're extraordinarily pleased that Coach Gottfried is our basketball coach, and look forward to returning to the NCAA tournament and continuing to graduate our student-athletes," Yow said while leaving the Trustees’ meeting Friday morning.

The contract calls for Gottfried to be paid his salary multiplied by the number of years remaining on the contract if he is fired. Should he leave for another coaching job, Gottfried will have to pay the school a buyout equal to his salary times the number of years remaining on the contract.

Gottfried, who coached Alabama for 11 seasons and most recently served as an ESPN analyst, also can earn up to $1 million in incentives - $750,000 for on-court performance and the rest for academic accomplishments of his players.

For on-court achievements, Gottfried can earn:

  • Two months’ salary ($125,000) if the team wins the ACC regular season, or one month’s salary ($62,500) as ACC runner up.
  • Two months’ salary if the team wins the ACC tournament, or one month’s salary as tournament runner up.
  • One month’s salary for reaching the NCAA regional semifinals, with an additional one month’s salary for reaching the regional final, and another month’s salary for getting to the Final Four.
  • An additional two months’ salary for reaching the NCAA championship game, and another three months’ extra salary ($187,500) for winning the NCAA title.

Gottfried has eight academic incentives, each worth a half-month’s salary ($31,250). He would be paid that amount each time N.C. State exceeds the national average for men’s basketball in academic progress rate, federal graduation rate or graduation success rate.

He also would receive that amount for an academic progress rate in the top 50 percent of public schools in the ACC; a team grade-point average of 3.0 or higher for scholarship players; a team cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for scholarship players; a player who is selected Academic All-American; or an ACC scholar athlete of the year selection.

Some of the academic incentives appear to be as difficult to achieve as the challenging on-court incentives. The only Academic All-America selections in N.C. State history were Terry Gannon in 1984 and 1985, and Todd Fuller in 1995 and 1996.

Gottfried also will receive two courtesy vehicles with paid liability insurance on each, a membership at the University Club or the State Club, and one free meal a day at Case Dining Hall. He will receive 20 tickets for N.C. State basketball games, 10 ACC tournament tickets, payment for six Final Four tickets, and six N.C. State football tickets.


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It's obvious to me that

It's obvious to me that Debbie is starting to turn this thing around...or at least the perception of Wolfpack athletics.  The fact that so many State-haters are coming out of the woodworks tells me that there are a lot of folks out there that are getting a little nervous.  Why else would all of you post so many comments in this thread about your "non-rival"?  It's very exciting to see all of these negative comments! 

Of course, don't let a State fan EVER comment on a UNC story, because we all know that means they are obsessed with Carolina.  UNC fans' hypocrisy is unmatched by any other fan base in the country.

Obvious !?

What is so obvious about DY turning this program around, Max. And I'm sorry, but saying there are some haters on this board doesn't mean she is "turning it around." If this were the case, every school in America would be doing so and we know that is impossible.

ncsu problems facts

Talk about problems! As of today here is what Kay Yow is facing concerning the competetiveness of NCSU in the ACC. The only team at NCSU that had a winning record in the ACC this year was the football team and that was 5-3. With Russell and Irving gone that will probably not happen again soon. Mens and womens basketball: 5-11 and 4-10,  baseball 9-12, softball 5-11, mens tennis 2-9, womens tennis 5-6

No teams in lacrosse or field hockey. Volley ball 4-16, swimming men and women 3-3 in conf. wrestling 1-4, mens soccer 1-5-2, womens 1-9. All this while their big brothers in Chapel Hill and Durham are winning ACC and Nat'l Championships all over the place. There is almost no rivalry at all between the teams at Chapel Hill and Durham for NCSU, The biggest rival that NCSU has in the state now is in Greenville. ECU is beating them in baseball, football and even in basketball on a regular basis. The truth of the matter, the talented  athletes in the state want no part of NCSU. State people  can talk about their "storied history", but when was that. State has not had a competetive basketball team since Valvano left them in trouble with the NCAA, Does Ms. Yow really think that a recycled basketball coach with a so-so past can do that job. Lots of luck! And as far as raising money, the real State  fans are tired of the hog farmers running every thing in Raleigh. The real donors are saying let the hog farmers get up the dough, they have all the say in everything in NCSU athletics


Might wanna focus your rant to something along the lines of "State sucks" or "UNC blah blah blah" snooty this and that if you want someone to read your drivel.

Say whatever you want, but Deb is trying, along with several others, to get State in the wins column. She's only been on the job one full year.

Go Wolfpack!

Drivel ?

The guy based his post on facts and you dismiss it as drivel. Denial.

I hope...

he's happy with his base salary. I don't see him hitting any of those incentives in the first contract, anyway. As for DY and academics... check UMd's graduation rates for football and basketball. I don't follow NCSU closely at all, but I seem to have read elsewhere Yow is saying the athletic dept needs more money. Doesn't NCSU have a huge booster club? I don't understand how they're not making money. Do they not sell out football or basketball games? Didn't they sell PSL's when they expanded the football stadium? Doesn't NCSU have a smaller athletic dept than UNC, UVa, etc... and thus gives out less scholarships? Where is the money needed? Oh the questions.....

How many free sports events does NCSU have??? None???

If NCSU was altruistic; it would offer all sports events for free...

Say what. They charge for sports? There is a waiting queue to get tickets? Sounds like capitalism???

Why can't I get NCSU football or basketball tickets??? Because more people who wants tickets exceeds the ticket supply.

I think we need a communist lottery for free tickets for NCSU sports. After all. NSCU is owned by the proletariat.

Not true

If you wanted ncsu season football or bball tix, all you have to do is order them. They didn't sell out last year and they will not this year.

Just one free meal a day?

Just one free meal a day? The poor man will starve.

You libs cannot tolerate capitalism

How much does a teacher contribute to the bottom line at NCSU? Hardly anything. So the are paid for their contributions to the university.

How much does a sports coach contribute to the bottom line at NCSU? $ Millions $. So the are paid for their contributions to the university.

When a coach gets his / her team into the tournaments, they generate more money for the school. Thus they get bonuses.

You never complained about Kay Yowe's compensation or her sister's new compensation as AD.

Your leaking diapers need to be changed. Where is your mommy??






Gotta love it when these guys make a million dollars a year and they're given a car for their wives too.

What a Joke?!


Not to rain or your parade

But ncsu hasn't gone to the Tourney in four or five years. Humans can't go hold it that long !!!!!

six years

State didn't go to NCAA at all during Sidney's 5-year stint in Raleigh.

I'm glad to know the tuition

I'm glad to know the tuition increases went to something useful for a change. *rolls eyes*

Debbie yow

For someone who constantly preaches academics she clearly has Gottfried's incentives arse backwards. Talk is cheap, DY !!

Never cease to amaze me

Once again you show us all that you obviously care more about NCSU athletics than UNC athletics.

Sound familiar?


Not really.

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