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Carter donates $2.5 million to Carolina Basketball Family Fund

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“Letterman’s Lane,” the brick walkway between the Smith Center and Koury Natatorium on North Carolina’s campus, will now be named for one basketball letterman in particular: Vince Carter.

The school announced today that the former All America has made a $2.5 million donation to the Carolina Basketball Family Fund, which paid for the renovations to the Smith Center basketball offices in 2010 and will support the operating endowment for the men’s basketball program.

It is the largest gift, to date, to the fund, earning him more than a brick on the walkway that honors every varsity player, coach, trainer and manager in the history of UNC basketball.

"My days as a Carolina student, both pre-NBA and during the summers after I was drafted, will always be special to me,” Carter said in a prepared statement.  “It goes without saying that I am a Tar Heel.  For several years, I have been thinking about something I could do to leave a legacy at UNC.  Lettermen's Lane is a perfect fit.”

Carter starred at Carolina from 1995-98, helping to the lead the Tar Heels to back-to-back NCAA Final Four appearances in 1997 and ’98.  He left UNC to become an NBA lottery pick after his junior season, but returned to earn his degree in African Studies in 2001.

“I am so pleased that Vince and his family are making such a statement about North Carolina basketball with this gift,” UNC coach Roy Williams said in a prepared statement.  “I have always known that he loves this University and our basketball team, but now he is showing it in a way that will help us for years to come.  He is a remarkable young man and this involvement of he and his family is truly outstanding.”

Athletic director Dick Baddour said in a statement that Carter’s gift “ensures the longevity of the program and will help guarantee that future Tar Heel players will have the same quality of experience that Vince did at Carolina.”

Chancellor Holden Thorp added in a prepared statement that Carter continues to be an example of what a UNC student-athlete can achieve: “His dedication to earning his UNC degree after he had begun his NBA career shows a devotion to his alma mater that extends beyond the basketball court. With this generous donation to the Carolina Basketball Family Fund, Vince secures his legacy as a Tar Heel while creating a place to honor others who have been key to the success of Carolina basketball over the years.”


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I went to N.C. State and got

I went to N.C. State and got two degrees which I actually worked for.  I have no problem with  African Studies IF he actually worked for his degree.  This scandal at UNC questions how much work goes into a diploma from the Diploma Mill at Chapel Hill.

african studies??????


Can't get into Carolina?

Can't read or tie your shoes? Don't worry. There's a program for you at.....


Can't get into Carolina?  Visit your local Walmart and call UNC a diploma mill.


He got a degree.. got rich from playing a sport.. and is giving back to the program that helped him get that way. He left early and came back to school to get degree. How many people here (not singling out anyone) went to college for even a  little while? How many of those left and got a job, then went back to finish. Sure, he should have got a degree in Public Health or Education, but when he enrolled there was no question where'd he end up.

Degree... or a piece of paper?

You'd think Mr. Carter would be embarrassed and ashamed to have received a piece of paper from the Diploma Mill at Chapel Hill.

I'm certainly not

ashamed of my UNC diploma. I grew up in a lower middle class family in Durham. My grades, and my father's hard work enabled me to go to UNC. I can provide my family with a better life than I had because of the education I received there. Call it what you want, but reality is what it is.


Don't let this Wake Tech drop out make you explain your accomplishments in life. More than likely Andy is bitter his dad rooted for state and, unfortunately, it made Andy a state fan. I'd be willing to bet Andy had just come in from picking soy beans for ten hours when he responded to your response.

African Studies!??!


You seem to have a problem

You seem to have a problem with African Studies andy. That says a lot about you.

African Studies?

Isn't that Michael McAdoo's major? Did Vince write McAdoo's term paper?


Nothing like a Carolina graduate giving back. You ought to check out what he's done down in Ormond Beach (Daytona).

Vince Stepping Up

I don't know why people who hate Carolina so much feel compelled to make a smart remark.  When a  member of the "Carolina Family" does something.  My question is why don't all these other players at other ACC schools do the same thing that former Carolina players do for Carolina????

People shouldn't throw stones since they live in glass houses.

It wasn't a "smart" remark.

It wasn't a "smart" remark. I was poking at the N&O and congratulating Vince for making the donation. Get you head out of the light blue cloud. Someone who pulls for another school can also appreciate what Vince did.

Tail Wagging Dog?

Hey, N&O! Is this just another case of the athletics tail wagging the academic dog? I'm not a UNC fan but congratulations for stepping up, Vince. Well done!

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