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Brosius' future in baseball

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Tyler Brosius hasn't played organized baseball since his senior year of high school two years ago but he has an undeniable raw talent, Walters State coach Ken Campbell said.

Brosius, N.C. State's backup quarterback a year ago, transferred to the Tennessee community college to play baseball, Campbell confirmed on Tuesday.

"The sky is the limit for him," Campbell said. "He's real raw because he hasn't played  in awhile."

Walters State had nine players sign with Division I baseball programs last season. Under NCAA rules, Brosius, who's entering his junior year, can enter the major league draft next summer.

Brosius was one of the top baseball prospects in the state at Tuscola High in Waynesville in western North Carolina. He hit 13 home runs with a .447 average as a senior in 2010.

He will pitch and play third base, as he did in high school, for Walters State, Campbell said.

Brosius' exit means freshman Manny Stocker will be Mike Glennon's backup for the Wolfpack. There's still a chance Stocker, who enrolled in January, could redshirt. Walk-on Garrett Leatham could be used in a similar role as Brosius, who appeared in six games, was used last season.

Not that N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien is real interested in a Plan B.

"We're going to have to keep Michael healthy," O'Brien said. "That would be the best play."


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perfect fit

Brosius,  perfiect fit for Walters State

Classic example

Lipstick being placed on a pig.


I'm not following.

My take on the situation:
Just speculation, but I'm assuming TB's grades weren't good enough to play for us this year (remember him and Mustafa weren't at the beginning of fall practice).  Good luck to the guy; hope he can find something to be successful in.
As for the impact to our team, I'm not sure this means a whole lot.  The little bit that I saw from Brosius didn't impress me at all.  In other words, if Glennon were to go down, I'm not sure TB would have been much more help than the other backups we have.  If Glennon isn't playing, we have NO chance this year.

You got it

His grades weren't good enough to stay at state. They were trying to "class up" a situation that was already speculated as ugly. I get it, though. I, too, partied through my college experience and did as little work as possible. I actually graduated and here's to SB putting in the extra work so he can somehow graduate from a community college.


Oh okay, I got ya now.


Mike Glennon has to stay healthy this year. I suspect Brosius could see that he was never going to start for the Pack, so he decided to make the change now. I have no idea what his chances are in baseball, but I know that the NFL was not in his future (at least not as a player). I wish the kid the best of luck.

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