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Baddour: Little's violations at UNC started after he stopped playing basketball

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Correction: Little was a walk-on for the basketball team during the 2007-08 season, not '08-09. He played in 10 games.

CHAPEL HILL — North Carolina wide receiver Greg Little’s NCAA violations – which resulted in the senior being dubbed permanently ineligible this morning – occurred after his stint as a walk-on for North Carolina’s basketball team during the 2007-08 Final Four season, athletic director Dick Baddour said today.

Little and defensive end Robert Quinn were declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA for violations of agent benefits, preferential treatment and ethical conduct issues. The school will not appeal. Meanwhile, senior defensive end Marvin Austin was kicked off the team for similar issues, and UNC will not ask the NCAA to reinstate him.

Austin took extra benefits in the $10,000 to $13,000 range, Baddour said. According to the facts submitted by the university, the total value of the benefits was approximately $4,952 for Little and $5,642 for Quinn.

Addressing the media in advance of Tar Heels football coach Butch Davis' weekly news conference, Baddour addressed a variety of questions related to  the NCAA investigation:

* Asked why the school opted not to appeal the cases of Quinn and Little – as they did earlier this month with defensive backs Deunta Williams and Kendric Burney, who were suspended for four and six games, respectively – Baddour said “there’s no strength in the case to appeal.”

* Baddour also said he regrets that he didn’t dismiss Quinn and Little from the team two weeks ago before the reinstatement process, as he did with Austin.

“That could have been an action that I would have taken, and would have had complete support of Coach [Butch] Davis. We were certainly wrapped up in the NCAA process, and we were concerned that the students be treated fairly. But that’s an action I could have taken, just like we took with Marvin … and I think it was a mistake not to.”

* Does that mean he knew two weeks ago that Quinn and Little had lied to the NCAA – as the NCAA said the duo did, during three separate interviews?

“No," Baddour said. "[But] I think I knew enough. I won’t draw a conclusion in an absolute way. But I feel like I knew enough that I could have taken that action. But I think that it was important that the NCAA process work. And I think part of that was the fairness to those young men, that the process work. So I’m just making that comment."

* Acknowleging that “there’s a lot of smoke around here” for the NCAA to look into, Baddour said he’s going to “fight the institutional control issues” because of the systems the school had in place. Does that mean he’s now concerned that the NCAA will find a lack of institutional control?
“I'm not fearful. I acknowledge that they have to ask those questions. And we have to anticipate that they're going to ask those questions and we have to be ready for that.

"That's what stage three [of the school’s investigation] is about, so I'm not going to — we're not going to operate this program, he's not going to operate this football program, out of fear. We're going to operate this program in a first-class way, about doing things the right way and make adjustments and we will make adjustments and we'll move forward."

* The school has now finished going through all the football players for academic improprieties, Baddour said, meaning fullback Devon Ramsay — who was withheld from Saturday's game, after playing in the first four —should be the last one who has to go through an individual academic investigation.

* Baddour said they are growing closer to having the agent side of the investigation complete, although it's not over, yet.


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UNC-CHeats needs a death penalty on both FB & BB

UNC is cheating in basketball too....!!!  Forfeit those 2 NCAA titles and ban Roy Williams for life.  Roy should look for a NBA coaching job since the NCAA are thinking about hammering UNC basketball too :-).....

So long

Bunyon, say hello to Keithin and bluegnat. Adios.

That is bold...really bold!

That is bold...really bold! N & O Correct your statment: Greg Little was a member for the '07-'08 season, playing in ten games for a total of 15 minutes. He left the basketball team the following season because the plan was for him to be the football team's starting running back the next fall. Greg Little was not with the team for the 2009 championship.

Not saying its the end all be all, but ESPN's website does not even have him on the roster for 2008-2009. However, I want to say that he practiced with the team a bit in 2009 before leaving to focus on football. ESPN does not have him listed as logging a minute in the championship season. State fans you can quit drooling at now.


You are absolutely correct ... he played during the 2007-08 Final Four year, and I got my seasons mixed up in the hustle of the day. Thanks...RP

Little's involvement is the

Little's involvement is the least of Roy's concerns with the NCAA snooping around.  This is just the beginning.  Keep denying if you want, it won't change the facts.  It's too late to close the barn doors now.

What facts do you have that

What facts do you have that nobody else does? Based on what I have read from all the ABCers, they should report the news because they have all the facts.



Don't worry, this will all

Don't worry, there's nothing to this.  I will all blow over and be done with by Friday.



Class A Research.... The

Class A Research....

The NCAA does not have Greg Little playing a single minute during 2008-2009 season. Nor do they even have him listed as a member of the team that season.

They list him for 10 games in 2007-2008. I cannot post links because N & O won't allow it, but great research folks to cause more controversy.

All I can say is ...

If the Heels have to vacate the National Championship because of Little's violations, THEN they can fire Butch, pronto. No questions asked.

Remember when Butch Davis

Remember when Butch Davis said that Marvin was "Working his way back" to the team?  That was yet ANOTHER lie because Baddour said in his press conference that they never even submitted Marvin's reinstatement paperwork to the NCAA.  Wonder why?  Most likely because they didn't want the NCAA to dig around for more info after the reinstatement request.  Now we know why UNC didn't want the NCAA digging around Marvin's business.  Butch is a pathological liar.

Lying ?

Weeks ago when Davis suspended Marvin they said it was because of a violation of team rules and had nothing to do with the NCAA investigation. Now today, Baddour implies that he should have suspended the other 2 players like he did Marvin two weeks ago. So, this makes 3 players permanently kicked out, one player who has been thrown off the team for a year and 2 more who had to serve NCAA ordered suspensions and UNC thinks they have a good system in place and are not guilty of a lack of institutional control ? It just gets more and more interestng by the day doesn't it ?


But, but they have such pretty blue uniforms. Give'em a break if they promise to be good. Good thing Roy has said there's no basketball involvement. No need to look into that. Nothing to see here.

Basketball is going to get

Basketball is going to get nailed along with baseball.  Matter of time.

I think UNC has a case for

I think UNC has a case for going after these agents in civil court.

on what grounds?

The state of North Carolina, sure, but has any school EVER gone after agents?

You have Deunta Williams say that he didn't know he was doing anything wrong.  Which contrasts sharply with DB-BD saying that they exhaustively cover all this compliance stuff.

No but if illegal activity

No but if illegal activity on the part of the agents results in the kind of losses UNC will have. Why not ? People sue people all the time for far less than this. It also may send a message to the agents that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and the deep legal pockets of an institution can hammer any agent.

Whoa! Bad Idea.

I gotta believe that your frustration is getting the better of you, 098. Whether there is a case or not, I think UNC would live to regret it.

How do you figure damages? How would the NCAA or the State of North Carolina participate, if at all? Would the affected players be co-plaintiffs, or defendents, or adversarial parties? Would the NFLPA step in to support the agents, who, we all know, are just looking to help the players get as rich as possible?

The quagmire created by unilateral UNC legal action would make this NCAA fiasco look like a backyard swimming pool by comparison. Take it from someone who has experienced the sorry side of the civil "justice" system.


Your right....blowing smoke!!! However what is wrong with the State going after agents on the basis of illegal activity. There just doesn't seem to be any oversight for these people. 

The other idea that I have stated in the past is to open it up and make it totally legal. There is obvious need for reform. Student athletes aren't allowed to earn money among many other restrictions. In the scope of the number of student athletes competing how many would be in this particular predicament? Only a few. Its their bodies and future livelihood on the line. Income received would have to be declared on their tax returns. After a certain amount the athlete would have to pay back their scholarship benefits to the school. Any 'bling' or other benefits would be considered income and would have to be reported to the school. Any infraction nets an immediate dismissal from the team and school. Obvious controls would have to be in place. But the line of amateurism has already been crossed and its time for some realistic reform. The NCAA is already sanctioning a professional sports league within the college system.



UNC going it alone is what I think would be the mistake. There is no doubt that bad agents should be dealt with and harshly. And your other points are very well taken.

Reform is certainly needed in what student-athletes can and can't do if they are legit pro prospects. I am personally opposed to paying them as some have suggested, because they already get a very valuable education if they take advantage of it. But allowing controlled visits with prospective agents and officials from professional teams should be considered. We do this when recruiting students for positions with our firm all the time. Not sure why an athlete should be any different.

I  completely agree and

I  completely agree and stated so in a post some time ago. What is the difference in the recruitment of a law, MBA or any other professional school student and an athlete? The hypocrisy of this is galling. 


that was soooo nice of Little to wait until he was no longer playing basketball to do illegal stuff.  What a guy.  Roy just must watch these guys closer than Butch does.  Maybe he has a sign out sheet for twitter or facebook or some other fancy social media app

So far...

That's true for now...will it be true as this investigation moves into recruiting violations by Blake?

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