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AD interviews have begun at UNC

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CHAPEL HILL – The committee searching for North Carolina’s new athletics director has begun interviews, chairman Lowry Caudill said today.

He would not state how many people the committee has spoken with, and there remains no timeline for the hire, “but we are narrowing it down to serious candidates, and having the conversations we need with them,” he said.

Interviews have, and will, be conducted in person, he said – ideally by the entire committee, although it could also occur in small groups.

The committee is trying to replace Dick Baddour, who announced he will retire as soon as his replacement is found. Caudill said relevant experience, fit and a history of understanding compliance issues are key factors to narrowing down serious candidates.

Experience hiring coaches is also “critical,” he said, considering one of the new AD’s first jobs will be hiring a football coach at the end of the season. Everett Withers, UNC’s former defensive coordinator, is serving in the interim role until the end of the season.

“This person needs to know how to assess and hire coaches that know how coach their sport, know how to develop student athletes because there’s the development as an athlete, but there’s the development as a student and the education here,’’ he said. “And this person will have some significant hires for the University. Their first big one will be football, but that’s one among many as we have 28 sports at Carolina.”

Candidates don’t necessarily have to have ever hired a football coach, he added.

The 13-member committee next has a day-long meeting scheduled for Monday. Caudill would not say whether interviews would be conducted then.


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This will be a very critical hire..

as there is a lot of changes on the horizon for UNC athletics. Whether it's football, basketball at some point in the future, or some other sport. Also, the next AD will have to somehow figure out a way to fix whatever connection there is between the athletic and academic strutctures at the university. With Thorp leading the university it will be a tough row to hoe. There is a distinct anti sport faction at UNC. This next AD must work not only to tame it, but limit it's influence at the university as a whole. Whoever gets the job, they also have much to be excited about. UNC has a large and well funded athletic program. With 28 scholarship sports it's a big part of the university. Certainly the aftermath of Octobers hearing with the NCAA will be matter of importance to start. What will follow that is the continuance of a concerted effort to build a succesful football program. Not only that but helping to ensure all of the other sports programs at UNC remain in the premier echelon of their repsective sports.

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