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ACC fines and reprimands Florida State soccer coach, school

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CARY – ACC commissioner John Swofford announced on Friday harsh sanctions for Florida State following coach Mark Krikorian’s decision to leave the team’s starters behind for this week’s ACC conference championship.

Krikorian will be suspended for Florida State’s next game, while the school will be forced to forfeit the women’s soccer championship expense reimbursement of approximately $15, 000.

In addition, the Seminoles will be fined $25,000, which will be applied directly to the ACC Post Graduate Scholarship Fund. 

Both Krikorian and FSU’s athletic director Randy Spetman will receive a letter of reprimand from the ACC.

The ACC is requesting a formal letter of apology to be received by the office of the commissioner by Nov. 12.

“I’m highly disappointed in the decision Florida State made and the integrity of our championship should never be compromised,” Swofford said. “It’s important that the value of sportsmanship and leadership continue to be paramount in this league." 
Photo: Florida State coach Mark Krikorian defended his actions on Wednesday.  ROBERT WILLETT -


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Coaching decision

When a commissioner can determine who should start for a team, we need to get rid of the coaches...they are no longer needed....

Women's soccer? 

Women's soccer?  Really???

Sheesh, I'd rather you guys post a story on Gavin Grant than this crap.


I would agree with you, but this worthy. Heck, it is more worthy than at least half of the football or bball blogs!

Good News!

I was concerned that something had happened to Commissioner Swofford, at least we know he is alive and well and concerned about the integrity of the ACC.

Setting a precedent is right

If Swofford doesn't take the bull by the horns here, who is to say all the schools don't do this next year?

You ABCers will simply never quit. If the Commisioner had any other school tie besides UNC, you would have either ignored this blog or congratulated him/her for standing up to what this FSU coach thinks is a joke.

Tditty, this is not the equivalent to EPL and Champions League. And even they don't sit EVERY starter. Just the one or two super stars.

I repeat, " "Whether agree

I repeat,

"Whether agree or not, FSU has the right to do what they feel is in their best interest."
If Swofford is concerned with other teams doing this, then I would say that would be indicative of scheduling issues and failures at the ACC office, not coaching decisions.  If coaches are purposely sitting starters, isn't that a sign of a bigger problem? 
This is afterall, as you pointed out, not the EPL and Champions League, this is not professional sports.  Shouldn't Swoffords concern be with the health and welfare of the student athlete?  Shouldn't the decision of the FSU coach be indicative of bigger issues?
Notice, all of the above has NOTHING to do with UNC.  So you can take your quote

"You ABCers will simply never quit. If the Commisioner had any other school tie besides UNC, you would have either ignored this blog or congratulated him/her for standing up to what this FSU coach thinks is a joke."

...and do as Tanner Boyle (google it if you don't get the reference) suggests.




And whether you agree or not, Swofford and the ACC Office has the right to uphold the integrity of the conference and that is precisely what he did.

And before you go, "ahha!!" UNC is still under the thumb of the NCAA.

Swofford and the ACC Office

Swofford and the ACC Office has the right to uphold the integrity of the conference and that is precisely what he did.

What rule was broken?  What violation ocurred?  What provision in the ACC bylaws give Swofford the right to micro manage any team in the conference, to decide which players play, and for how many minutes?  What gives Swofford the right to decide what is best for any individual team, of any sport?

Should Swofford now penalize Clemson and Dabo for not giving Ellington more touches against UNC and BC?  There's absolutely no justification for Ellington to get only 12 rushes against UNC, and only 14 against BC.  Obviously, Dabo was hurting the integrity of the league by making such coaching decisions.

I remember Roy once sitting Ty Lawson for a game coming off an injury...  Roy said he could play if needed, but wanted to hold 'em to make sure he was fully rested and healthy.  Hmmm... sounds like what FSU was doing, just on a wider scale.  Where to draw the line?     Call the integrity police!  Let them decide.

How about Butch Davis not playing Hunter Furr.  Furr was the fastest man on campus his freshman year, yes on CAMPUS!  His 100 and 200 times were faster than what the fastest runners on UNC's track team were running, and yet Butch kept Furr on the bench. In high school, Furr put up better stats, and agaisnt better competition, than Draughn and Houston, yet he rarely gets a carry.  Call the integrity police!  Maybe call the racism police?!

While we're at it, maybe we should bring up Bunting for trial.  After all, he sat "Fast Willie Parker" for most of his career.  Doesn't matter what Bunting thought, after all, Swofford gets final judgement on what is best.

And what about TOB benching a starter for two games for the wacky weed violation in the off season... who does TOB think he is?  Butch didn't suspend his player for the same violation.  This is obviously an attack on the integrity of the conference.  Swofford needs to punish, fine, and suspend TOB for this outrageous, egregious behavoir!


Rule broken?

Why does there need to be a rule broken in order for someone to lose integrity?

Not bringing ANY of your starters to a game in a tournament is mocking and shows no class which accumulates to a loss of integrity for the game.

The SOB could have least had them on the sidelines!! It is like the coach was DARING the Office to do something!

Wake up, man. Quit your hating and conspiracy theory's.

ahem Swoffords silence on

ahem Swoffords silence on the whole UNC fiasco has been deafening.

now he comes out and is outraged by FSU's actions that "disrespects" the league????

the juxtaposition of his outrage and actions against FSU who has violated NO NCAA or ACC rules in the coaching decision...academically cheated NO one in the coaches actions or inactions....and accepted NO bribs/money handouts/special favors etc etc ad UNCheat has all really absurd.

If I was the FSU chancellor/president and AD I would tell Swofford to F off and that they would pay the fines only and when if UNC first gets their sanctions and fines assessed, served and paid.  What a joke the action against FSU is when absolutely nothing is even mentioned about UNCs multiple scandals and violations......

Put simply

UNC situation has not run it's course bc the NCAA has not said so. The FSU situation is strictly an in-house issue.

Quit hatin'.

It's never stopped Swofford

It's never stopped Swofford from commenting before...

Many of the issues surrounding the academic misconduct prong of the scandals at UNC technically do not fall under the purview of the NCAA.  The Hear, See, and Speak No Evil trio of Thorp, Baddour, and Davis are using that to their advantage to skirt punishment. 

Though their actions will likely cause the NCAA to bring down harsher punishment for those violations that do fall under their purview, it certainly does not preclude Swofford from taking action, or at the very least, commenting.

You're defense is a red herring.  Try again.

Your argument ...

Is simply going around in circles thus checking yourself. Comical.

All you are doing is hating. NOBODY in the conference, office or other schools are commenting.

You are the one with red herring defense. Lol

FSU Soccer

I think the ACC is getting to big for its britches.  If the coach had taken all his players through the messy schedule laid out and one or more had been injured, who would have been found responsible?  Not the ACC.  Wake up ACC and let coaches coach without help from the top.

Swofford sets precedent for multi-million dollar UNC fines

I NOW understand.  John Swofford has now set the precedent for a multi-million fine if the NCAA finds UNC guilty of ANY indiscretion.  I applaud the Commissioner for making FSU "take a bullet" so that he can, in clear conscience, arbitrarily impose penalities and fines on UNC.

Great leadership......Ranks right up there with another Fearless Leader.  Maybe we are underestimating Mr. Swofford's political savvy.  He, based on the qualifications of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is REALLY PRESIDENTIAL material.

Perhaps the DNC will call on him in 2012 to take the banner and salvage things.  I am sure the Erskine Bowles would be there to vouch for him.

What a joke.  What rule did

What a joke.  What rule did FSU break?  What NCAA violation did they commit?

Whether agree or not, FSU has the right to do what they feel is in their best interest.  If Swofford was so concerned, perhaps he should've considered the schedule that required FSU fly from Tallahassee to Maryland, then back Tallahassee, then to Boston and back Tallahassee in 3 days, then to Cary 3 days later, then to turn around a few days later for the NCAA tourney, desitination unknown.

Shouldn't we laud the coach for being concerned for the health and welfare of his players?  For them to be able to get enough rest to adequately compete while meeting their academic requirements?  I thought winning at all costs was to be frowned upon?  I thought the welfare of the athletes was to be paramount. 

Perhaps Swofford didn't like the contrast of the moves of this coach when compared to those of Davis.  Perhaps maybe FSU should just hire Butch's tutor to do the work for the FSU players so they could meet their academic responsibilities and still be well rested for the start of the NCAA's?

If he's truly concerned about the "integrity" of the ACC, he needs to focus on his own beloved 'Heels, and let FSU make their own decisions.

In that 3 day period during which FSU was flying back and forth from Florida, Maryland, and Boston, I noticed UNC's women had to travel to such far off lands as Winston-Salem and Durham.

Swofford needs to join his 3 Stooges in the unemployment line.


PS:  for those not familiar with soccer, resting key players during matches in anticipation for more important matches and/or tournaments is common place.

TDitty's post

Excellent points, TD!  Yes, flying back and forth like that - why?  How are these STUDENT-athletes to get any of their homework/lessons completed?

And another thing, isn't the name of the game to win a NATIONAL championship?  I'd say the coach is doing the right thing in order to accomplsih the long term goal.  And besides, playing the second game is a great way to get more kids more playing time, more experience.

Swofford is acting like a pompous ass.

Well done.  I have no dog

Well done.  I have no dog in this fight -- I'm a graduate of 3 schools not in the ACC.  I'm sure some commenters will use this as an opportunity to slam commissioner Swofford and his UNC ties, as they always do in the N&O, but believe me, this is light compared to what the Big Ten would have done in similar circumstances, although I can't think of a Big Ten school dumb enough to make such a stupid decision in any sport.  

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